Chloe Lynette Cox (neé Watler) Arley's friend and former classmate an actress and model and comedian..,,


Get it  (??? ) Jennifer Walden / Angie Walton

  • Untitled Homcide Squad (???) as, Tessa Vigga (rumored).,,,
  • Untitled Punisher Sequel as, Cameo Role# ,new version Catherine Castle (rumored).,,,
  • Resident Evil: Evolution Gods (???) as, Claire Redfield (uncredited).,,,
  • Untitled South of Codes (???) As Angie Walton (uncredited)..,,,
  • Untitled Shooter Prequel (???) As Angie (rumored)..,,,
  • Untitled Ben 10: Forces Wars (TV Movie) (TBA) as Gwen Tennyson (rumored)..,,
  • The Baby Driver (film) (2017) as Kendell Bryston..,, Miles's lover.
  • Power Rangers Sequel (2018) (director/played as Angel Grove Citizen)..,,,
  • Untitled Death Kicks (???) as Coronel Lt. Jamie Bowers (rumored)..,,, John's daughter.
  • Untitled The Cousins (???) as Trevor's Sister (cameo; picture)
  • Untitled Death of Linked (Film) (as producer/story by)
  • The Wolf Man (???) as Shane (rumored)
  • Impulse (Movie) (???) as Lana Lang (rumored) lover of Bart.
  • Untitled Spy Kids Sequel (???) (as written by)

TV Series

  • WWE Raw (TV Series) as Chloe Kirk/Herself (Episodes)..,,, Has a Wrestler in WWE.
  • Impact Wrestling (TV Series) as Herself (unknown Episodes)..,,, TNA's Unseen Debut.
  • Death of Linked (TV Series) as Claire Crasher (unknown episodes)..,, Tessa's big sister.
  • Untitled Blue Streak (TV Series) as Dt. Ashlee Logan/Dt. Marolne (rumored) Miles's Enstranged Niece.
  • Untitled WWE 25 (???) as Herself..,,
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