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Chloe Hartman is a supporting character in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans and the main character in it's spinoff, Hartman.


Born in San Francisco, California, in September 1976. Chloe is the only child of Norman and Aurora Hartman who she grows closer since her childhood. When she was 7 years old, her parents was murdered by his dad's former colleague, Paul Myers during a burglary. After a week into the hiding, Paul was caught and send to prison. A orphan Chloe was send to live at her grandparents' house.

Law & Order: New Orleans




Season 1

In season one, Hartman works with Major Crimes Squad and is partnered with Detective Lewis Robbins. When Jack was shot while trying to stop a father abusing his daughter, she vowed to get the man who shot her son and rescue the girl, which she and her squad did. Hartman was kidnapped by a vengeful bodybuilder who wants his brother out of jail and to kill Captain Zoe Callas who arrested him, but the MCS tracked them down. When D.D.A. Jonah Dekker is stalked by Daniel Handler and followed him in Brooklyn, Hartman, along with Robbins and Detective Felicity Lawrence, fly to New York to stop Handler from killing Dekker. After a long search, Hartman found Handler and shot him dead before he can kill Dekker.

Season 2 & 3

In season two and three, Hartman found herself getting involved in Captain Paul Thorne's personal life after he revealed that he is biological father of his "niece" Lucy. Hartman attempted to handle the situation but things became complicated complicated when Robbins and Lawrence got involved and Lucy's mother Sarah attempted to stop the truth about Lucy from being exposed. Weeks later, after learning that the Thornes might be involved in a girl's murder, Hartman confronted Sarah in her house. When Thorne, Lucy and Derek arrived along with Lauren, Sarah finally told Lucy the truth about her father. Derek and Throne got into a fight and then a group of men opened fire at Hartman's house, injuring Derek and Lauren. Hartman and the team tracks down the gunmen, killing some of them during a tense showdown but Derek later died. In next season, Hartman and the team investigate Derek's death but it was confirmed that Derek died of heart attack. However, Hartman grows suspicious after a mysterious caller threatens her into keeping out of Derek's life.

Things turn complicated when Chloe, Max and Jack found a body of a girl in our garden.


Season 4

In season four, Hartman learns that Jack and Lauren are engaged and she & Max have generally mixed feelings about it. She also deals with departure of Robbins (who moved his family to Baltimore to stay near his ailing parents) and tries to adjust to his replacement, Jesse Temple. After Lawrence went on leave of absence to raise her child and is replaced by Beth Greico, Hartman expressed her concern that Beth was not putting on full effort into investigations. After a bombing in Griffith Park, Hartman and the squad worked with the FBI to find the bomber and met Beth's sister, Dr. Abby Lambert. She learned that Beth and her brother James, a cop himself, were searching for his partner's killer and learns that career criminal Porter Beckman was responsible for it.  As Hartman, Beth, and Sanders executed a search warrant on Beckman's place, Beckman shot at the cops, leaving Hartman with a minor gunshot wound, but Beth and Sanders were left in critical condition. After Beckman was convicted and was sentence to death row, Hartman was released from the hospital and returned to her family.

Season 5


Season 6


Season 7


Season 8

In the eighth season, Hartman and the team found themselves involved in a criminal conspiracy while investigating separate cases, all of which linked to criminal Trent Donahue, whom they eventually arrested. But during his trial, Donahue broke free, took a gun being used as evidence (that was supposed to have been disabled) and shot and killed seven people, including DA Investigator Kevin Choy, Deputy Roscoe Jefferson and M.E. Tucker Monroe, before Hartman and Thorne killed him in return as Donahue was about to shoot Oliver Greico. Hartman and the team tracked down an another suspect Vance Ferguson, Donahue 's biological father, who had orchestrated the conspiracy in order to make high profit on a real estate venture.

Hartman and the squad struggled with the aftermath of the shooting throughout the season as the public blamed the department for it, and the detectives searched for the one responsible for re-enabling the gun used in the shooting. This was exacerbated with the appearance of IA Sgt. Oakland Everett, who was assigned to keep on eyes on the team. Hartman dealt with the news of Jack and Lauren becoming parents and Linda Young's depression. Later, undercover cop Ariel Vargas began interfering during their investigation of two officers raping a female colleague. The squad detested her meddling in the case until Hartman discovered Vargas was not only District Attorney Fontana's daughter, but also a witness to the rape and got video proof of the rapist officers before and after the rape. After the officers were convicted and sentenced, Hartman helped Vargas join the squad for short time while Young was on medical leave. Vargas remained in contact with Hartman and the team after Young returned.

Sometime later Hartman was in a local bank with Jack, the heavily pregnant Lauren, Daniel, Aurora and Lauren's visiting father Eddie Hicks were caught in the robbery gone wrong, Lauren went into early labor and Hartman stood by her as Jack and Hicks shot the two robbers as the MCS and SWAT arrested the two surviving robbers, but one hostage died. At the hospital, Lauren gave birth to Hartman's grandson, Jason Maximilian Hartman. But Jack and Eddie were accused by Internal Affairs of killing the hostage with friendly fire. But new M.E. Lucien Novač told Hartman that he discovered in autopsy that the hostage was actually killed by someone else's bullets. She eventually learned that the hostage's husband was cheating on her with her marriage counselor and he used the robbery as a ploy to assassinate her in disguise for her fortune. With Jack and Hicks cleared, they celebrated Jason's birth at last.

Season 9


Season 10


Season 11

After she was promoted to Captain after Thorne's retirement, Hartman assumed control of the MCS. She had to deal with some serious cases and the brash new detective Jonas Boscorelli. When Angela Fontana and her boyfriend, who despises cops after they arrested his racist father, vandalized Hartman's office and send pictures of it online, the irate Hartman angrily confronted Angela for her role and put her in custody. After learning Angela's bipolar disorder and drug use, she discovered Angela's anger started because of the aftermath her father Gordon's actions, blaming her father for his crimes, being ostracized by a lot of people in school over her father, losing her friends who disowned her, blaming her mother for not knowing she married a monster and angry at Hartman and Vargas for arrested her father. She decided to reduced the charges while Angela accepts the plea deal in exchange to end things with her boyfriend and get treatment for her issues.

While speaking to Jack on the phone, she overheard the bank he and Lauren are in is being robbed and heads over there with her squad. Seeing Jack is wounded in a shootout with robbers, she speaks to the leader to trade her as a hostage in exchange for Jack and Lauren go free, but the leader refused to let Lauren go and instead offers her for Jack and a wounded colleague. After Hartman trading herself for Jack and the wounded suspect, Lauren uses her hairpin to remove the handcuffs off her as SWAT branched and Hartman wounded the leader before he can make his escape with a hostage. After dealing with some cases including a series of hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community, Hartman sees the time she has with her family, especially her grandson Jason that makes her more happy.

After the escape of Angela's ex-boyfriend and other escape convicts which Hartman, the MCS and others were able to apprehend many of them (except for Angela's former boyfriend and two other escapees), she attended to the wedding of Ramsay and Grieco where she met up with former colleagues who were present at the wedding. Later on, Hartman, along with Ramsay and Vargas, worked with Denver Police Family Justice Unit detectives, including Drake Sullivan and his ADA wife Katherine, to shut down a criminal organization who sells abducted children to the highest bidder.

After wrapping up another case, Hartman received a distressing call from Jasmine that she and Max are in the shootout before she got shot. When she, along with Jack, the MCS and the other cops arrived, Hartman tried to tend to Jasmine, but Jasmine died on her arms, which the devastated Hartman cradled in her arms. With Max's help, they identified the lead shooter as Richie Daniels, the brother of the previous bounty Max and Jasmine captured and managed to captured Daniels when Max used himself as bait.


Season 12


Vargas & Shane

Season 2


Chloe is a hard-working and very serious woman who loves her family and supports her colleagues. Chloe always vows to protect her closer family from any danger and getting justice for victim who she and her team got involved. Chloe is a very intelligent cop and is strong under pressure.

Even promoted to Captain, she prefers to be on the field rather than sit on the desk.



  • Service weapon: Glock 17
  • Rankings:
    • Officer: Law & Order: New Orleans (seasons 1–2)
    • Detective: Hartman (seasons 1–7)
    • Sergeant: Hartman (seasons 7–10)
    • Captain: Hartman (season 11–)
  • An episode of Law & Order: New Orleans season 1 mentions her birthdate as September 29, 1976.