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Chloe Hartman is a supporting character in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans and the main character in it's spinoff, Hartman.


Born in San Francisco, California, in September 1976. Chloe is the only child of Norman and Aurora Hartman who she grows closer since her childhood.

Law & Order: New Orleans



Chloe is hard-working and very serious woman who loved her family and supports her colleague. Chloe always vows to protect her closer family from any danger and getting justices for victim who she and her team got involved.



  • Service weapon: Glock 17
  • Rankings:
    • Officer: Law & Order: New Orleans (seasons 1–2)
    • Detective: Hartman (seasons 1–7)
    • Sergeant: Hartman (seasons 7–10)
    • Captain: Hartman (season 11–)
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