Chimera House is an upcoming 2012 American horror film based on the urban legend of the Chimera House.


A group of inner-city kids decide to revisit the badlands outside of their hometown where they used to play when they were young, picking Halloween as their date to do so. 

Once they arrive, the old friends find something they don't remember; a large, multi-story house. They investigate and meet a creepy man, who offers to pay them 100 dollars each if they can reach the 13th (which is the top) floor of the building. The catch, however, is that no one has ever reached the 13th floor, and those who have gone in have never returned. 

The friends think that he is simply trying to scare them off, and decide to go along with it and enter the house. Once inside, however, they begin to encounter a range of terrifying, nightmarish things, such as poisonous animals, deformed humans, and the supernatural.

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