Child's Play: Bloody Christmas Is a Horror Supernatural Film Starring Tyler Hoechlin, Ashley Greene, Mackenzie Foy, Kendall Schmidt, Mason Cook, Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly



The Lively Family

  • Tyler Hoechlin As Alan Lively
  • Ashley Greene As Ashley Lively
  • Mackenzie Foy As Erin Lively
  • Kendall Schmidt As Daniel Lively
  • Mason Cook As Ricky Lively


  • Brad Dourif As Voice Chucky
  • Jennifer Tilly As Voice Tiffany
  • Laura Ramsey As Jo Valentine
  • Alexis Knnap As Allie
  • Eliza Dushku As Deputy Lucy Reed
  • Bobby Campo As Carl
  • Cara Devine As Julie
  • Selena Gomez As Mrs.Violet Bladel
  • Milles Fisher As Peter
  • Anthony Rogers as Sheriff Kyle Rodriguez


  • Jo Valentine-stabbed in the neck with a knife
  • Allie-Stabbed
  • Carl-Hanged from christmas lights
  • Julie- burned with flam thrower
  • Peter- stabbed in heart
  • Sheriff Kyle Rodriguez- shot
  • Tiffany-
  • Chucky-


Alan Lively,Ashley Lively,Erin Lively,Daniel Lively,Ricky Lively,Mrs.Violet Bladel and Deputy Lucy Reed


  • This is Jennifer Tilly's final film, as she retired from acting and poker to take care of her daughter Madeline, who she was pregnant with during production. Tiffany was killed off because of that.
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