Child's Play 7


Chucky kidnapped's kate and he stabbed her in the stomach and causes the baby go paraplegic and her husband heard her screams for help. On October 8, 1996, andy Rushes his sister to a hospital cause she went into labour and she had William Barclay as Karen held her grandson. and Andy and kate and Kristin knew that chucky back Winter 2002, she had Samantha Barclay.

April 23, 2002


  • Brad Dourif as Chucky/Charles Lee Ray
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Katherine Barclay, the sister of andy, the emeny of chucky and the mother of William Barclay and Samantha Barclay
  • Justin Whalin As Andy Barclay, and the uncle of William Barclay and Samantha Barclay
  • Johnny Simmons as William Barclay, the son of Katharine Barclay and  Jackson Sawyer and he's a paraplegic
  • James McAvoy As Jackson Sawyer, The Husband Of Kate Barclay she kept her surname
  • Perrey Reeves as Kristin DeSilva, the friend of andy and kate
  • Emily Alyn Lind as Samantha Barclay, she the daughter of Jackson and Kate and the sister of will
  • Jeremy Sylvers  As Ronald Tyler
  • Cam Gigandet as Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Brett C. Shelton Jr .
  • Chris Sarandon as  Mike Norris, the husband of karen and the stepdad of Andy And Kate
  • Tommy Swerdlow as Jack Santos
  • Jason Dolley as Jack Barclay, the Older son of Katharine Barclay and Jackson Sawyer
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Karl Cassidy
  • Rupert Grint as Elias


Chucky Kidnapped Kate

  • Chucky: You like 'em?
  • Katharine Barclay:Mmm-hmm.
  • Katharine Barclay: They're beautiful, thank you.
  • Chucky:Difficult to find right now.They're not exactly in season Anyway, enjoy. It's gettin' late, and I'm gonna go pick up Jack at day-care.
  • Katharine Barclay:No! I mean, shouldn't we have some time alone together? What about family time? Later.Right now I want to have you all to myself.
  • Chucky:Kate . Kate , you've had me all day. It isn't enough. That's a selfish fucking attitude for a mother to take. You don't wanna share me with Him?
  • Katharine Barclay: No. No.
  • Chucky: Well, what's gonna happen when the baby comes? Are you gonna keep him from me, too? Because that would be very hurtful to me. And you wouldn't wanna see me get hurt, would you? Would you? Would you?
  • Katharine Barclay:No. No. I don't wanna see you get hurt. I don't wanna see anybody get hurt. Okay.
  • Chucky:I'm gonna go get Jack.
  • Katharine Barclay:No! Please, please! Please don't.
  • Chucky:Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!You told them about us?
  • Katharine Barclay:There is no us.
  • Chucky:Why? Why would you want to destroy this family?
  • Katharine Barclay:You destroyed my family. No.
  • Chucky: I told you, I've always had a thing for families.
  • Katharine Barclay:No! (Screams)
  • Chucky: i've Got you Kate my beautiful Fiancee
  • Katharine Barclay:Chucky your sexy im sorry I rejected you.
  • Chucky: Thank you kate im sorry I stabbed you

William's Birth

  • Katharine Barclay: (Screams andy) Andy Im In Labour ahh
  • Andy Barclay:Kate are you ok im gonna call the Hospital

(The ambulance Comes and Kate and andy goes in the ambulance)

  • paramedic #1:Andy is she ok
  • Andy Barclay:No She in labour
  • paramedic#2:Kate your gonna be ok

(Kate and andy are in the delivery room)

  • Katharine Barclay:Ahhhhhh I remember what chucky did to me
  • Andy Barclay:What did he do (holding kate hand)
  • Katharine Barclay:He Stab me in the stomach while I was pregnant with this one ahhhh
  • Doctor Simpson:Push Katharine push
  • Katharine Barclay:ahhhh
  • Doctor Simpson:Two More Pushes Katharine
  • Katharine Barclay:ahhhh it hurts
  • Andy Barclay:Come on sister I know it hurts push
  • Katharine Barclay:Ok andy ill do it
  • Doctor Simpson:One more push
  • Katharine Barclay:ahhhh
  • Doctor Simpson:it a boy
  • Andy Barclay:can I cut the cord sister
  • Katharine Barclay: Okay, Andy.

Samantha's Birth

Chucky's Back

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