Child's Play 3: The Devil's Playground is a 2016 American horror film which is the second sequel to the Child's Play reboot, following on from Child's Play 2: Chucky's Revenge. The film stars Kevin Bacon as Charles "Chucky" Lee Ray and Eliza Dushku as his girlfriend Tiffany DeSilva.


A young woman named Tiffany DeSilva has become obsessed with serial killer Charles "Chucky" Lee Ray to the point she has fallen madly in love with him. After the previous film, the Good Guy doll is soul inhibits has been cut to pieces and held in a police evidence locker. Tiffany decides to "rescue" him and seduces the guard with access to the locker, killing him by slitting his throat with a nail file and then stealing the remains of the Chucky doll.

Tiffany brings the parts back to her house, where she crudely stitches them back together. She performs a voodoo ritual to ressurect Chucky, but fails to produce effects. Depressed, Tiffany takes a female doll wearing a wedding dress and goes to take a bath, placing a TV by the bath. Suddenly, Chucky hacks through the door and pushes the TV into the bath, electrocuting Tiffany to death. However, she drops the doll into the water and it absorbs her life force, allowing her soul to enter the doll. Tiffany is delighted and proposes that they team up, although Chucky is disgusted. He changes his mind though when he sees a TV report about his old enemy, Andy Barclay, who is currently is Hollywood to act as a script consultant on an upcoming film based on Chucky's murders. Chucky and Tiffany then decide to go to Hollywood so Chucky can possess Andy.

They force Tiffany's neighbours to drive them to Hollywood, eventually killing them when they arrive. After committing their first kill together, the dolls have sex. They then arrive at Mancini Studios, where the film is being produced. They start killing off the cast and crew one by one, while Andy and his girlfriend Kristin Cochran suspect that Chucky has come back.

Chucky and Tiffany eventually reveal themselves to the two, and chase them into a nearby chemical factory. During a battle on a catwalk, Tiffany tells Kristin that she'll take her body while Chucky will take Andy's, and the two can then get married. Chucky scoffs at the idea, and the situation escalates to the point of Tiffany tackling Chucky off the catwalk in rage. They fall into a vat, where Tiffany is boiled to death.

However, Chucky isn't done yet. He leaps back out and climbs onto the catwalk, although his body is melting. He grabs onto Andy's foot and starts to recite the words needed to transfer his soul into Andy. Kristin tosses Andy a shotgun, which he then uses to blow Chucky's head apart, finally killing him. The remains of the doll fall into the vat, where they melt away. As the factory catches fire, Andy and Kristin walk outside hand in hand.

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