Child's Play 2: Chucky's Revenge

Child's Play 2: Chucky's Revenge is a 2015 American horror film and a sequel to the Child's Play reboot. It again stars Kevin Bacon as the voice of Chucky and was followed by Child's Play 3: The Devil's Playground.


After the events of the first film, the burnt Good Guy doll inhabited by the spirit of serial killer Charles "Chucky" Lee Ray is locked in the police evidence vault. Eight years pass before the station is to be closed down. One night, the vault is being cleared out and an evidence technician finds the charred remains of the doll. He starts to clean it off, scraping the ash away from the outer shell. Lightning suddenly strikes the station, causing an explosion which kills the technician. However, his life force is absorbed into the doll, allowing it to return to life. Chucky swears to have revenge on the boy who torched him; Andy Barclay, but is shocked when he finds a newspaper and learns that he's been dead for eight years.

Chucky uses the police records to track Andy to Kent Military School, where Andy has just enrolled. Andy meets the school's commandant, Colonel Cochran, and befriends his daughter Kristin, as well her friends, Aubrey Whitehurst and Tyler Fine. He also meets Brett Shelton, the leader of a cadet corps who bully subordinates. Chucky posts himself to the school, but is intercepted by Cochran, who opens the package and throws the doll into a garbage truck. Chucky screams for help, so the garbageman comes to see what's happening. He pulls Chucky out, only to be shoved into compactor and killed.

That night, Chucky comes into Andy's room to reveal he's come back for him. Andy is horrified, but they are interrupted by Shelton, who steals the doll, thinking it belongs to Andy. He gives it to one of his cronies, who prepares to mutilate the doll with a pen knife. Suddenly, Chucky comes alive and cuts the man's throat with the knife and escapes.

The next day, the school's annual war games begin. Chucky replaces the ammunition for the Red Team with live rounds, so when the simulation begins they unknowingly kill several people. The Blue Team, led by Andy, become pinned down in their bunker, unable to inform the Red Team of the mistake. Chucky mounts a turret and massacres the Red Team, bar Shelton, who attacks him. Chucky gleefully splits his head open with a hammer before lobbing several grenades into the bunker. Aubrey allows the others to escape while he jumps onto the grenades, sacrificing himself.

Andy becomes determined to kill Chucky so he, Kristin and Tyler make their way back to the school, where they find Cochran, who thinks that they killed everyone else. He grabs Kristin and then points a gun at Andy and Tyler. He tells Andy that he knows about his history and thinks that he's gone insane. Chucky then arrives and in the madness, Cochran shoots Tyler to death. Chucky then stabs Cochran through the throat.

Chucky pursues Andy to the roof of the school, where he prepares to begin the ritual which will allow him to possess Andy's body. Suddenly, Kristin appears in a helicopter and opens fire, wounding Chucky. As the chopper hovers, Andy picks up the injured Chucky and drops him onto the rotary blades, killing him. He then reunites with Kristin and they share a kiss.

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