Child's Play is a 2019 American Supernatural Psychological Horror film, written by Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett and directed by Adam Wingard starring Andy Serkis, Amy Seimetz, Nicky Whelan, Anna Kendrick, Analeigh Tipton, Dan Stevens, Lakeith Stanfield, Millie Bobby Brown, Julian Dennison and Jacob Tremblay.

The film is a reboot of the original Don Mancini 1988 Horror film and it's subsequent franchise of the same name, later titled under the series' horror icon Chucky.



At a lakefront at night Lakeside Strangler Charles Lee Ray strangles and murders captive Vivian Van Pelt and provides Vivian's baby to his girlfriend Tiffany. After a botched heist Charles and Tiffany's getaway driver Eddie Caputo abandons the scene and the two are gunned down by Detective Mike Norris at a nearby safe house. Charles in his dying moments transfers Tiffany's soul and his own to a male and female porcelain doll.


Old lady Mildred St. Pierre fills out forms on the lease of her house, the doll littered safe house Charles and Tiffany had fled to in desperation and ultimately died. She then poisons herself with cyanide and the forms instruct the property to be passed over to Chicago pharmacist Maggie Peterson. Maggie moves in with her foster daughters Kyle and Fran. She invites economically struggling best friend and single mother: Karen Barclay, and her young aspergers son Andy to move in.

Karen and Andy bring with them flatmates Tucker Bishop and his young brother Tyler.

The night of Andy's sixth birthday Andy remains at the house with Fran babysat by Maggie. Andy's 6th birthday present the uncovered doll Chucky in the basement kills Maggie propelling a small hammer into her face and causing her to fall out an upstairs window.

Detective Norris becomes assigned the case and Andy claims Chucky to be responsible. Kyle prepares to move her and Fran out in with her best friend Jordain. Andy leaves school that day as Chucky corners him in the toilets and has him take him to Tiffany's former trailer park area where getaway driver Eddie resides squatting in a trailer. Chucky confiscates Eddie's gun and after scaring him utilising gas, turpentine and a light blows Eddie up in the trailer. A horrified Andy tries to flee but is caught by Detective Norris who prepares to bring him into the station already having acquired his doll.

Kyle and Jordain pack up to leave the house and in the basement Fran discovers Tiffany to be alive. En route to the station Chucky shoots Detective Norris to death, protecting Andy as the car crashes.

Tucker and Tyler back at their voodoo practitioner father John's south side apartment learn about Charles Lee Ray and Tiffany Valentine before Chucky arrives with Andy and Tucker and Travis flee bound back for the house to get the others out. Chucky wounds John using Voodoo and Andy is apprehended by police.

Karen is approached by Tucker at the pharmacy and along with Tyler they come to the precinct to bring Andy out after questioning regarding Eddie and Norris' deaths. As night falls at the house Tiffany cuts the house power using Fran and kills Jordain in an upstairs hallway using a rope to hang her from the attic trapdoor.

Fran is revealed as Vivian Van Pelt's daughter and the adoptive child of Charles and Tiffany as Tiffany feels remorse for her one and only murder. Karen, Tucker, Andy and Tyler arrive at the house with Tucker's military academy private Felton following in drunken revenge for getting with his ex-girlfriend Nina Da Silva. Chucky arrives by foot finally and in the basement trips Felton pouring gasoline near the furnace. Felton bleeds out from a cracked head before Chucky with a small ornament knife stabs him in the heart.

Chucky causes an electrical blow out discovering Tiffany's attempt to kill herself, her doll form preventing it. The electrical blow out causes Tucker's death, Chucky then stabs and kills Kyle backing away from Tucker's body. Chucky tries to transfer his soul to Andy but Fran causes an explosion and


  • Andy Serkis as Charles Lee Ray/Chucky
  • Amy Seimetz as Karen Barclay
  • Nicky Whelan as Tiffany Valentine/Tiffany
  • Anna Kendrick as Kyle Spencer
  • Analeigh Tipton as Jordain Kestle
  • Dan Stevens as Pvt. Travis Felton
  • Lakeith Stanfield as Tucker Bishop
  • Ashton Tyler as Tyler Bishop
  • Millie Bobby Brown as Fran Louise
  • Jacob Tremblay as Andy Barclay



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