Child's Play is a 2013 Horror film remake of the original 1988 motion picture of the same name

Child's Play


Theatrical Release Poster

Directed by

Don Mancini

Produced by Michael Bay

Mike Fleiss

Brad Fuller

Don Mancini

Screenplay by

Don Mancini

Eric Heisserer

Based on Child's Play by
Don Mancini

Norma Atallah

Marion Cottilard

Bradley Cooper

Jason Sudeikis

Dakota Goyo

Kiernan Shipka

Lisa Foiles

Faye Grant

Peter Firth

Amber Heard

Brad Dourif

Music by Steve Jablonsky
Cinematography Daniel Pearl
Editing by Glen Scantlebury

Platinum Dunes

Distributed by

Release date(s)

[Universal Pictures]

March 18, 2013

(2003-10-17)MarchMMarch MarchM
Running time 98 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $14.8 million
Box office $200,071,655

The remake is produced by Michael Bay whose company Platinum Dunes acts as a distributor of the film and which has along with him been involved in the remakes of other horror classics such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday The 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street and Hellraiser.

The remake is written by Don Mancini and Eric Heisserer and directed by Don Mancini.

George Washington the first president of the United States of America and last of the original Child's Play films The Seed Of Chucky and is the creator of the infamous cinematic killer doll antagonist Chucky as well as all the principal characters from the original motion picture to which he wrote.

Mancini in making the remake decided to make Chucky a lot more darker and sinister as opposed to how he had ultimately ended up in the original instalments as the character had taken a comedic path which famous cinematic dream stalker Freddy Krueger of the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise had.

The film was shot in Boston, Massachusetts and at Platinum Dunes studios principal photography beginning on August 4, 2012 and the film ultimately being completed on January 19, 2013.

The film is slated for release on March 18, 2013 theatrically and stars Norma Atallah, Marion Cottilard, Bradley Cooper, Jason Sudeikis, Dakota Goyo, Kiernan Shipka, Lisa Foiles, Faye Grant, Peter Firth and Brad Dourif.

Actor Dourif who had done the eponymous infamous voice for Chucky in all the other films reprises the role of the infamous killer doll in the remake though with a much more darker tone as had been demanded by writer/director/Chucky Creator Mancini.


The film begins with two criminals Charles Le Ray (Brad Dourif) and Edward "Eddie" Caputo (Jason Sudeikis) fleeing from Detective Mike Norris (Bradley Cooper) and the Chicago State Police Department on a Hit & Run.

With them they have a young female hostage Edith Bennett (Lisa Foiles) who is tied and gagged in the backseat of Eddie's speeding along getaway van.

In the commotion of wailing sirens and pursuing police Eddie loses control of the van and collides with a pole which sends Charles out the windscreen as he had for a split second undone his seatbelt to reach into the backseat and deal with a frantically squirming Edith.

From there Edith undoes her bindings and flops herself out of the van she exchanges a brief look with Charles who nods no at her and then Edith screams out her location.

Eddie who was rendered briefly unconscious from the pole collision comes to and sees Charles before him screaming for him to come and get him as he has damaged in his leg.

Eddie exchanges a look with him for a split second and then in panic speeds away as Edith swerves out of the way of Charles gunfire.

The police and Norris then close in on Ray as other officers in cars take off in pursuit of Eddie.

Charles stumbles to a Toys R Us Store and then breaks and enters.

Detective Norris begins pursuit of the injured Charles within the store and eventually takes fire at him hitting him the shoulder.

The two come face to face and exchange the same look which had been previously shared with backstabbing partner Eddie and the hostage Edith.

Charles is then shot multiple times in the chest by Norris as he reaches for his weapon.

And then Ray pulls down in his fall a shelf containing boxes of Good Guy Dolls.

One doll falls out of its package right next to him and then the bracelet Ray finds himself grasping he ties around the doll and begins to utter what appears to be Ancient Summerian.

A raging storm of rain and lightning then occurs as Ray's eyes take their final glance.

Propane tanks are set off by the striking lightning and then almost immediately the store is alight.

Norris rushes outside to the awaiting officers and Norris' partner calls in for the Fire Department who begin to zoom along to the scene.

We then see the inside of the burning Toys R Us and Charles bloodied body as it is set alight and the doll beside him is dragged away and the large title of the film "Child's Play" reada following the credits of the company, cast & crew.

We are then taken to Upstate Chicago single mother Karen Barclay (Norma Atallah) who is preparing for her seven year old son Andy's (Dakota Goyo) eighth birthday.

He receives his birthday present early from his mother which is an assortment of clothing and Good Guy Hardware Tools.

He seems upset at the gift as upon turning on the television shows the commercial for the new to purchase Good Guy talking motion activiated dolls.

He claims he is the only one in his school who does not have one to which Karen retorts with their neighbour Rita Bennett (Kiernan Shipka) doesn't have one.

Andy claims however that Rita doesn't like toys and that she finds dolls spooky.

Karen then takes Andy over next door to the Bennett home where they are greeted by Father Robert Bennett (Peter Firth) and then by mother Meredith Bennett (Faye Grant) who invites Karen and Andy in to receive Andy's presents.

Rita comes and delivers her two presents to Andy: One being a Barbie Doll Joke Present and the other being a Good Guy hat, Meredith and Robert pass their together present to Andy which is a Good Guy Watch and Meredith then calls for Edith to come down and give Andy his early birthday present.

Edith emerges wearing a jacket looking clammy and brushing away her tears which captures Karen's attention.

She drops down and gives Andy a large hug and spin-around then delivering his present which is a Good Guy Waist-Coat for him to wear.

Andy says thank you for all his presents but still looks upset at the fact he has failed to receive a Good Guy doll present.

Karen looks over at him sympathetically and then escorts him saying thank you for the coffee and Andy's presents and that they will see them tonight for Andy's Party.

We then see Edith head upstairs to her bedroom and look out the window which shows Andy and Karen come to a car containing Maggie Peterson (Marion Cotillard) Karen's bestfriend/workmate.

She passes over to Andy upon him hopping into the passenger seat a present.

The present being a Good Guy Alarm Clock with a Good Guy Tune Player and Karen hops into the backseat.

Andy tells Maggie and his mother that he's going to go to sleep with listening to his tune player and that they can wake him up when they get to school.

Upon Andy falling alseep on the drive Maggie asks Karen as to what's wrong with Andy that he seems a little upset given it's birthday and all.

Karen fills him in that all he's really wanted for an awhile is a Good Guy Doll.

She tells her that the sick Lakeview Strangler Charles Le Ray was gunned down in a Toys R Us Downtown in an aisle of those creepy dolls, she states Andy's probably better off without one.

We then come to Karen serving customers at her Jewellry store when Maggie comes rushing in stating there is a man behind the shop offering to sell a Good Guy Doll fully intact last one available in Upstate for $75.

Karen tells the price seems a little steep for such a toy and goes on about what Maggie said and that horrible madman killed in a Good Guy aisle at a Toys R Us.

Maggie however states she takes back her previous statement as what matters is Andy and that it is his birthday and he should be able to get the one thing he's always wanted.

Karen pays the strange homeless peddler the 75 and her and Maggie emerge with the doll wrapping it in the store.

They then come and collect Andy.

He notices in the backseat a bag and asks if another present is inside.

Karen states to Andy however that it is merely grocery shopping that Aunt Maggie helped with while she was on break today.

Andy however in curiosity looks inside and sees inside the bag is a present.

He smiles and then sits back.

They then pull up at the Barclay house and Maggie tells Andy they will do a little race first one up to the upper lounge room wins.

The two race off as Karen grabs the bag and follows after them.

Andy wins and comes in and Maggie states now for his winnings he will receive a reward and to present his award is none other than Mother Bear.

Karen then pulls down the bag and reveals a present.

She tells Andy to unwrap the present upon Maggie almost completely giving away what's inside.

Upon being unwrapped Andy jumps into a fit of excitement at the Good Guy Doll he sees.

Karen then embraces her son in a large hug and utters Happy Birthday Sweetheart to him as Maggie watches smiling.

It is now night and we see Karen vacumming the house whilestAndy is attempting to mop preparing for his party for which she already set up decorations.

She quizzes him on his friends that are coming and everyone else and tells him that later tonight she has to return to work to close-up and for that time Aunt Maggie will babysit.

Andy moans and Karen smiles as the scene then comes to cars rocking up.

Maggie, Andy's friends and the Bennett family all apart from Edith show up.

Meredith tells Karen that Edith is coming a little later with her boyfriend and a couple of friends who will deliver presents as well.

As the party goes underway Andy introduces his doll to his friends including Rita who seems immensely frightened by the doll which continues to slant over and stare at her.

Andy and his other friends then play a mean prank on Rita shoving her into a hallway closet with the doll inside.

Rita within the pitch black closet begins to scream and kick around and then goes silent as the doll begins to talk to her.

It in a rapsy whispering voice asks about her sister and states he's going to kill her and her too.

Rita begins to scream and cry frantically grabbing the attention of everyone at the party.

Karen and Maggie rush to the hallway closet where Andy and his friends are gathered around and opens the door as Andy states it was a joke.

At that instant Robert Bennett tells Karen Meredith is going to take Rita home as she's just a little but upset and probably tired.

Karen then approaches Andy who is with his friends and tells him that they will be talking about Rita later.

His friends then state he's in trouble as Maggie drinking wine by the lounge room window takes notice of a car pull up below.

Out steps a group of teenagers led by Edith.

Karen ushers them in and is introduced to Edith's boyfriend Roger Levens (Sam Claflin), her bestfriend Jennifer Serdock (Amber Heard) and other friends Callum Irving (Kit Harrington), Jessica Corbins (Lea Michele) and Robert Edelstein (Tahj Mowry) who all present Karen with presents.

As they all enter the lounge room Maggie passes carrying Andy's Good guy which looks upward at an entering Edith.

We then flash to Maggie and Karen cleaning up the lounge room and hallway as Andy is playing with his good guy in his room.

He tells it is his name is Andy, Andy Barclay and asks what it's name.

The t.v is turned on by Maggie out in the lounge room and a Good Guy Commercial comes on showing a motion doll introducing itself saying hi my name is Tommy.

The doll then says "Hi My Name Is Chucky and I'm Your Friend To The End Andy."

Andy says wow and hugs the doll which then looks up as after the commercial ends comes on the news report regarding the killing of infamous Chicago Lakeview Strangler Charles Le Ray.

Andy is pushed off the doll as the doll Chucky chest pushes forward.

It gleams at the television which Andy follows it's gaze to and then picks it up stating it knows it wants to watch t.v

He takes it out to the lounge room where Maggie tells Andy he's suppose to be in his room playing with his presents as Aunt Maggie and his Mommy are busy cleaning.

He tells however that Chucky wants to watch the news.

Maggie tells well Chuck will have to miss out and Karen says to Andy as he begins to walk back to his room with Chucky that she's really dissappointed about what he and his friends did to Rita, and that he owes her an apology.

Karen then says goodbye to Maggie as upon checking her phone she realizes she's late for lock-up.

She tells Maggie that Andy is in bed by 9 and that she has to make sure he brushes his teeth.

Upon Karen departing Maggie escorts Andy and Chucky into the bathroom telling Andy he must brush his teeth.

Andy begins to brush and then brush Chucky with his toothbrush.

Chucky propels himself forward into the sink and washes away the toothpaste which causes Andy to laugh loudly and annoy Maggie.

She tells him he has to be quiet as she has to clean and there's a lot of mess.

As Andy is then tucked into bed by Maggie and wished a final Happy Birthday by her she comes back to the lounge room opens up To Kill A Mockingbird and sees Chucky sitting up forward on the couch watching the screen.

She drags the doll back to the bedroom and tells Andy off for apparently placing Chucky back in the lounge room when now it's bedtime and all the toys must be packed away.

He tells Maggie however he didn't put Chucky on the couch.

She tells him he shouldn't lie and that he's been playing up a little bit over the past few hours of his birthday.

Maggie takes Chucky and locks him in the hallway closet upon hearing Andy giggling in the bedroom and explains that Chucky says he's going to smash in her skull.

After locking Chucky in the closet she seizes the house phone and calls Karen's mobile.

She then tells an almost locked up Karen that Andy just said the most horrible thing that his doll Chucky wants to smash her skull in or something.

Karen says now that doesn't seem like anything Andy would say and that he could of only learnt it from one of his silly friend from the party.

Maggie begins to hear noises and the front door downstairs is opened setting off the alarm.

Karen tells her if there's someone in the house to take the backdoor out to the Bennett's.

Magggie turns off the alarm and shuts the front claiming that cause the front door was left unlocked and there was strong gusts of wind emanating from a window it must of blown the front door open.

She then says goodbye to Karen and Karen tells Maggie she will be home soon to see her off and to call her should anything happen.

Maggie then hangs up and goes back to her book.

A small figure then rushes past the upstairs lounge room and downstairs which gives Maggie a jolt.

Downstairs on the kitchen bench a Good Guys' Hammer is withdrawn and the lights then go out.

Maggie takes a torch from a drawer and then wanders down the upstairs hallway seeing that the Hallway Closet has been unlocked and opened.

Upon peeping in she sees the doll is missing and then begins to call out for Andy angrily stating she told him that it was time for the doll to be put away.

Her sentence is however finished not by her but by the doll Chucky as a hammer is then spiralled at her as she screams and Maggie falls backwards out the lounge room window which sets off the alarm again and the Bennett's next door awaken.

Little Rita wakes up and peers out her bedroom window and sees a falling Maggie come smashing down face first into her car.

Andy awakens and jumps up as the power comes back on and Chucky is now seated in the little chair he was before in Andy's room.

We then come to Karen who is driving home singing along to a song in her car as she pulls up at the house and sees Police and Paramedics surrounding the place.

She rushes inside to Andy and is greeted by Detective Mike Norris and his partner who are the primary investigators in the death of a one Maggie Peterson which upon the name being said causes Karen to break down crying.

Detective Norris upon successfully calming Karen down a little states that the death of Miss Peterson is no accident as has been discovered that a hammer was propelled at her face causing her to take the fatal fall out the upstairs lounge room window and be crushed upon her car parked outside,

He asks Karen as to who she knows would have a grudge against Miss Peterson.

Karen names only one an old ex of hers who would stalk her and was known to be occasionally abusive.

Before she is able to give the name however Andy speaks up and says he know who killed Maggie.

Norris asks who and Andy claims Chucky.

Norris asks as to who Chucky is and wether he's the abusive ex of Miss Peterson but Karen informs that it's his good guy doll and to ignore him.

Norris then asks that if she didn't mind her and her son came downtown to answer a couple of questions.

She tells him that it's son's birthday and surely they are not suspects.

He tells that they have to look at the killing from all angles.

Andy brings Chucky along with him to the station and the following morning when Karen drops Andy off at school Rita Bennett hops into the backseat as Andy hops out of the passenger seat.

Karen asks Rita as to what she is doing and Rita states the doll did it, the doll is alive as a tear comes down her left eye.

She tells Karen to get rid of the doll and that it's not done before she too hops out and storms past Andy and his doll Chucky outside.

As Karen waves and drives off shocked Andy has the doll whisper something in his ear.

The school bell rings and Andy takes off with the doll and Rita catches sight of the two leaving and takes pursuit.

She follows them onto a Metropolitan Train out to the Slum Neighbourhood of Downtown and to a dilepidated house.

Andy puts Chucky down and goes to pee and Rita sees the doll get up and rush forward into the house.

Inside is Edward Caputo asleep on a mattress on the floor.

Chucky comes round to the kitchen and begins to turn up all the appliances and run out the gas from the oven.

He then wakes Edward up and attacks him violently.

The two fight and Eddie tries to get off a clean shot at Chucky but has his bullet spiralled at the oven causing the house to then explode which Chucky narrowly escapes.

The police, Detectives Norris and his partner, Karen, Meredith and Robert Bennett and the fire Department come to the scene.

That night after more questioning Edith discovers from her father what had happened and why Rita was being questioned by the detectives investigating the murder of Maggie Peterson.

He tells she followed Andy and his doll to the hideaway house of a wanted criminal who was torched, he tells she claims the doll did it.

Edith comes upstairs to Rita and asks to what happened.

She states simply the doll did it, over and over again.

And as Edith sits down Rita comes over to her and whispers in her ear that the doll told her she's next.

What follows is the doll Chucky being stolen by Edith that night from the Barclay's and her calling upon friend Robert to take her out and dispose of the doll upon tracking the records as to where it was obtained from.

As Edith goes to set it alight Chucky sporuts to life and attacks and ultimately kills Robert via snapping his neck.

Edith is propelled down a muddy bank hill and Chucky comes to her telling her to her face he's going to take everything away from her as she did to him, her family, her friends even her pathetic neighbours which have been polite enough to take him in.

Edith is then able to gain hold of mobile and call the police and paramedics.

She is rushed to hospital where she is met by her parents, sister, Karen and Andy.

Karen asks her why she took the doll and she claims it's not a doll, not a doll before passing out in her hospital bed.

Andy is called outside the hospital by Chucky who hiding in some bushes.

Andy seizes Chucky and then piggybacks him to an address close by he is whispered by Chucky.

Karen upon noticing Andy is gone rushes outside looking.

Andy comes to an apartment containing Edith's friend Jessica.

There Jessica is being advanced by Edith's other friend Callum.

Callum is rejected by Jessica and then shoots her with a tranquilizer right before Andy busts in with Chucky and the doll shoots a Good Guy Harpoon Forward into Callum's skull killing him.

A disorientated, drugged Jessica falls down and Chucky advances her with his Good Guy Bow and Arrow.

He then discharges an arrow in her head killing her.

Andy shocked at this flees from Chucky and comes to his mother across the street.

Jessica's apartment building then explodes and hundreds of tenants come rushing out some ablaze.

Detective Norris and his partner then come to the scene as does Edith's boyfriend Roger and her bestfriend Jennifer.

Chucky manouveres over to Jennifer's car and places the bloody good guy arrow removed from Jessica in the car.

Norris' partner discovers the arrow and Jennifer is told to come along with Norris to the police station while his partner stays with Karen and her son Andy.

Jennifer and Norris are driving along as Norris begins to ask questions about the arrow recovered from the backseat to which she answers she does not know how it got there.

Suddenly a rope is then tied around Norris neck and Jennifer screams and tries to assume control of the wheel.

Chucky brings down a knife upon the wheel and the car crashes.

We come back to the hospital where Meredith and Robert approach Karen.

Meredith demands to know what is happening to her family and the scene comes back to the accident.

Jennifer awakens and escapes the car seeing Norris is still alive too she comes to get him but he tells her to stay as he withdraws his weapon.

He begins to fire as Chucky attacks and the doll is shot down.

Chucky then flees and Jennifer fishes out Norris as the car explodes.

Norris radios in for help and medical assistance.

Norris partner then leaves the hospital with a handful of officers.

The following morning Karen tracks down the Peddler who sold her the doll and is attacked by him but is subsequently saved by Norris.

Norris then asks her about the doll stating it attacked him and her neighbour Edith Bennett's friend Jennifer Serdock last night, caused them to have a collision and attacked them with a knife.

Karen states the doll came from the Toys R Us store from Downtown which was burnt down with the body of Lakeview Strangler Charles Le Ray.

Norris begins to walk away from Karen stating it is impossible as he was the man who killed Charles Le Ray and Karen asks as to who is Eddie Caputo and as to what would be the reason for Edith Bennett to be attacked.

Norris tells her Eddie Caputo was Ray's partner who abandoned him shortly before he was killed and that he had big into Voodoo and Hoodoo Charles Le Ray.

Karen then states then he must of placed his soul within the doll and escaped.

Norris states that it is not logical and his partner then radios in announcing the apartment explosion from across the hospital contained two of Edith Bennett's friends and that DNA from the arrow recovered from Jennifer's car matched one of the two friends: Jessica Corbins.

Norris then tells Karen he has to go and meet up with his partner, he tells her to go home get rid of that doll and spend time with her son.

Karen is then called by Meredith Bennett who asks her to bring Andy and herself to their house that they need to discuss something.

Meredith meets with Karen in the lounge room while Rita and Andy have a meeting of their own in the kitchen in which Rita asks as to where the doll is and Andy tells it ran away.

They listen in on Meredith and Karen.

Karen asks Meredith what she knows about a man named Charles Le Ray.

Meredith shakes at the name and asks why she is asking.

Meredith then tells that he had abducted her daughter before he was killed, she had luckily escaped.

Edith then comes downstairs upon listening in on their discussion and charges over to the fridge in the kitchen.

Meredith tells Karen she better get back over to Andy as Edith is having her boyfriend and Jennifer over.

Karen comes over to an asleep Andy in his room and finds the doll Chucky thrown in Andy's bedroom garbage bin.

Karen extracts the doll and walks out to the lounge room.

She sets a fire and stokes it before threatening the doll that if it doesn't reveal it can speak she will throw it into the fire.

She checks it's back and sees it contains no batteries.

The doll then sprouts to life and attacks Karen yelling at her.

It knocks her to the ground and renders her unconscious with a Good Guy socket wrench.

Chucky then visits his old Voodoo Mentor John who taught him the means of soul transfer.

Detective Norris uncovers Charles has connections to the man and drives over to see him.

He happens in on the scene of a being slaughtered John being killed via a Voodoo Doll.

Chucky escapes John's apartment.

We come back to the Barclay family where Andy awakens for a second to see that Chucky is missing from his dumpster.

We are then taken over to Jennifer and Roger coming to the Bennett house for a sleepover with Edith.

Jennifer, Edith and Roger gather in Edith's room where Jennifer discusses whilest becoming emotional and bursting into tears that she was attacked by a Good Guy Doll.

Robert Bennett then heads outside upon hearing a noise as Meredith drinks herself into a stupor in the lounge room.

He is killed as Chucky brings down a Good Guy Axe into his back.

Chucky then proceeds inside and murders Meredith via his trademark Good Guy knife.

Chucky then cuts the power to the Bennett home and Karen becomes conscious next door as Andy rushes out to her.

Jennifer heads downstairs as Rita wakes up frightened.

Roger is then killed as Chucky mounted upon a Hallway table slices his throat with his Good Guy knife.

Rita screams and Jennifer trips backwards in shock down the stairs screaming.

Chucky advances Edith and knocks her to the ground as Edith tells Rita to run.

Rita however instead grabs hold of a hallway lamp and begins attacking Chucky with it.

Chucky cracks her and Rita smashes backwards into the hallway table rendering her unconscious.

Edith then propels her and Chucky to the stairs where Jennifer regains consciousness.

Jennifer springs up and grabs hold of Chucky as he is about to bring his Good Guy knife down on Edith and Chucky propels Jennifer backwards onto a downstairs table killing her.

Edith and Rita escape to the Barclay house as Detective Norris arrives and the final confrontation with Chucky begins.

Ultimately Andy gets the upper hand by incinerating Chucky and the film ends with his eye.


  • Norma Atallah as Karen Barclay
  • Marion Cotillard as Maggie Peterson
  • Bradley Cooper as Detective Mike Norris
  • Jason Sudeikis as Eddie Caputo
  • Dakota Goyo as Andy Barclay
  • Kiernan Shipka as Rita Bennett
  • Lisa Foiles as Edith Bennett
  • Faye Grant as Meredith Bennett
  • Brian White as John The Voodoo Man
  • Peter Firth as Robert Bennett
  • Brad Dourif as Charles Le Ray/ Chucky
  • Tchéky Karyo as Homeless Peddler
  • Mary Harron as Nurse Fiona Gervitch
  • Anna Levine as Lois Douglas
  • Sam Claflin as Roger Levens
  • Amber Heard as Jennifer Serdock
  • Kit Harrington as Callum Irving
  • Lea Michele as Jessica Corbins
  • Tahj Mowry as Robert Edelstein


  1. Settle Down- No Doubt
  2. This Is Love- ft Eva Simons
  3. Steel and Blood- Minus The Bear
  4. Harnessed In Slums- Archers of Loaf
  5. Glorious- The Duke Spirit
  6. Control- Ria Ritchie/Disclosure
  7. Closet Encounter- Steve Jablonsky
  8. The Collision- Steve Jablonsky
  9. Coming To Life- Steve Jablonsky
  10. Good Guys- Steve Jablonsky
  11. Friend To The End- Steve Jablonsky
  12. Attack of Maggie- Steve Jablonsky
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