"Chi-Chi" is a female cat-like zipper character in the fanmade PASWG series, Tanktop and Tights with Blazer. She usually assists Tanktop and Tights during missions (and sometimes at home) and Blazer around the Yoitowarui Central Church. She is loosely based on Chuck from the original PASWG series.

  • None
  • Chi (Tanktop)
Species Zipper
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Handedness Ambidextrous
Skin/Fur Very dark brown
Eyes Dark green-yellow
Height 6.5 in. (sitting)
Weight 3.0 lbs.
Professional Status

Yoitowarui Central Church

  • Sidekick
  • Assistant
Personal Status
Status Alive
Current Location Yoitowarui City
First Appearance TBA
Latest Appearance TBA
Voice Actor TBA


Chi-Chi is a zipper creature that resembles a cat, specifically a kitten, with zippers for ears. She has brown fur, and little bit of yellow fur on here head below where her “ears” are. Chi-Chi has dark greenish-yellow eyes with with white pupils in the center of them, and a bright pink colored nose and whiskers to match. Chi-Chi also has a zipper on her neck, when unzipped along with her ears will reverse her into a form of an unknown stronger version of herself. Unlike most zippers, her body seems to strongly resemble an actual body of a cat, rather than just having a round body with stubs for limbs. There most likely may be a reasoning behind why this is the case.




  • Regeneration: Like all zippers, Chi-Chi has the ability to regenerate after being severely hurt, making it almost impossible for her to die permanently. However, if she were in her reverse form and got severely hurt, she could permanently die, as zippers cannot regenerate properly in that form. Regeneration in zippers is likely due to the demon living in their heads, so if the demon in Chi-Chi’s head was killed or separated from her for a long period of time, then she could also permanently die that way
  • Driving Garment: Despite being a pet, Chi-Chi has the ability to drive Tanktop and Tights car, Garment. Though it’s likely that this is the only car she is able to drive
  • Reverse Form: Like all zipper creatures, when unzipped inside-out, she can reverse into a stronger creature. However, this has yet to have happen, so it is unknown what Chi-Chi looks like in this form or what special abilities she has in this form




  • Chi-Chi has a mini female demon living inside her head
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