Chernabog is a code name of a notorious sorcerer from  member of The Swindlers and Morganian that featured in The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer’s Apprentices.

Personality and Traits

Chernabog held respect with his allies, both Morganians and The Swindlers alike. Even though he often perform physical jobs and considered as brawn of the quartet by many, Chernabog is surprisingly cunning and not dependant on raw strength and powers of his armor alone.

Much like the demon he based on in Fantasia, Chernabog is a ruthless and nightmarish sorcerer that instill feared by all who encounter him, goes so far that he considered the worst out of the quartets. In fact, his notorious reputation not from his quick and gruesome ways to kill his enemies, but rather his signature Undead Puppet Curse Spell he used to revive and control his slain foes like puppets.

Weapons and Gadgets

  • Cursed Mechanized Armor: Chernabog's catalyst of choice is his mechanized steam armor forged with Dark Arts Magic by Slovenian magic scientists. Aside performing magic thanks to Mana capacitor installed on the upper chest area, the armor, like other variants of its kind, removes the wearer's subconscious limitations (including pain) which prevent them from using their full potential, thus giving them extraordinary levels of strength and endurance. The armor can temporarily fix injuries: binding bleeding wounds, reinforcing broken bones, and forcibly fixing dislocated joints, piercing the flesh with thin barbs and spikes of pure magic if necessary. The armor also have machanized wings for flight.
  • Elemental Dust: Magical dust that when channeled with certain element, can transform into humanoid, elemental creature whom appearance depends on the element they channeled with.


  • Air Blast: Spell to conjure a powerful gusts of wind.
  • Undead Puppet Curse Spell: Chernabog's infamous arsenal that allowed him to animate his fallen enemies with nearby darkness (includes from his own shadows) both to scare his still-living foes and as soulless, brutal minions that assist him in combat.
  • Powerbolt: Bolt of energy which the penetrating power depends of the used magical energy. This is one of Chernabog's long range attack spell.
  • Lightning Fist: Chernabog can imbue his fist with electricity and plasmoid that allow him to create a huge crater that followed by electrical shockwave with the said fist alone.
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