Cheerleader Camp is a 2014 horror film and sequel to the 2013 remake of The Cheerleader Massacre.


In hopes of winning the All State Championship, a group of cheerleaders from West High attend Camp Hurrah!, a cheerleading camp located deep in the woods. Amongst the group is the shy Crystal, her friend Daisy, their enemy and camp slut Debby, and her friends Rachel and Kim.

Crystal begins to suffer from violent nightmares, showing images of death and horror. One night, she is pranked and humiliated by Debby and her friends in front of a boy she likes, David. The next morning, one of the girls involved in the prank, Suzy, is found drowned in the lake. Later that day, somebody attacks Rachel in the woods and turns the water heat way up while Kim is in the shower, scalding her. Suspicion falls on Crystal, although camp officials decide that Suzy's death was an accident. 

David begins to talk to Crystal and they begin to grow close; and Debby grows jealous. She and Rachel lure David into a trap and seduce him, while Kim brings Crystal to the cabin at the same time to witness them having sex. She runs off alone, crying.

The next day, somebody slashes all of the tires on any form of transport and Kim is then found finally slaughtered. Daisy talks to Crystal and accidentally lets slip something about the murders. Crystal freaks out, thinking that Daisy thinks she is the killer and runs away. 

David tries to talk to Crystal but she shuns him and he is then shot in the neck with an arrow. Rachel is attacked in the shower and slashed to death with a garden shears. The killer then approaches Debby in her cabin and kidnaps her.

Crystal runs into her coach, Mel, who brings her to a run-down shack in the woods. Inside, he reveals the bodies of her tormentors and Debby tied up; he gives her a knife and tells her to kill Debby. Mel explains that he has fallen madly in love with Crystal and killed her enemies for her. Crystal goes along with it and takes the knife, but then stabs Mel in the chest. She tries to untie Debby, but Mel gets back up and decapitates Debby with an axe. He then begins to chase her through the woods.

Mel pursues Crystal back to her cabin and is about to finish her when Daisy appears and stabs him in the neck with an icepick. Crystal retrieves a knife and finally slashes Mel's throat, killing him. The film ends as Daisy and Crystal reconcile.


Rooney Mara - Crystal

Emma Lahana - Daisy

Crystal Lowe - Debby

Danielle Harris - Rachel

Brenda Song - Kim

Alexander Ludwig - David

Tobin Bell - Mel


The film was followed by Bloody Pom Poms.

Death Scenes

Suzy - Drowned in lake

Kim - Impaled through the eye with a spear

David - Shot through the neck with arrow

Rachel - Slashed with garden shears in shower

Debby - Decapitated with axe

Mel - Stabbed in the chest with knife, stabbed in the neck with ice pick, throat slashed

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