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'''''Cheaper by the Dozen''''' is a 2018 film reboot to the 1950, 2003 and [[Cheaper By the Dozen (2014 film)|2014]] film of the same name. It was directed by Mark Waters and produced by J.J. Abrams. The film was released on April 26, 2018 by 20th Century Fox, ultimately grossing just over $190 million worldwide.
'''''Cheaper by the Dozen''''' is a 2021 Netflix original series that is a television adaptation to the 1950 film and the 2003 remake of the same name.
A lovely couple have 12 kids in the family when John Harris got a job offer in San Diego, California, the family decide to move. But in California, John and his family find themselves face to face with John's old rival and his family with 8 kids.
John Harris is a real estate agent and patriarch and Christine, a stay-at-home mother wonder what it's like to become an average family with 12 children in Providence, Rhode Island.
The movie begins in Nashville, Texas, all twelve kids don't remember what happened in front of their parents who are furious.
*Chris Pine as [[John Harris]], the main protagonist of the film.
*[[Fred Savage]] as [[John Harris|Johnathan "John" Harris]], the patriarch of the family and a real estate agent.
*Kate Winslet as [[Christine Harris]], the wife of John.
*[[Sarah Chalke]] as [[Christine Harris]], the stay-at-home wife of John.
*Eric Bana as Robert Crocker, John's old rival and John and Christine's next-door neighbor who has 8 kids.
*Rachel Weisz as Sandy Crocker, Robert's wife and mother of 8 kids.
*Emma Bell as Jenna Gordon, John and Christine's new aunt.
*Jenna Coleman as [[Mrs. Emily Williams]], the Harris family's kind-hearted nanny who friendly and sweet. She has a bit germaphobia but she can't uses public toilets at the mall.
*Kristen Li as Diana Kwong, Josephine's friend from 8th grade.
*Cody Veith as Darren, Josephine's boyfriend.
===The Harris' Kids===
===The Harris' Kids===
*Emma Roberts as Edna Harris (age 25), the oldest child of the family.
*[[Jessica Belkin]] as Edna Harris (age 17), the oldest child of the family.
*Jake T. Austin as Rodrick Harris (age 23)
*[[Asher Angel]] as Rodrick Harris (age 16)
*Sammi Hanratty as Bella Harris (age 19)
*[[Jenna Davis]] as Delilah "Lila" Harris (age 15)
*Chandler Canterbury as Phillip Harris (age 18), fraternal twin of Michael.
*[[Jacob Tremblay]] as Isaac "Ike" Harris (age 13)
*Zachary Gordon as Michael Harris (age 18), fraternal twin of Phillip.
*[[Cooper J. Friedman]] as Phillip Harris (age 11), fraternal twin of Michelle.
*Mika Abdalla as Lila Harris (age 16)
*[[Madeleine McGraw]] as Michelle Harris (age 11), fraternal twin of Phillip.
*Raymond Ochoa as Maddox Harris (age 14)
*[[Kingston Foster]] as Josephine Harris (age 10)
*Johnny Sequoyah as Josephine Harris (age 13)
*[[Brock Brenner]] as Maddox Harris (age 8)
*Aiden Flowers as Jaden Harris (age 11)
*[[Anniston Price]] as Abigail "Abby" Harris (age 6), identical twin of Alicia.
*Carsen Flowers as Abby Harris (age 10), identical twin of Alicia.
*[[Tinsley Price]] as Alicia Harris (age 6), identical twin of Abby.
*Camden Flowers as Alicia Harris (age 10), identical twin of Abby.
*[[Fox and Dashiell Messitt]] as Jaden Harris (age 4)
*Owen Bento as Hunter Harris (age 8), the youngest child of the family.
*[[Taytum and Oakley Fisher]] as Julia Harris (age 2), the youngest child of the family.
===Robert's Kids===
*Eden Sher as Christy Crocker (age 21)
*[[Skylar Gray]] as Lily, Phillip and Michelle's best friend.
*Madeline Carroll as Luna Crocker (age 18)
*[[James Franco]] as Garrett Fitzpatrick, John's rival neighbor who had a wife and his own eight kids.
*Gavin Casalegno as Joshua Crocker (age 15), fraternal twin of Tobias.
*[[Mariana Klaveno]] as Samantha Fitzpatrick, John's wife and a mother to eight kids.
*Aramis Knight as Tobias Crocker (age 15), fraternal twin of Joshua.
*[[Elijah Stevenson]] as Justin Fitzpatrick (age 20), the oldest child of the family.
*Jessica Belkin as Kyla Crocker (age 14)
*[[Landry Bender]] as Zoey Fitzpatrick (age 18)
*Casey Simpson as Mac Crocker (age 13)
*[[Montana Jordan]] as Theodore Fitzpatrick (age 16), John and Samantha's teenage son who seems to have a crush on Lila.
*Lyndsey Bloise as Vicky Crocker (age 9)
*[[Lola Flanery]] as Daniella "Danny" Fitzpatrick (age 13)
*Mckenna Grace as Abigail Crocker (age 7)
*[[Maxwell Simkins]] as Orlando Fitzpatrick (age 12)
*[[Stella Edwards]] as Cleo Fitzpatrick (age 10)
*[[Vivienne Rutherford]] as Myra Fizpatrick (age 9)
===TV Spot #1===
*[[Julian Edwards]] as Anthony Fitzpatrick (age 7), the youngest child of the family.
===The Opening Scene===
===Mischeif in the Harris House===
==Cast Gallery==
===Middle School with Lila, Maddox, and Josephine===
===John and Christine tuck their kids to bed===
*John: Okay, kids, it's time to go to bed.
*Lila: Okay. Good night, Dad.
*John: Goodnight, Lila.
*Christine: I will tuck Maddox to bed. (kisses Maddox)
*Maddox: Goodnight, mom.
*Christine: Goodnight.
*John: Michael. Chop chop!
*Michael: What? I can grab the blankets!
*Phillip: It's my job.
=== The Harris Family meets Emily Williams ===
Christine opens the door and saw a nice british girl who's desperatly need to go.
* Emily: Hi, I'm Emily Williams, I moved here from england since i was six and from new york last monday and i should've gone to the bathroom.
* Christine: Here, go upstairs and i'll read your personal file.
* Emily: Thanks
Emily runs upstairs to use the toilet. She put toilet papers on the seat before she go. Christine knock the bathroom door.
* Christine: Emily, it seens you got all As and Bs, Good of Cooking, a good video game player.
Emily sat down on the toilet and feeling much better, she hold the toilet paper.
* Emily: Yep.
* Christine: And you're a bit of a germophobic?
* Emily: Yeah, but i can't uses public restrooms.
* Christine: well, it says here that you're friendly, sweet and kind hearted towards your school?
* Emily: yep!
* Christine: Well good news, We needed a nanny for twelve kids.
* Emily: Wait Twelve?!
* Christine: i know, crazy right?!
* Emily: Yeah.
* Christine: My Son Rodrick, he agreed to help out with you.
* Emily: is he kind of...
* Christine: Popular and Handsome?! Yeah.
Emily pull up her panties and flushes the toilet before she walked out.
* Emily: i see. 
* Christine: and his sister Bella also can help.
* Emily: Okay. I think i can help.
* Christine: Allowed me ask you a question, Why do you want this job?
* Emily: i got evicted from my apartment.
* Christine: well my husband John can let you have the bedroom in the basement.
* Emily: really?
* Christine: you know what? Emily, the room is yours, you're hired.
* Emily: thanks. But the tell you the truth... I poop very nervous
===Rodrick and John's Argument===
*Rodrick: Dad! what's this?
*John: This is my form, just sign it.
*Rodrick: Dad, are you trying to ruin my life?! I'm going to L.A.
*John: Rod, come on buddy.
=== Emily uses school public toilets ===
Emily's arrived early to collect Maddox and hunter from school but she run inside with her hand covering her butt.
*Emily: okay, i can use their public toilet for once. Here i go.
Emily running to the girl toilet stalls and pull down her underwear right before she goes.
==Main Cast Gallery==
ChrisPine1.jpg|John Harris
Sarah Chalke.jpg|Christine Harris
Kate Winslet Divergent.jpg|Christine Harris
Emma-roberts-wild-child-15.jpg|Edna Harris
Jake T. Austin as Rodrick Harris.jpg|Rodrick Harris
Sammi Hanratty as Bella Harris.jpg|Bella Harris
ChanderCanterbury2010.jpg|Phillip Harris
Premiere Diary Wimpy Kid 0sjWsCZxbMfl.jpg|Michael Harris
Mika Abdalla as Lila Harris.jpg|Lila Harris
Raymond Ochoa.jpg|Maddox Harris
Johnny-sequoyah-believe-premiere.jpg|Josephine Harris
Aiden Flowers as Jaden Harris.jpg|Jaden Harris
Carsen Flowers as Abby Harris.jpg|Abby Harris
Camden Flowers as Alicia Harris.jpg|Alicia Harris
Owen Bento as Hunter Harris.jpg|Hunter Harris
EmilyWill.jpg|Mrs. Emily Williams
==List of episodes==
[[List of Cheaper by the Dozen episodes]]
===Deleted Scenes===
It will be released in April 16, 2018 and avaliable on DVD in August 22, 2018.
[[Cheaper by the Dozen (Shanell0420's Version)/Soundtrack]]
==Awards and nominations==
*Johnny Sequoyah - Best Leading Actress: Age 11-12 - Young Artist Awards
*Mika Adballa - Best Leading Actress: Age 13-21 - Young Artist Awards
*Raymond Ochoa - Best Leading Actor: Age 13-15 - Young Artist Awards
*This film is 143 minutes long.
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*It will be distributed by [[20th Century Fox]] and [[Regency Enterprises]] with [[Bad Robot Productions]].
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Cheaper by the Dozen is a 2021 Netflix original series that is a television adaptation to the 1950 film and the 2003 remake of the same name.


John Harris is a real estate agent and patriarch and Christine, a stay-at-home mother wonder what it's like to become an average family with 12 children in Providence, Rhode Island.


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