Cheaper by the Dozen is a 2014 American film and remake of the 1950 film and the 2003 reboot. It is directed by Jay Roach and stars Cameron Diaz, Ben Stiller, Shailene Woodley, Logan Lerman, Dove Cameron, and Bridget Mendler. Filming began on June 24, 2013 in Albequrque, New Mexico and Manhattan, New York. This is Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller's second time working together after There's Something About Mary.


Mark and Kate Becker will have 12 kids in the family but things went completely awry.



  • Ben Stiller as Mark Becker
  • Cameron Diaz as Kate Becker
  • Shaliene Woodley as Alex Becker (age 26)
  • Logan Lerman as Caleb Becker (age 23)
  • Bridget Mendler as Fiona Becker (age 20)
  • Dove Cameron as Jess Becker (age 17)
  • Cameron Boyce as Jack Becker (age 14)
  • Kiernan Shipka as Olivia Becker (age 15)
  • Emma Rayle Lyle as Penny Becker (age 10)
  • Bailee Madison as Maggie Becker (age 13)
  • Davis Cleveland as Justin Becker (age 12)
  • Emily Alyn Lind as Bobbi Becker (age 10)
  • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Hannah Becker (age 7)
  • Mia Talerico as Morgan Becker (age 4)


  1. The Best Day of My Life-American Authors(Trailer music)
  2. Funk Soul Brother-Fatboy Slim
  3. True-Spandau Ballet
  4. So Groovy-Jocelyn Smith
  5. Here it Goes-Ok Go
  6. Ready or Not - Bridget Mendler
  7. Beautiful Morning by The Rascals


  • Mia Talerico and Bridget Mendler previously starred in Good Luck Charlie together.
  • The film was rated PG-13 for language and some sexual content

Clip #1: Chaos in the O'Donnel House

Mark:(on the phone) No, I said for the script to be ready by Monday..Can you get in common with Brian next Saturday?..Ok,I gotta go(hangs up)

 (Enter Hannah and Morgan. Morgan has a cut on her forehead)

Hannah: Daddy, Justin hit Morgan with a dart and I assume he will be punished!

Mark: Well, you go get the band-aids, I'll handle this (Exit Hannah)

(Mark picks up Morgan and sits her on his desk)

Mark: Ok, let's take a look at this ( examines the cut on Morgan's forehead)

Morgan: Daddy, it hurts

Mark: I know,sweetie(kisses Morgan's forehead and picks her up)

(In the hallway)

Mark:(holding Morgan) Hey, Alex, where are you going

Alex: Emmett's house(exits the house)

(Mark walks upstairs)

Mark: (calls out) Hannah!

Penny: Dad?

Mark: Yeah?

Penny: A bucket fell on Bobbi's head and she can't get it off

Mark: Oh, God. I'll be right there.(calls out) Hannah, where's the bandaid?

(Hannah walks behind Mark)

Hannah: Right here, Daddy( holds out the Band-Aid box)

Mark: Thanks ( takes a bandaid out from the box and sits Morgan on the banister. Puts the bandaid on Morgan's bandaid) There you go, sweetheart(puts Morgan down and she exits)

(Mark walks downstairs)

Mark: Justin!

Bobbi: Ow!

Olivia:(holds bucket on Bobbi's head) Hold still!(yanks bucket off Bobbi's head)

(Bobbi loses balance and bumps into the shelf causing it to fall)

(Kate enters from the door)

Kate: Mark?

Mark: Hey, Kate

Kate: Mark, what's going on?

Mark: Well, I did'nt know you were going to be gone for that long

Kate: Mark, I had a meeting

Mark: Ok,look, I don't think this is working out

Kate: What's not working out?

Mark: Us. Whenever you or I leave, things get out of hand

Kate: So what should we do?

Mark: Maybe a nanny?

Kate: (shrugs) Ok

Olivia(from the hallway): Assface!(accidently throws ball at Mark's head) Sorry, Dad!

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