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Chasing Harry Winston is an 2017 romantic-comedy film directed by TBA and based of the novell of the same name.


Three best friend New Yorkers, Emmy, Adriana and Leigh, who are facing the horror of turning 30. Recently dumped Emmy promises to make a drastic change and find guys from every continent for casual affairs. Beautiful Brazilian Adriana in turn tries to leave her old lifestyle of sleeping around and living off daddy in order to get a Harry Winston ring on her finger before the first wrinkles start showing. Leigh, the one with the perfect life, does not know what she needs in order to be happy and to be able to relax.


  • TBA as Emmy
  • TBA as Adrianna
  • TBA as Leigh
  • TBA as Rusell
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA

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  • Rated ?? for ??.
  • It will be distributed by Universal Pictures.