Chase Back To Britain is a 2007 British American Romantic Drama film written by Katherine Butler and directed by Shane Meadows starring Taissa Farmiga, Robert Carlyle, Sean Biggerstaff, Stanley Tucci, Barbara Hershey, Naomie Harris, Jeremy Irvine, Martin Freeman and Martine McCutcheon.

The film premiered at the British film festival on August 30th, 2007 and on a small spread theatrical run in the States, Denmark, England, Australia, Finland, Russia, Canada, France and Japan in select theatres on September 4th, 2007.

The film was praised by viewing critics and has since garnered a cult following among audiences who have seen the film.

It was analed into the Best British Films Of The Decade at #110 and was released on DVD and Blu-Ray format on February 24th, 2008.


21 year old American college student Miki Woodrow (Taissa Farmiga) catches her fiance Mitch (Jensen Ackles) in bed with her bestfriend Carla (Zoë Kravitz) which causes her to have an emotional breakdown.

From there Miki takes to a night on the town with her other friends Elizabeth Fairman (Kelcie Stranahan) a boisterous party girl blonde, and wannabe photographer Jean Whitmore (Adrianne Palicki).

They go bar hopping and at a British themed bar called the Cock & Bull Miki becomes extremely drunk and begins to act out promiscuously enticing local male patrons.

She however realizes her mistake at last minute and attempts to refrain from the advances of all the clingy males she has led on in the bar but finds herself being clung to by them and upon calling out for help has an attractive young British gentleman come to her aid.

He gets into a brief brawl with the male suitors and pulls her away back to her friends and the four exit the bar together where the suitor's father Robert (Robert Carlyle) is waiting for him beside a chevy.

The suitor signals for his father to go on ahead and tells him he will catch a cab after walking Miki home.

Miki's friends say goodbye and leave her in the care of the suitor, who reveals his name to be Josh Thorpe (Sean Biggerstaff).

Miki finds him vaguely familiar whilest Josh who begins to help Miki on a long walk across downtown tries to jog her memory of him.

Eventually they stop at a park and at a bench in his backpack he withdraws a high school yearbook which shows her photograph and his among the many alumni of Buxton High School.

The two then become immersed in long conversations regarding Buxton, the students, teachers and the stuff they went through at school and out of school: including some of the wild parties her friend Elizabeth would throw when her divorced rich father would go out of town on frequent business trips.

Miki then becomes increasingly drawn to the charming Josh and Miki tells how she asked about him once in the hallway at school to Elizabeth and Jean and they all commented that he was cute.

He tells he had something of an incredible crush on her before the two go on a wild run through downtown and jump into a central square fountain and get wet.

Josh then finally arrives at the Woodrow residence where he hands over Miki to her father Henry (Stanley Tucci) who prompty invites him in to borrow some dry clothes.

After Miki changes she meets with Josh and the two have a deep conversation in her bedroom about their respective lives.

He enquires as to why she decided to act out at the Cock & Bull and she tells about her fiance Mitch who she caught with her bestfriend Carla.

Josh tells him and his father came to the states on a tourist visa after his mother Diane died in a car crash which is why when everyone else was out getting there learner permits and going onto to their probationaries and eventually licenses he wasn't, and didn't get it until as of now.

He also tells Miki that his visa as of tomorrow morning expires as does his father's and they must return to the UK or be deported.

Miki tells him she doesn't want him to go and he smiles and she comes to pass out.

Josh kisses her forehead, tucks her in and falls asleep beside her.

He wakes up early and runs into Mr. Woodrow who bids him farewell as he departs running home.

There he meets with his angry father and the two head for the airport.

Miki eventually wakes up and is served a nice breakfast by Henry and finds a note left by Josh downstairs with her name on it, the note reads "I Wish I Could Stay."

Miki with all the withdrawn money for her and Mitch's engagement party decides to book a flight to London after looking into the yearbook and history of Josh Thorpe.

She consults with Elizabeth and Jean on the matter, Elizabeth encourages her to do so and Jean warns that leaving a note and him formerly having a crush on her doesn't mean on a whim she should chase a potential relationship to England.

Jean tells however she supports whatever decision she will come to make and the three then run into Mitch and Carla in the shop they're in, Mitch tries to talk to Miki but when she makes a snide comment he retorts with a nasty comment prompting her to splash him water from a vase and as Carla goes to say somethign Elizabeth punches her in the face.

As Miki withdraws all the engagement party money she is seated with her father on the matter and after much convincing he agrees to call in an excuse for a late return to Winchester State University.

Miki is then seen off at the airport by Elizabeth, Jean and her father and takes off on a flight to London.

Upon arrival she settles into a terrible London central apartment complex ran by eccentric florist Ira Mornington (Magda Szubanski) which also houses a delusional broadway reject and failing female musician.

Miki eventually comes to track Josh and upon meeting up with him sparks a reunion of awkwardness and undeniable chemistry.

Josh's friends however led by his ex-girlfriend Eden Smars (Naomie Harris) and her rough, hooligan boyfriend Roderick Bart (Jeremy Irvine) are disapproving of Miki and do wish Josh to have in her in his life.

The two continue on with a relationship that his ex Eden is set to sabotage as she still secretly harbors strong feelings for him.

Further problems arise as Josh (who during his early teen years before coming to the states) begins to become schitzophrenic again through the stress of all that's happening and begins having hallucinations of his deceased mother.


  • Taissa Farmiga as Miki Woodrow
  • Robert Carlyle as Robert Thorpe
  • Sean Biggerstaff as Josh Thorpe
  • Stanley Tucci as Henry Woodrow
  • Barbara Hershey as Ingrid Woodrow
  • Jensen Ackles as Mitchell Peterson
  • Zoë Kravitz as Carla Pewter
  • Naomie Harris as Eden Smars
  • Jeremy Irvine as Roderick Bart
  • Joe Thomas as Edelstein Goulding
  • Tanya Allen as Maria-May Burton
  • Martin Freeman as Knox Cartle
  • Martine McCutcheon as Bartender Stacy Adams
  • Kelcie Stranahan as Elizabeth Fairman
  • Adrianne Palicki as Jean Whitmore
  • Magda Szubanski as Ira Mornington
  • Julie Christie as Diane Thorpe


  1. Set Fire To The Third Bar- Snow Patrol
  2. Give It Up To Me- Sean Paul feat Keyshia Cole
  3. Where'd You Go?- Fort Minor
  4. America- Razorlight
  5. La camisa negra- Juanes
  6. But It's Better If You Do- Panic! At The Disco
  7. Hurt- Christina Aguilera
  8. LSF- Kasabian
  9. Mardy Bum- Arctic Monkeys
  10. A Day In The Life- The Beatles
  11. Don't Look Back In Anger- Oasis
  12. In The Flesh- Blondie (End Credits Song)
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