Charlton Park : The Movie (also known as "Charlton Movie" in Scotland) is a 2021 American/British motion capture live action/animated movie directed by Allias Salmon. This film is rated 18 for strong language, intense scenes, drugs, blood and gore.

The film was released in select theaters on 6 July 2021. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the cast, visual effects, animation, score and Allias' performance, criticized some of its scenes. Despite this, it was a box office success.

It was a followed by a sequel called "Attack on COVID-19", which also did well at the box-office.


Ryan and his friends' school was destroyed by Allias. Will they defeat him?


In 2019, during the summer holiday which started on July 20, Allias destroyed the school with his army of cat aliens helping him, meanwhile Ryan and his friends were having a party at his house for the celebration that they will be staying at school for a 1000 nights. Ryan made a new friend named Maria White, she had red hair, the same hair design as Mulan's hair and blue eyes. Lewis tried cocaine and went hyper. 

On their way to school, Ryan saw the destroyed building of Charlton Park School. Their mourning for the school was cut-short when Allias arrives with his pet lion Prince. Ryan and the Charlton Park Academians felt threatened by him, so as Allias left, they decided they should go somewhere else to be safer from him, like a planet.

Meanwhile, Allias calls his partner Emmalina to pick him up and tells her and her brother KC that he has a plan to get rid of the Charlton Park Academians, by killing them in the morning.


  • Jack Black as Ryan Burke
  • Rodney Dangerfield as Lisa McQuillian
  • Allias Salmon as himself, his fictional-self is the main antagonist-protagonist villain who suceeded in destroying the school and now wants sweet revenge on his former friends. He transforms into a humanoid lion. He even owns a pet lion named Prince.
  • Lucy Liu as Maria White
  • Emma Watson as Megan Hason
  • Francesca Capaldi as Ellie Burke
  • Tom Hanks as Morgan Burke
  • Jermaine Clement as Amanda Jane Burke
  • Dustin Hoffman as as Sean Burke
  • Dan Fogler as Sean Casserly
  • Dustin Hoffman as Maria's mom
  • Victor Garber as Maria's dad
  • David Cross as Ella Williams
  • Earl Boen as Danger Mouse
  • David Near as Freddy Fazbear
  • Ashleigh Ball as Chica
  • Ben Kingsley as Bonnie
  • Peter Dinklage as Foxy
  • Adam DeVine as Penfold
  • Karen Gillan as Professor Squackencluck
  • Stephen Fry as Colonel K
  • Rich Moore as Baron Von Greenback
  • Gal Gadot as Emma, Emmalina's mother.
  • Margot Robbie as Dr. Jennacrocuta
  • Idris Elba as Professor Leopolean
  • Robert Downey Jr. as 
  • Jason Isaacs as King Blargo, the deceased leader of a tribe of cannibalistic aliens and the secondary antagonist.
  • Eric Andre as K.C, Emma's son and Emmalina's brother
  • John Goodman as Bailey Walker
  • Damon Wayans Jr. as Timi
  • Cee Lo Green as Samy Tchangoum
  • Will Smith as Tehelliah
  • David Hyde Pierce as Carol Walker
  • Brad Garrett as Lewis Patience
  • Kevin Spacey as Katie Toal
  • John DiMaggio as Lynn
  • Fred Tatasciore as Middle aged man
  • Megan Fox as Emmalina, Emma's daughter and Allias' partner-in-crime. She transforms into a humanoid elephant.
  • Frank Welker as Allias' roaring sounds, Prince the Lion and many animal vocals.

Nicola and Gordon appeared in the film without any lines.


  • The scene were Ryan was dancing, he had the same dance moves as Gene as Beefsquatch from Bob's Burgers credits, his butt and penis was CGI.
  • Allias (in his mutated form) had the roar with a mix of a lion, tiger, bear, leopard, jaguar and elephant.
  • This is Rodney Dangerfield's last role after he died in 2004.
  • Timi has only 2 lines in the movie.
  • Ryan's family's eyes resembles Timon's eyes, Sid's eyes, Melman's eyes and Tai Lung's eyes.
  • Unlike Lewis in real-life, Lewis is gay and stupid.
  • Lisa's parents were originally supposed to appear on the film, but they were cut, because Allias killed them. They only appeared on the deleted scenes.
  • Allias has the same design as the real-life Allias, but with straight hair.
  • Unlike the real life alarm, the alarm when Allias destroys the school goes "Food Glorious Food" from Ice Age 2.
  • Manny and Diego from Ice Age have made cameo appearances as statues at the Natural History Museum.
  • The film is rated R.
  • It is revealed that Allias likes DC Super Hero Girls (2019).
  • According to Allias, he named his lion Prince after the DC character Diana Prince (also known as Wonder Woman, which Gal Gadot appears in).
  • While Allias reveals the plan, DC Super Hero Girls (2019) can be seen on Emma's TV.
  • It is revealed that Ellie loves Peperami curry, pizza and Panda-licious chocolate bar.

Movie Mistakes

  • When Ryan yells "Lets get the fuck out of here", his right arm seems to be back to normal.
  • When the Charlton Park Academains dance, Lisa and Megan changes position.



  • (The screen shows planet Earth)
  • Narrator : And now.
  • Allias : (deeply) I have destroyed Charlton Park school. Now to get my revenge on those Charlton Park Academians.
  • Narrator : Get ready for...
  • Ryan : Let's party!
  • Narrator : the MOST funniest film of 2021.
  • Narrator : From the creators of The Call of the Wild and the producer of Brother Bear.
  • Timi : Are you a fucking monkey?
  • Narrator : Brings you the most funniest and fun comedy in your moment.
  • (Maria pukes on the camera)
  • Narrator : Join Ryan, Lisa, Megan, Timi, Samy, Lewis, the Charlton Park gang and the new character Maria.
  • Allias : I'm going to destroy you Ryan, you fat piece of crap.
  • Ryan : How about you spare me the shit-shat.
  • (Allias breaks Ryan's glasses)
  • Ryan : You broke my glasses now, you idiot.
  • Narrator : Allias is set to get revenge on the Charlton Park Academians.
  • Ryan : We must stop Allias, so we could save our parents and make Woody and Buzz : The Movie.
  • Narrator : And Ryan must stop him before it's too late.
  • Maria : So we're going have to kill a lorry-sized cat?
  • (The big giant black cat roars at the Charlton Park Academians and Maria, as Maria poops in fear)
  • Narrator : Charlton Park : The Movie.
  • (Allias pukes out a black choker with an purple gemstone)
  • Narrator : Coming Soon.

The Party!

  • (Ryan's house, Saturday, 11pm, July 20, 2019)
  • Lisa : This is the best party ever!
  • Ryan : I know! But where's my family?
  • Lisa : Who cares about your fucking family, they're nothing but bullshit!
  • (Ryan punches Lisa in the face)
  • Ryan : I'm going to get more punch!
  • (Ryan bumps into a girl)
  • Ryan : Sorry.
  • Maria : It's okay. I'm Maria.
  • Ryan : I'm Ryan.
  • (The karaoke machine plays Kung Fu Fighting by Cee Lo Green)
  • Ryan : Hooray!
  • (Lewis does cocaine as he sniffs a whole pile of it)
  • Timi : Are you a fucking monkey?
  • Ryan : (gasps) Timi, YOU DO NOT SAY THAT IN MY HOUSE EVER!
  • Samy : Yo, this party's my jam!
  • Bailey : Ryan, This is the best party EVER! You've got all of my food made from vegtables like, hot dogs made from carrots, burgers made from cucumbers and cakes made from onions and punch made from garbage liquid! (eats the food gluttonly)
  • Lynn : And Ryan, i love these delicious smelly fish! Thanks! (eats the fish)
  • (Then they hear a knock on the door)
  • Ryan : I'll go check who it is.
  • (Ryan opens the door and it's a tired middle-aged man feeling really angry)
  • Middle-Aged Man : Shut the fuck up, one of us is trying to get some sleep!!
  • Ryan : Well, we're gonna be partying all night long. (slams the door and does the the same dance moves as Gene as Beefsquatch from Bob's Burgers credits) Ba-ba-ba-bown-bown-bown-bown-bown!

The School's destroyed/First Battle

  • (Friday, 5pm, Maria, Ryan and his friends are walking to school)
  • Maria : That was the best party ever!
  • Ryan : I know, it's great to back at- HOLY SHIT!
  • (The Charlton Park Academians and Maria see the destroyed Charlton Park School)
  • Ella : The school..
  • Bailey : It's been destroyed.
  • Sana : Sim-sim-salabim!
  • Lewis : Who the fuck could have done this?
  • (Sean looks at the paw prints)
  • Sean Casserly : Look, there are paw prints. They must HAVE been of a feline.
  • (A few hours later, a bunch of flowers are put on the destroyed school, the Charlton Park Academians, their family and Maria are mourning)
  • Samy : Guess there's no more Uptown Funk for me then.
  • Megan : And no Danger Mouse for me too.
  • Ryan : Oh Charlton Park, you were a great school. Sure, you abused us, but you helped me become a better person.
  • Bailey : I hope we find a different school.
  • Sana : Sim-sim-salabim.
  • Ryan : Yeah, but we've got to find the bastard who did this and bring him to custody!
  • (Then a clap was heard behind them and it reveals to be Allias with his pet lion Prince)
  • Allias : Well, well, you finally discovered that the school is destroyed. How quaint of you guys.
  • Ryan : Allias! You're the one who destroyed the school!!
  • Allias : Yes! And now, I finally get to destroy you all!
  • Bailey : Hey, why do you have a lion anyway?
  • Allias : Oh, this is my pet Prince, I found him as a cub at an alley.
  • Megan : I can see why you have a love for cats.
  • Ryan : Yeah, but you're no match for us! Prepare to meet the fists of doom!
  • Allias : Oh really? Prince, do your thing.
  • (Prince then does a loud roar which scares them)
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