Charlie All Night is a 2013 American Romantic Comedy Drama film written by Dan Fogelman and directed by Glenn Ficara and John Requa starring Anna Kendrick, Liam Hemsworth, Vanessa Hudgens, Rhys Wakefield, Colton Haynes, Alexa Vega and Michelle Pfeiffer.

The film is based on the 1996 romantic novel of the same name by Jennifer Cruise.

The film adaption's story however differentiates greatly from the novel as the only characters and driving stories which follow in accordance to the book are the two romantic leads.

The film was shot in Vancouver over the fall of 2012 and concluded on February 21st, 2013.

It was released theatrically on March 19th, 2013 though pre-screened at the Los Angeles film festival on March 14th, 2013.

The film was met with mostly postive reviews from critics and was a commercial success.


Allie McGuffey (Anna Kendrick) is a passive aggressive, control freak who has been dumped by her boyfriend and fired from position at her prestigious WBBB Radio Station.

She is looking to rejuvinate herself and so is her withdrawn former wild party girl bestfriend Lois (Vanessa Hudgens).

Salvation comes a knocking in the form of handsome DJ aspiree Charlie Tenniel (Liam Hemsworth) who is in desperate search of a radio producer to sponsor him, and is blissfully unaware that Allie upon coming to her is indeed out of the business.

Allie desperate to jump back into her field masquerades around in a lie and in doing ends up ultimatley falling in love with the hapless Charlie as she sky rockets him to success.

The consumation of their relationship however consists of a one night stand which soon becomes many one night stands and Allie yearns for a relationship and for him to fall for her the same way she has fallen head over heels for him.

However women come swarming to him him as he hits the spotlight and his psycho ex fiance Paula (Alexa Vega) breezes into town.

Solutions present themselves however as Allie in reconnecting with Lois learns she has fallen for her younger brother Evan's (Rhys Wakefield) introvert bestfriend Riley (Colton Haynes).


  • Anna Kendrick as Allie McGuffey
  • Liam Hemsworth as Charlie Tenniel
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Lois Gordons
  • Rhys Wakefield as Evan McGuffey
  • Colton Haynes as Riley Benedict
  • Alexa Vega as Paula Shalerno
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Tamara McGuffey
  • Angela Bassett as Rena Gordons
  • Matt Frewer as Russell McGuffey
  • Colm Feore as DJ Turnstall
  • Roma Maffia as Arlene Tanganiella


  1. Where'd You Go- Fort Minor
  2. La camisa negra- Juanes
  3. But It's Better If You Do- Panic! At The Disco
  4. Stupid Girls- P!nk
  5. Temperature- Sean Paul
  6. Shut Up and Let Me Go- The Ting Tings
  7. Stop and Stare- OneRepublic
  8. Pork and Beans- Weezer
  9. Relax (Take It Easy)- MIKA
  10. Over My Head- The Fray
  11. Give It To Me- Madonna feat Pharrell
  12. Monsoon- Tokio Hotel
  13. In My Arms- Kylie Minogue
  14. Love Song- Sara Bareilles
  15. Sweet About Me- Gabrielle Cilmi
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