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Characters Friends Most Wanted was 2014 film and it was in 3D a sequel to Character Friends and Character Friends 2 Theo Stevenson Katherine Heigl Andile Gumbi Leslie Mann Rodingo Santoro Kissy Simmons Emma Thompson Joe Pantoliano Snoop Dogg Jesse Essienberg Jack Black Elijah Wood Eric Idle Jemaine Clement Liam Nesson And David Hyde Perice will Return from the Two films Michael Clarke Duncan who played Wincott in the two Films Withney Huston who played Jailueti and Nelson Mandela who played Computer all died before this film will began on the time Three Characters was taken over with Dennis Haysbert Beyoncé and Denzel Washington while other Characters will return on the Film New Characters were voiced by Bruno Mars Kristin Chenoweth Clive Owen Kate Winselt Rihanna Ernie Iglesias and Ty Burrell


When Nigel and Moody Margret is back for revenge Henry Blu and his friends travel the world to London France and Germany Linda and Tulio enjoy with the kids Angela Rosie Alice and Kyle while she meets her long-lost father and mother while enjoying in Amazon Because Blu,s evil Cousin Brenilda is a big rotten heart


  • Theo Stevenson:Henry a boy who has to Explore the world with his Friends
  • Katherine Heigl:Peter Henry's brother who meets the other Friends and New friends
  • Jessie Essenberg:Blu a bird who gets into trouble with his evil cousin Brenidla
  • Leslie Mann:Linda Blu's owner and Tuilo's Girlfriend who was enjoying with her kids
  • Liam Neeson:Justin a long-neck Cureatiling who has Wings to fly and to run whatever he wants
  • Liam Neeson also plays Brenidla A bad Big fat Bird who joining with Nigel And Gabi
  • Clive Owen:Jerry Linda's dad who meets her Daughter
  • Willow Smith:Roise Linda's Daughter who has a Dancing talents
  • Jake T Austin:Fernando Linda's son who is now 14
  • Kate Winselt:Kate Linda's mum
  • Abigal Berslin:Alice Linda's other Daughter
  • Quinn Dempsty Stiller:Kyle Linda's son
  • Keke Plamer:Angela Linda's daughter
  • Rhianna:Talila a sassy flowstieak bird who meet Po who is in fall with him
  • Bruno Mars:Roberto Jewels ex-Boyfriend is Blu's Best friend
  • Freddie Highmore:Jim'Linda's ex-Boyfriend who stirs up Tulios Jealousy
  • Kristin Chenoweth:Gabi a posion dart frog who's in love with Briendla and Sees Blu in the strawberry vest
  • Juillan Moore:Mary Taylor Linda's aunt who has friends with Jerry
  • Andile Gumbi:Simba a Man who falls in love with Nala
  • Jack Black:Po a panda is Blu's Best friend
  • Mr.T:Diesel a Goanimate man who is Blu's team
  • Joe Pantoliano:Goose.a pelican who is Now a Part of Blu's gang
  • Anne Hathaway:Jewel Blu's girlfriend
  • Kissy Simmons:Nala Simbas mother
  • Dennis Haysbert:Wincott a Lizard who is a Part of Blu's gang
  • Snoop Dogg:Smoove Moove a snail who is Part of Blu's gang
  • Jemaine Clament:Nigel a Cockatoo is now a Public bird Police CIA is very good with his boss
  • Denzel Washington:Computer a Loud talking robot who was in Blu's gang
  • Beyonce:Tailula a Spoonbill who is a Billboard Rising star
  • Rodrigo Santoro:Tulio Linda's boyfriend and The kids father
  • Matt Damon:Rinco a slithering lizard was Nigel and Gabi's new Minions
  • Janelle Monae:Tizzlairakta prison Bird who arrest Blu
  • Ben Affelck:Peter a Parrot who is under control for The prison birds
  • Nicolas Cage:Roland a security Guard who keeps Passage his goal was to Arrested Blu and turn him to Nigel's minions
  • Emma Thompson:Captain Amelia who is married to Dilbert
  • David Hyde Perice:Dilbert a friend is now a part of Blu's Gang
  • Ty Burrell:Mr Peabody a dog who is Blu's friend

Trailer 1

  • (In the water the camera pans forward to the streets of London where everyone is celebrating their New Years Eve. People is dancing and the birds were flying around the firework).
  • Wincott:It's a Happy New Year
  • Po:Get those fireworks ready it be sure soon
  • Gabi:Are we Ready
  • (The fireworks were Launched out of the sky).
  • All:HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!
  • ((Summit Entertaiment logo))
  • Linda Gunderson:Tulio I want you to leave home we move in there
  • Tulio Monteiro:but the kids connected to their home
  • Linda Gunderson:It's gonna be so much fun
  • Kyle Gunderson:YEAH wa-hoo were going to London
  • Po:WHAT
  • (Text zooms in)
  • Narrator:Next Summer comes a journey of discovery.
  • (Po and Simba hi-five. Scene cuts the city of London)
  • Henry:I'm very excited
  • (Scene cuts to Tuilo riding a Motocycle)
  • Tuilo Monteiro:I'm going to be sick
  • (He trips over a Motocycle and into a water Scene cuts to Kyle using a knife but Tulio holds him back)
  • Tulio Monteiro:Daddy's here don't be scared
  • Narrator:And a Reunion.....
  • Linda Gunderson:I'm not the only ones How Amazing
  • Narrator:...That humans play fair
  • Jerry Gunderson:Who are you we're did you come from
  • Linda Gunderson:HEY BACK OFF!!!!(Gasps see what her father is reunited)Daddy!
  • Tulio Monteiro:Daddy?
  • Jerry Gunderson:LOOK AT ME IM A GRANDSON OH!
  • Rosie Gunderson:Nice to meet you sir
  • Jerry Gunderson:You will call me Pop Pop
  • Tulio Monteiro:Kids go easy on old grandpa
  • (Music slows down)
  • Jerry Gunderson:You can also call me Pop-Pop
  • Narrator:Get Ready
  • Waddlesworth:We need to get the show here
  • Po:We doing Shakespeare at. The midnight hour Because it's more good and fair
  • (Scene cuts to Nigel doing a Shakespare dance. Cuts to Tulio riding a Motocycle with Jerry Scene cuts to Gabi with Po's hand)
  • Gabi:look at this thing this is crazy...I got the mind of this own
  • Narrator:Characters Friends Most Wanted In 3D Coming soon

Trailer 2

  • (Summit Entertainment logo)
  • Henry:London is a city place
  • Comupter:I can't believe it
  • Wincott:Part of their team
  • Mr Peabody:Fifteen pounds a day
  • Po:you're right
  • Narrator:Some People might be cool and very proud but other.still need some love
  • Waddlesworth:We're going to London
  • Narrator:Next September
  • (Scene cuts to The crowd cheering Scene cuts to Linda and Tulio)
  • Linda Gunderson:I can't believe we found them
  • Jerry Gunderson:Look at me I'm a Grandson Oh
  • Rosie Gunderson:Nice to meet you sir
  • Jerry Gunderson:You will call me Pop Pop
  • Tulio Monteiro:Kids go easy on Old Grandpa
  • Jerry Gunderson:You will also call me Pop Pop
  • Narrator:They found new friends
  • Jim:Ooohhh Welcome baaaaccckkk!!
  • Linda Gunderson:Jim?!?
  • Tulio Monteiro:Linda please he's trying to take you Away but... He's your ex-boyfriend
  • Narrator:And they found new faces.
  • Po:What's he doing with Blu
  • Blu:What Are you doing I'm not a smuggler
  • Brelinda:You're going to be staying
  • Blu:I'm a loser who wear this
  • Gabi:You look crazy in this vest
  • Narrator:Theo Stevenson,Katherine Heigl
  • Peter:Henry were doing talents
  • Henry:one way to go Peter
  • Narrator:Jesse Eisenberg,Jemaine Clement,Kristin Chenoweth.
  • Nigel:There Are prison birds in the keep that my owner get me for Revenge
  • Moody Marget:You forgot to wear this necklace
  • Nigel:So cool
  • Narrator:Leslie Mann,Jack Black,Rihanna
  • Po:We need a passport to get to London and....uh I'm alright
  • Talia:Without your performance is nothing
  • Po:Excuse me
  • Narrator:Eric Idle,Liam Neeson,Freddie Highmore
  • Jim:You guys are staying in my home
  • Tulio Monteiro:Whoa
  • Jim:it's hard to get something that's put together with my strength and my brawn
  • Narrator:Joe Pantoliano,Clive Owen,Pitbull,and Dennis Haysbert
  • Waddlesworth:We had it all we could have been pleasures
  • (Scene cuts to Waddlesworth wearing a Bottle cap hat a butler hat A disc a flower and a Shell)
  • Po:this hat will fit you the same you know what I mean
  • (Scene cuts to Nigel spinning the red light Scene cuts to Po pushing Simba aside scene Cuts to Gabi on a pink light and scene cuts to Roberto's body filed with water)
  • Narrator:Characters Friends Most Wanted in 3D coming soon

Trailer 3


Voice actors from the previous films reprise their roles as the characters. Theo Stevenson and Katherine Heigl reprise their roles as Henry and Peter from the two films. Jack Black Eric Idle Andlie Gumbi Joe Pantoliano Jesse Eisenberg and Mandy Moore reprise their roles as Po Waddlesworth Simba Goose Blu and Sandy from the two films. Also Leslie Mann Rodrigo Santoro and Jake T. Austin reprise their roles as Linda Tulio and Fernando but Austin is too old to voice Fernando as a child. Michael Clarke Duncan who voice Wincott In the two films Passed away on September 3 2012 from a heart attack but Dennis Heysbert will be the new voice of Wincott because his voice is lower in the third film. New cast Bruno Mars Kristin Chenoweth Clive Owen Willow Smith Kate Winselt Ty Burrell Ernie Iglesias Rihanna Matt Damon and Samuel L Jackson will voice the new characters from the third film


  • Po appears in the third film but the slinky was changed Blue
  • Wincott's voice is lower in the third film. In the previous his voice was higher.
  • Waddlesworth is a good friend to Goose but in the trailer Po is giving a new hat for film


  • Clips will air in March 2014 and it will aired on YouTube

Musican Early

(At the bay The guys are doing a early Musician)

  • Wincott:((Low voice))we'll the Musician is very EARLEY?!??! ha ha ha
  • Simba:Wincott were going to London but only Musician is a bit Early and now it's late
  • Waddlesworth:Guys look they are Musicians they're early
  • Po:I'm lovin'this SAME?
  • Simba:You guys are late
  • Horrid Henry:You two are almost here
  • Po:((in Wine-strean voice))CLOCK late?
  • Goose:but Musican Early((He waves his wing to click-boom))
  • Diesel:click Feathered
  • Peter:Unbelievable
  • Wincott:it's just only MUSICIANS just Brazil
  • Po:now come on Get ready it's on In the LONDON!
  • Blu:Shakespare Hip-wiggling and Punch and fly---uh I mean Amazon
  • Goose:How long is gonna take
  • Waddlesworth:Reday
  • All:WE WILL
  • Goose:now let's go to the Amazona-----I mean Amazon

Call Grandpa

  • Tulio:Kyle clam down Don't be scared
  • ((Tulio sees the man hiding the streets he saw the jungle))
  • Kyle:Daddy's here Mummy
  • Linda:I understand That
  • Tulio:come on big---AHH
  • Jerry:Who are you WHERE did you come from
  • Linda:HEY BACK OFF!!!!!!
  • Jerry:sorry Sweetheart I-----I'm your father
  • ((Linda gasps what he just heard Her eyes began to tear up))
  • Linda:((Tearfully))Daddy!
  • ((Linda hugs her father))
  • Tulio:Daddy?
  • Jerry:I always miss you
  • Kyle:Pa-Pa
  • Jerry:Look at me LOOK AT ME IM A FATHER!Oh hello kids
  • Rosie:Nice to Meet you Grandpa
  • Jerry:You will call me Pop-Pop and you Can call me Sir
  • Kyle:Hi sir
  • Jerry:Come here you little Rascal Oh how tall your getting
  • Tulio:Kids go easy on old Grandpa
  • Jerry:You can Also call me Pop-Pop

Shakespeare Talents

Welcome Back