Characters Friends 2 is a 2012 film It was released on January 27 2012 in the UK November 30 2012 in the AU and June 15 2012 in the USA The film has new Characters Nala Waddlesworth Amelia Deilbert Taluila Diesel and Nigel this is the last film to star Michael Clarke Duncan Whithney Huston And Nelson Mandela to star Wincott Taluila and Computer before they died On September 3 2012 February 11 2012 and December 5 2013 so this work was done


When Blu was kidnapped now it's up to Henry Po Simba Goose and Wincott to save him before he was taken to Korean Tokyo Japan.


a Sequel called Characters Friends Most Wanted was released on March 2014 in the UK and November 24 2014 in the USA all of the actors Reprise Thier roles as the Characters from the movies Duncan Huston Mandela and Frid was about to Reprise Thier roles as Wincott Taluila Computer and Rocky but they all died before this Film was began on production they were Voiced by Dennis Haysbert Beyoncé Denzel Washington and Hugh Lariue


  • Blu has Blue body in the Two Films in the third film He wears an Starwberry vest
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