Modern Day Centrosaurus
Centrosaurus modernus is a species of herbivorous ceratopsian dinosaur that was first cloned by SciiFii in March 23, 2025, using both genetic engineering on an unknown base animal and extracting DNA contained in ancient Centrosaurus proteins. The Centrosaurus is a large animal, growing up to around 18 feet (5.5 meters) long and weigh about 4 tons, and that weight is held by the Centrosaurus' stocky limbs. Like other centrosaurines, Centrosaurus has single large horns over their noses. These horns curve forwards or backwards depending on the specimen. Skull ornamentation is reduced as animals age over time. The horns of Centrosaurus are used by males in battles for mates and/or for becoming leaders of the herds, although the male and female Centrosaurus also use their horns for defense from predators, including cougars, bears, and the revived tyrants (including the great tyrant). The frill is relatively short compared to the total skull length, and can grow to over half a meter (68.8 centimeters) long in the oldest and largest adults. Centrosaurus is distinguished by having two large hornlets which hook forwards over the frill. A pair of small upwards direct horns is also found over the eyes. The frills of Centrosaurus are moderately long, with fairly large fenestrae and small hornlets along the outer edges. Like other ceratopsids, the jaws of Centrosaurus are adapted to shear through tough plant material. Like the original Centrosaurus species from the Mesozoic, the modern Centrosaurus is a social herd-dwelling animal, living in large herds that could rival that of its prehistoric relative. The conservation status of Centrosaurus is Least Concern due to successful conservation efforts, being found throughout the wilderness of North America, the Centrosaurus' tolerance to human activities, and their resistance to otherwise irratating and deadly diseases and viruses, including West Nile viruses.
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