Seikatsu Symbol
 Name Celestial
 Aliases Space Gods, Magic Gods, "Creators of the Multiverse,
 Affiliation First Firmament (Rebelled)
 Base of Operation Celestial Forge, City of the Space Gods
 Body Type Humanoid
 Height Variable
 Weight Vriable
 Skin None
 Number of Limbs 4
 Number of Fingers 5
 Number of Toes 5
 Special Adaptations Armor
 Origin First Beings to Exist
 Universe Earth-8000
 Creators AtlantisUchiha
First Appearance
Dawn of the Celestials #1

The Celestials are a extraterrestrial alien cosmic beings whose origins varies depending on what legend or the Celestial in question. However, most say they all originated from Hyperspace, and are the de-factor creators of Hyperspace itself.



Sentience from Huperspace

Planetary Uni-minds


Early Existence

Celestial War

Shattering of the First Firmament

First Cosmos

Dawn of the Celestials

Second Cosmos

Beyonder War

Battle for the Celestial Forge
Death of the One Above All
Fall of the Celestials

Third Cosmos

Fourth Cosmos

Fifth Cosmos

Sixth Cosmos

Birth of Galactus

Seventh Cosmos

Confronting Galactus

Destruction of the Celestials



Internal Anatomy & Physiology


The "Armor" acts like the skin of the Celestials like the skin of humans. The Armor acts has hard metallic tissue of organic robotic organisms to a degree. However, unlike Human skin which is soft, Celestial skin "armor" is a very very hard substance of unknown origin, and can withstand blasts even from a starship hitting the at the speed of light.


To humans, they see comprehend it as "skin". But to the Celestials, it's their muscles. Under the armor skin, is a another hard substance taking form as human skin when it's actually muscle. It is unknown how they become to look similar to humans in terms of physiology under their armored skin, but it is said they created the human race after their appearance, but it is unknown if this is true.

"Skeleton Structure"

And under muscle, is a structure of "bone-like" structure encased in a energy that surrounds them that acts as a second layer of muscle (called the Inner Muscle), which protects the skeleton and the Celestial brain from harm. This energy makes the Celestial a incorporeal beings, making even most energy blast doing nothing but damaging the Inner Muscle to reveal the Energy coat.

Origins & "Reproduction"

Celestial Eggs

Gestation within Celestials

Celestial Pathology

All Celestials possess the ability of Quantum Telepathy, meaning they are able to communicate with other Celestials no matter where, or even how far they are. They can even communicate with Celestials who are in another multiverse.


Powers & Abilities


Supernatural Physical Condition : Celestials with or without their armor, possess immense physical condition beyond of almost any being. They capable of lifting the more then 500,000 tons with a single hand, and due to their energy-coat under their Outer Muscle, and their bones being immensely hard, the can endure immense physical stress, and their durability makes them just as hard and sturdy.

Magic Embodiment: The Celestials are the very primordial embodiments of Magic itself, having part of their existence entirely of Magic Energy, alongside unknown, impossibly comprehensible energy. Even with with no magic energy, Celestials will still be at maximum power if tempted to.

Immortality: Celestials are immortal cosmic beings, and is actually almost impossible to truly kill or even harm them. A single Celestial has the capacity to withstand planetary shattering impacts with ease, and withstand the 3 attacks of Gods and be unfazed as if nothing even struck the Celestial, this it not the feat of power, but the feat of endurance. This suggest that the Celestials are much more powerful then

Flight: Celestials are shown to be able to fly as if there were no gravity.

Magic Embodiment


12-Level Intelligence: Celestials in intellect, are the supremely intellectual capabilities, able to learn many highly hard concepts with effortless ease, and can perform thought processing at a accelerated rate beyond any race.

Average Strength Level


  • Anti-Magic: Being the very embodiment of Magic, Anti-Magic can potentially mortally harm an Celestial.
  • Brain: It has been shown Celestials do infact possess a physical property to which is a brain. If a being is able to destroy their brain within their armored shell, the Celestial will in fact die, regardless of their characteristics or being a magical force.


Level of Technology: Incomprehensibly Advanced

Known Representatives:


  • At death, their skeleton does not decay to a degree, and simply stays where the Celestial died.
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