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 Name Celestial
 Base of Operation
 Body Type Humanoid
 Height Over 100ft
 Weight Unknown
 Skin None
 Number of Limbs 4
 Number of Fingers 5
 Number of Toes Unknown
 Special Adaptations Armour
 Origin Unknown
 Universe Earth-646
 Creators AtlantisUchiha
First Appearance
RWBY: Infinity War


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The celestials are a race highly advance extra-terrestrial cosmic beings who predates the dawn of the universe itself. Highly powerful, and deadly they appear in RWBY: Infinity War when Thanos had collected the Infinity Crystals and had "destroyed" the Cosmic Gods of the Universe and Reality.

According to Raven, the Time Crystal revealed to her that these Celestials are harbingers of both life, death, creation and destruction in the vastness universe, and possible in the multiverse. These beings created entire planets and galaxies in the universe, becoming the harbingers of creation. Soon afetr, they visit planet to planet in earlier stages of existence, and meddle with the DNA and genetics of lifeforms so they can evolved to become saptient and sentient with higher intellectual processing, thus harbingers of life. However, these beings also destroy planets and entire galaxies if they see the lifeforms as unworthy to continue existing, thus harbingers of death.

During Infinity War, the Celestials appear before Thanos to confront his treachery of endangering the Universe, but by the full empowered Aedra Gauntlet, Thanos effortlessly destroys the Celestial Seekers.