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Cedric's Backyard Gang is a show inspired by Heroes VS Villains: The Animated Series, from a wiki, YouTube Chandia. Not only that, it is also inspired by Barney's Backyard Gang, Tweenies, and also a fanmade show, The K9 5: Rebooted Series. After the show ends, they will move onto the next said show when Season 12 starts.


Episode 1: The Sorcerer Comes to Town (February 26th 2021):

Episode 2: Bad Day for the Backyard Gang (February 27th 2021):

Episode 3: Wakko's Very Bad Mood (March 1st 2021): For unknown reasons why she is stressed, Wakko is quite angry, from speaking rudely to others and bossing them around, including Dot and Yakko; they don’t like the way he is acting, Cedric sends him upstairs to the bedroom until he is ready to apologise for the way he is misbehaving.

Episode 4: Amber Loses her Necklace (March 6th 2021):

Episode 5: Giant Chicken in the House (March 10th 2021):

Episode 6: Karaoke Night (March 13th 2021):

Episode 7: Wriggling Fingers (March 15th 2021):

Episode 8: Maroshi Gets Mature (March 19th 2021):

Episode 9: Thrill-Sneaking (March 20th 2021):

Episode 10: Hanazuki's Cloak (March 22nd 2021):

Episode 11: Wakko Has Been Sick! (March 25th 2021): Cedric asks Wakko to put some cooking apples away for him, but he decides to eat one. Wakko starts to feel very ill and is eventually sick; Kiazuki and Dot aren’t too sympathetic but Nurse Yakko is.

Episode 12: Grumpy Cedric (March 27th 2021): Poor Cedric is very grumpy today, the backyard gang try to cheer him up. But by time after time they tried, Cedric is happy again!

Episode 13: Kiyoshi's Nerves Make Him Sick! (March 29th 2021): Kiyoshi’s nerves are making him sick for no reason, and the gang couldn’t understand why he is being nervous so much, so

Episode 14: Dot's Dress Distress (April 5th 2021):

Episode 15: Poor Yakko! (April 10th 2021): Poor Yakko is having a very miserable day, and nothing seems to cheer him up. But what will his brother and sister do to help him now?

Episode 16: Albie Right Back! (April 15th 2021):

Episode 17: Kiyoshi's Anxiety Treatment (May 10th 2021): Maroshi helps Kiyoshi calm down when he worries that

Episode 18: Return of the Hawk! (May 20th 2021): The hawk, who has his feelings hurt by Kiyoshi is back for revenge, but this time, he has bought his hawk siblings to help him get the gang back. But when he starts to fear that the hawks have returned, Hanazuki and the rest of the gang must protect Kiyoshi from the hawks.

Episode 19: Wakko's Scooter (May 26th 2021): Kiyoshi, Hanazuki, and Albie join Yakko and Dot to play musical statues while Wakko causes mischief trying to balance on his scooter.

Episode 20: Reg and Spike's Naughty Prank (June 1st 2021):

Episode 21: Dot VS Mary (June 14th 2021):

Episode 22: Kiyoshi Has a Nightmare! (June 15nd 2021):

Episode 23: Kiazuki's Revenge (June 20th 2021):

Episode 24: I Told You Not to Touch it! (June 23rd 2021)

Episode 25: Kiyoshi's Big Mistake! (June 25th 2021): After really messing up by breaking the Sapphire stone, Kiyoshi decides to make up lies and blames it on a monster when there is no such thing. But when he and Maroshi try to fix it, Kiyoshi eventually learns how to admit his mistakes.

Episode 26: No Arguments, Please? (June 30th 2021): The backyard gang, including Kiazuki and Maroshi are always getting into so many arguments. But when Kiyoshi tries to stop them, Cedric tells them to stop this nonsense or otherwise he will send them to their room until hey are ready to get along.

Episode 27: Kiyoshi Gets Fired! (July 1st 2021): After messing up big time due to being so stressed, Kiyoshi is fired by Mary. But when he tries so many jobs, none of them work. So Hanazuki, Kiazuki, Maroshi, and Cedric have to help Kiyoshi find his old job back.

Episode 28: Pinky and the Brawn (July 2nd 2021): Brain finds a potion that he believes he will turn into a strong mouse. But when he

Episode 29: Don’t Tickle Me! (July 11th 2021):

Episode 30: Meet the Star Darlings (July 12th 2021):

Episode 31: Meet Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse (July 15th 2021):

Episode 32: Friend Loss (July 21st 2021): Kiyoshi and Maroshi are separated when

Episode 33: Kiyoshi All Alone (July 23rd 2021):

Episode 34: Secret Agent Yakko (July 27th 2021):

Episode 35: No Giggling Matter! (August 1st 2021):

Episode 36: Kiazuki in the Hawk's Wing (August 2nd 2021):

Episode 37: Cedric's Rocket Rukas (August 3rd 2021):

Episode 38: Cedric and the Thunderstorm! (August 5th 2021):

Episode 39: Awkwardly Social (August 14th 2021): Kiyoshi has been into a lot of anxiety lately,

Episode 40: Beauty, Brains and Brawn (August 19th 2021):

Episode 41: The Land is Lava! (August 24th 2021): Yakko, Wakko, and Dot

Episode 42: Professor Yakko, At Your Service (August 25th 2021): Episode 43:

Episode 43: Meet King Babar (August 26th 2021):

Episode 44: Runaway Cedric (September 10th 2021): After having a lot of stress, Cedric is angry after the Backyard made a hot air balloon out of his workshop, so he runs away to regain his confidence. But when the backyard gang realized he has ran away, they set off to find him only for him to be found in danger.

Episode 45: Drowning Vivian's Sorrows (September 12th 2021): The backyard gang members heard from Sofia and Amber saying that Vivian hasn't been going to school since Monday, so they decide to find out what is wrong with her. It turns out that she had a depressing day because Noel and her friends bullied her in the worst way, so with the help from Cedric, Sofia, Amber, and James had to find a way to cheer her up.

Episode 46: At Your Nervous! (September 15th 2021):

Episode 47: Dot in the Middle (September 21st 2021):