Cave is a 2011 Comedy Horror Slasher Film written and directed by Steve Miner and starring Niall Matter, Sasha Barrese, Nina Dobrev, Josh Hutcherson, Meghan Heffern, Dane Cook, Chad Michael Murray, Shawn Wayans and Chris Cooper. It is part of the Original Slasher Guild Films which include Steven Spielberg's Heart, Steven Soderberg's Mahjong, Tim Burton's Color and Lasse Hallstrom's Farm.


The film oversees a select group of partying youths party bound for a popular beach for a popular summer party.

They arrive and take in all the adolescent no-no's before being inevitably killed off by a deformed maniac inhabiting a rather large cave on the beach.


  • Niall Matter as Lance
  • Sasha Barrese as Evelyn O' Connor
  • Jesswica Lucas as Kareema KaJudah
  • Nina Dobrev as Sarah-Anna
  • Josh Hutcherson as Kemperman Adams
  • Meghan Heffern as Whitney Lia
  • Dane Cook as Coastguard Gibbons
  • Chris Cooper as the Big Coastguard Timmons
  • Chad Michael Murray as Walt
  • Michael Bailey Smith as The Killer
  • Caitlin Stasey as Girl
  • Ryan Hansen as Boy/Ancy Boyfriend
  • Bijou Phillips as Annie/The Water Skiing Champion
  • Til Schweiger as Clark Abrahams
  • Christopher Riggi as Ethan Hawker
  • Shawn Wayans as Norton

Original Slashers Guild

As of May 14, 2010 Steven Spielberg approached a handful of associate film directors and proposed to create a theater distribution similar to Grindhouse or Reinhart.

He proposed that the theater possess an original name and release high budget, ensemble cast slasher films that are not remakes of any original slasher and are original in their own right.

Director Steve Miner signed on immediately to the at first untitled company and then was followed by directors: Tim Burton, Steven Soderberg and finally Lasse Hallstrom.

Each of the directors would form a cast and crew and create their own prestigious original slasher film and release it for the theater they would create.

The theater titled as of March 31, 2010 as the Original Slasher's Guild had revealed teaser trailers for the films that would be made and would be released back to back.

The first film completed was Steve Miner's slasher film the Cave which was then followed by Hallstrom's slasher Farm.

They were released on January 30 at the Original Slashers Guild.

Death Sequences

  1. Girl- The unnamed teenage female character enters the cave on the beach despite ancy warnings from her ancy boyfriend and upon fully entering is killed via an axe to the neck
  2. Boy/Ancy Boyfriend- the Ryan Hansen portrayed character is pursued out of the cave and killed with two large pruning shears wrapped in thorns as he tumbles over onto the sand outside the cave
  3. Annie/The Water Skiing Champion- Water Ski foot board collides with chin
  4. Clark Abrahams- Killed on boat towing Water ski via arrow through right eye socket and pull chain stabbing his knee and then hurtling back and forth in water
  5. Ethan Hawker- Killed on boat towing Water Ski via machete into chest and boat propellor dismemberment
  6. Walt- Shot in back five times with five steel arrows on the beach
  7. Coastguard Gibbons- Rockslide
  8. Whitney Lia- Large Rock
  9. Kemperman Adams- Hung
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