Cats Don't Dance 2 is a sequel to the 1997 Musical-Comedy Cats Don't Dance.


Danny and Sawyer had 3 kids and are super happy that they are parents and famous animal actors. Meanwhile Darla Dimple(Someone from their past) has adopted a nasty and dangerous dog and kidnapped Danny and she said there is a talent show in town she said "If you win you get Danny but if you lose I feed you to my doggy". Sawyer signed up for the talent show so she can see Danny and so the kids can have a father.


Scott Bakula as Danny, The main protagonist

Cathy Cavadini as Sawyer, Wife of Danny

Ty Panitz as Ryan, The 1st child/kitten of Danny and Sawyer

Addy Miller as Angelica, 2nd child/kitten of Danny and Sawyer

Christian Ashdale as Kyle, 3rd child/kitten of Danny and Sawyer

Ashley Peldon as Darla Dimple, The Main Antagonist/ 7-year-old spoiled rich girl

Brad Garrett as Ron, A dangerous dog who takes down and kills cats/ New pet of Darla

Allison Janney as Martha Dimple, Mother of Darla/ Secondary antagonist

Jeff Bridges as Nathan Dimple, Father of Darla/ Secondary antagonist

Courtney Cox as Angel, A local stray cat who is best friends of Sawyer

Patton Oswalt as Liam, Danny's manager

Rene Auberjonios as Flanigan, A movie director

Matthew Herried as Pudge, Best friend of Danny

Adam Sandler as Pet Store Owner


  • In the sequel Darla's identity is similar to Suzie Johnson from Phineas and Ferb she sweet when an adults around but when she is around an animal she wants to make them look bad
  • Runs at nearly two hours
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