WBC is a American Basic Cable and Satellite television channel that is owned by Warner Bros. WBC's programing consist of previously released Warner Brothers Motion pictures along with a limited amount of original programing.The channels name originally stood for "Warner Brothers Channel", but since 2012 the full name has been deemphasized as a result of major popularity

The channel originally was a premium cable network but in 2011 changed to basic cable as views started lowing since more customers dropped it due to lack in entertaining programing. After that the channel received a huge jump in views and quality of programing. At 2014 Comic Con they announced the channel would become premium again but instead of charging the originally 15$ plus and the channel will still be in the basic channel package but will only require buyers to pay 2.99$ for the channel.

As of March 2014,WBC is Received by approximate 91,831,992 American Households that subscribe to pay television service.

Though still showing movies WBC Has still had line of Original series since the starting of the channel and in recent years has became known for it's programing.The bringing of Hunters to basic cable and then L.A. Vice the next year along side American Psycho put WBC in the same category with AMC of having a reputation on par with Premium cable networks HBO and Showtime.

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