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Skelitor and his new/permanent form, Skel-E-Tron.

Gigatron with G1 Overlord Gigatank

Sell-E-Tron (left) and Gigatron (right).

When Timelines Gigatron crash landed on planet Eternia after he was shot down by the Aerialbots, Skelitor had Triclopes reprogram the now dead Decepticon into a robot warrior that he can command with a mind control helmet after his face as remolded into the evil sorcerer's own face, renaming him Skel-E-Tron. After nearly defeating He-Man in battle, Skelitor and Skel-E-Tron were both struck by a lightning bolt from a one of many strom clouds above them that day, destroying Skelitor's body after his mind was transferred into the robot, permanently turning Skelitor into Skel-E-Tron forever. Now, Optimus Prime and his Autobots have no choice but to help The Masters of The Universe to not just defeat Skel-E-Tron and his army, but Skel-E-Tron's new allies known as Megatron and his Decepticons.

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