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Laramie Eppler
Born 1998
Occupation Actor
Years active 2011- present
Spouse(s) Peyton List

Year 15 Title Role Notes
2011 The Tree of Life E.L First feature film. Directed by Terrence Malik, stars alongside Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain.
2011 Millicent Madison Lane Lane Gorm Nicole Kassell film, stars alongside Kate Hudson, Javier Bardem, Hayden Panettiere and Preston Strother.
2011 Nightingale Little Boy Humble 2D Animated Walt Disney film in which Brad Pitt voices a prince attempting to rescue a theatre trapped Princess voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar from the clutches of an evil Uma Thurman voiced villain.
2011 What It Means In Writing Justin Pette Lynne Ramsay picture in which he stars alongside Harrison Ford, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Carrie-Ann Moss, Cameron Diaz, Martin Sheen, Alex Russell and Callan McAuliffe
2012 Lord Of The Flies (2012) Simon Orville David Fincher adaption of the classic William Golding story. Third colloboration with Brad Pitt and stars alongside Aramis Knight, Dakota Goyo and Bryce Hurless
2012 Creatures From The Black Lagoon Adam Neville Joe Johnson remake of the classic Universal Monster movie Creature from the Black Lagoon. Stars alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Jason Schwartzman, Jason Segel, Melissa Rauch, Kevin Hart and Richard Attenborough.
2012 Conversations with Dead People Walt Mayfauld Second Terrence Malik film colloboration and second Javier Bardem film colloboration. Film in which he and several other characters are confronted by ghosts of individuals they are connected by their death to. Stars alongside Bardem, Renee Zellweger, Nia Long, Samuel Le Bihan, Chad Michael Murray, Timothy Olyphant and Martha Plimpton.
2013 Don't Be Sorry Danville Lancaster Peter Bogdanovich film which is his second colloboration with Callan McAuliffe. He portrays the lead character Danville Lancaster an emotionally sensitive 15 year old boy damaged by his parents dirvorce who comes to be badly influenced by a suicidal girl he falls for and a 17 year old vandal who adopts him as his bestfriend. Stars alongside McAuliffe, Chloe Grace Moretz, Nicholas Cage and Demi Moore.
2013 Soap,Wash,Cleanse, Pain, Magic, Star Antonio Build Quentin Tarantino 70's retro styled action slasher film in which marks his second colloboration with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Chris Evans and sees him star alongside Jessica Alba, Gerard Butler Edward Norton, Daniel Hasan, Natasha McElhone and Idris Elba.
2013 The Border That Divides Henry Gillman Daren Aronofsky film in which he plays a young drafted soldier in the Korean war serving under Leonardo Di Caprio's character Sergeant Tobias Mellenkamp who becomes fiercely protective of him and must save him after a salvaging mission goes horribly wrong.
2013 Flowers For Farlene Jerry Bloom Robert Luketic film in which he portrays the lead 16 year old Jerry Bloom whom is a hopeless romantic living in New York City in this modern age trying to snag a popular party girl Carly who seems to be completely out of his league despite his widowed father's encouragment. He stars alongside Jon Bernthal, Liv Tyler, Ginnifer Goodwin, Toke Lars Bjarke and Megan Helin
2014 Extraordinary! Crope Bettingham Tim Burton film in which he potrays the younger brother of Michael Fassbender and Channing Tatum who along with his character possess incredible supernatural powers and find themselves on the run from an evil circus man Fezzellini who had been keeping them hostage at his travelling circus. Eppler also stars alongside Zooey Deschanel. Ryan Gosling, Charlie Hunnam, Chris Pine, Olivia Munn, Michelle Williams, James Gandolfini and Kristen Bell.
2015 The Hunt Gene Alex Proyas film based on the Andrew Fukuda fantasy novel in which he portrays a young on the run youth in a dystopian future whom along with a collective strike trouble as falls for a beautiful girl. The film also features Natalie Portman, John C. Reilly, Jackie Earle Haley, Ian McShane, Sir Ian McKellan, Zachary Gordon, Chandler Cantebury, Khamani Griffin, Spencer List and Peyton List, whom after production would go on to date star Eppler in real life.

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