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Oh Mr. Markowitz Baltimore Stevens First Feature Film role/Leading Role
2013 Runaway Rhubarbs Collins Bennett/ Age 16
2013 "Good God, Y'All" Martin Channing Directed by Martin Scorcese. Stars alongside Emma Roberts, Andrew Garfield, Chad Michael Murray, Tom Wilkinson and Annette Bening.
2013 Soap,Wash,Cleanse, Pain, Magic, Star" Tate Pain Directed by Quentin Tarantino. Stars alongside Gerard Butler, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Edward Norton, Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd, Natasha McElhone, Idris Elba and Jessicsa Alba
"Death" Darci Buntlow Directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Stars alongside Scott Mechlowicz, Rachel McAdams, Cheryl Hines and Idris Elba. Attended Los Angeles film premiere with bestfriend actor Callan McAuliffe drunk.
2014 Shot Someone? Tiger Bradford
2015 Clear Christoff Jumbug Carter
2015 Podcast Jackson Turntower
2016 Finding The Gates Lost Boys, TheFinding Finding FindingFindFinding The GatesFinding The GatesFindFinding The GatesFinding The GatesFindingFinding The GatesFF Chestlebone Weating The Motion picture finding the gates marks the young actor starring alongside idol actor Tom Cruise
2016 Wild Wexley Bunch Harrison Localdine-Wexley Second film to star in done by director Steven Soderberg as the young actors starting role Oh Mr. Markowitz was a film by the director
2017 Faizon Love William Gortman
2017 The Race For Securing Son Wenton W. Box
2018 Stuck In Translusion Robert "Robbie" Wallace
2018 P-Pa-Pa-Panedo Peter Stroming 1944-1949
2018 Tigerlilly Taylor Campbell
2019 Covadine Joshua Gibson
2019 Wonchord Taylor Evell
2020 Anthology Of Detest Napier Soldons
2020 Whitmore Inc Christopher "Chris" Token
2021 Bentley's Car Jack Simons Reunites with Runaway Rhubarbs actor Callan McAulliffe
2021 Minchel Minchel Three
2022 What's Your Story Teeven Oxley
2023 A Little Less, No-More, No-Less Jamie Waxley
2023 Taken On Principal Albert Reinstone
2023 Surgery Dr. Hervmann Taker
2024 Nivon Nivon Blackberry
2025 Different Degrees Of Hell Lennis Fort
2025 Kill Me Later Hittel Skittle
2025 The Problematic Solution Barry Caulding
2026 Surreptionusses The Con
2026 Back Lot Murders, TheChestlChe T
2027 Dancing Squalor James Everrnett "J.E Extreme"
2027 Keep It On The Branch Sam Emerson
2028 Punishment Adam Waltings
2028 The Old Man Daniel Draconis
2029 Unfair Square Nottle Jones
2030 American Abrahams Abraham Terry
2031 Leaving Lanesville Charlie Biux

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