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Year Film Role Notes
1989 Reckless Abandon Billy Clarke First Feature Film Role
1989 The Mysterious Temnant Neville Temnant
1990 Salamander's Regrets Brian Salamander
1992 Feats Of Clay Clay Brooker
1994 Is There A Linderman In The House? Wentworth Linderman
1995 The Treehouse We Left In The Ghoulburn Yarnley Merrados Dedicates his character to that of River Phoenix's Chris Chambers character of Rob Reiner's Stand By Me
1995 Guitar Ange Cavalier Carrier
1996 Animal Pragmatism Huedon Turner
1996 Memoria Ricky Sansbury
1997 Appointment In Samarra Julian English
1997 Lox & Nox Jumby Nox Television Movie
1998 Bite Me Jules Recauffe Only film in which he is a vampire character
1998 Centennial Armed Corporal Gavin Doorse
1998 Those In Cars Lan Klekamp Only horror film he appears in which he is a killer character. First of two films in which he portrays a gay character
1999 The Secret Police Marty Bislan Film in which he portrays a werewolf character
1999 Sight Unseen Leslie Readerburton
1999 Frankie Valley & The Other 4 Seasons Frankie Valley
2000 Sweet Dreams Of You Abraham Mortis Directed by Quentin Tarantino
2000 Maybelline Stripes
2000 Which One Is It Anyway? R.P
2001 Megiddo David Alexander - Age 16 Straight-to-DVD
2001 When Bad Thieves Turn Good Swipe Directed by Tim Burton
2001 Morality Rights Chesterfield Brumby
2002 A Long Way Home Sean Television Movie (Credited as Chad Murray)
2002 The Painted World Cameron Brightwall
2002 The Devil's Music Clauviard Constable
2002 Grapes Of Wrath Tom Joad
2002 Pledging Mr. Johnson Nadal Junkowitz
2002 They're Everywhere Daniel Gobal
2003 The Lone Ranger The Lone Ranger/ Luke Hartman Television Movie
2003 Freaky Friday Jake
2004 Locomotive Thomas Timmid
2004 A Cinderella Story Austin Ames Teen Choice Award for Choice Breakout Movie Star Male

Nominated —Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Chemistry(shared with Hilary Duff) Nominated —Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Liplock(shared with Hilary Duff) Nominated —Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Love Scene(shared with Hilary Duff)

2004 Tough Life Tarlene Abraham Truman
2005 House of Wax Nick Jones Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor: Action/Adventure/Thriller

Nominated —Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Rumble(shared with Elisha Cuthbert and Brian Van Holt)

2006 Home of the Brave Jordan Owens
2007 The All Gallamore Gidos Second film in which he portrays a gay character and only one to be just a drama film as the first in which he did was a slasher horror film. His character is much like River Phoenix's Mike character from Gus Van Sant's 1991 cult classic My Own Private Idaho
2008 Muncho Belvedere Scott Ficklerdon One of two films the actor stars in which concerns drugs
2009 Stepping Back Davey O'Bonna Jonathen Dayton film in which he portrays an autistic character
2010 Lies In Plain Sight Ethan McAllister Television Movie
2011 The Carrier Thatcher
2011 Forward, Forward, Forward Lance Nimble
2011 The Haunting in Georgia Andy Wyrick
2012 The Fat Love & The Thin Minded Theft Peter Strohmon
2012 Conversations with Dead People Kevin Mayfauld
2012 Fifty Shades Of Grey Christian Grey
2012 Renee Jamie Tworkowski
2013 Good God, Y'All Abraham Carllis
2013 The Flash Barry Allen/ The Flash
2013 Rainshadow Road Sam Nolan
2013 Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Lost Abyss Hamlet Minkamp
2014 Pirates Of The Caribbean: Eye Of The Storm Hamlet Minkamp


  • In preparation for his role in the Painted World alongside Harrison Ford he referred to not only the sons of great artists and artist sons but also Peter Weir's 1986 film the Mosquito Coast as it not only contained Harrison Ford and River Phoenix but a father son dynamic to which helped with his character: the obediant loving able son to a messed up father.
  • Chad Murray bonded greatly with Leonarod Dicaprio on Sight Unseen and then suggested the talented actor of Titanic and Romeo & Juliet fame into the later 1999 werewolf picture The Secret Police where they both portrayed werewolves.
  • Brad Pitt considers actor Murray to be something of an unofficial son after bonding greatly with him on the set of The Secret Police despite the fact their characters are dead against each other
  • Murray spent two nights of staying up all night listening to Ennio Morricone and Bernard Hermann in preparation for his role in the Devil's Music
  • His favourite film to which he has appeared in is The Treehouse We Left In The Ghoulburn as his favourite film of all time Stand By Me is much like it plus he got to create wonderful friendships with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Kitsch and his favourite singer/beatle Paul McCartney as well as the rest of the cast and Sam and Ivan Raimi
  • Murray shocked many of his friends telling of his portrayal of a gay vengeance seeking hustler in the All
  • Murray states that nearly every film he has worked on has been a delight on set which is what he hopes for with every role he accepts. He states though apart from the Treehouse Left In The Ghoulburn that Feats Of Clay was the highlight of pre-teen era
  • Despite the fact Murray had appeared in four well heard of (some Academy Award Winning) films prior to Treehouse Left In The Ghoulburn Sam and Ivan Raimi had not heard of him and instead cast him by chance discovery of him in his home town of Buffalo, New York at a Cornerstore after hearing his conversation with the occupant regarding certain sweets he wished to purchase.
  • Murray considered Animal Pragmatism very controversial as it involved him portraying a character engaging in a somewhat sexual relationship with a way older woman. He however tapped into the roll after referring to River Phoenix and Ann Magnuson in William Richert's A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon
  • Murray was greatly excited in earning the role of Jumby Nox in Lox & Nox a television movie as Keanu Reeves was to be the one playing the eponymous character Lox and he had wanted to work with the actor ever since seeing him and River Phoenix together in Gus Van Sant's 1991 Classic My Own Private Idaho
  • Murray like River Phoenix had a bigger desire then being a actor. However instead of being a musician (despite his great singing voice) he wished to be an artist. This desire burnt out however but was rekindled somewhat in earning the lead role alongside Harrison Ford in the award winning film classic The Painted World
  • Johnny Depp was to ask to help in the casting of his troubled brother character in Guitar Ange and after going through 467 boys from around the United States Murray came into audition and won the role immediatley upon reading
  • Sean Connery whom portrayed the titular Edward Salamander in the tragic drama Salamander's Regrets alongside Murray suggested him to Harrison Ford when Ford was cast as Allan Brightwall
  • Has both portrayed a vampire and werewolf on film, Vampire being in 1998 hit Bite Me and Werewolf in the 1999 hit The Secret Police
  • His bestfriends are actor Chris Evans and actress Elisha Cuthbert
  • Is considered by actor Harrison Ford as one of his unofficial sons: the other's being River Phoenix whom starred alongside him in the Mosquito Coast then Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Leonardo Di Caprio whom starred with him in Malcontent, Brad Pitt whom starred with him in the Devil's Own, Jonathen Brandis whom starred with him in Parade Nick and Daniel M. Hasan. Murray starred alongside him in The Painted World
  • Has appeared in two films with actress Krysten Ritter who is a close friend of his
  • Apart from his great film feats is widely known for his eponymous character in the hit Warner Bros. Teen Television series One Tree Hill
  • Dated actress Sophia Bush who appeared as a romantic interest of his on the show One Tree Hill

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