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McAuliffe is a native of the Sydney suburb of Clontarf,[1] and attends an all-boy day and boarding school.[2] He was head chorister at the school and topped the London Trinity musical theatre exams.[3] McAuliffe started acting at the age of 8, appeared in the local Australian TV series Comedy Inc. and Blue Water High, and had a recurring role on Packed to the Rafters. He starred in the Australian independent coming-of-age short film, "Franswa Sharl", in 2009 and had a role in Resistance, a U.S./Australian feature film, that year.[1]

McAuliffe made his American feature debut in the Warner Bros. film, Flipped, directed by Rob Reiner. He auditioned for the film while on vacation in the United States and won the role of Bryce, the romantic lead.[2] The film is based on the 2001 novel of the same name by Wendelin Van Draanen.[4]

In May 2010, McAuliffe was cast in a lead role in the science fiction film, I Am Number Four, produced by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay. He played Sam, the best friend of Alex Pettyfer's title character, Number Four. The D.J. Caruso-directed film began production in Pittsburgh in May 2010 and was released in the United States on 18 February 2011.[5]

McAuliffe filmed the Australian TV miniseries, Cloudstreet, based on the book of the same name by Tim Winton. McAuliffe plays the lead, Quick Lamb, a young teenager.[5] He stars as young Gatsby in a film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, directed by Baz Luhrmann. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the older Gatsby. McAuliffe will also co-star as the archangel Uriel alongside Djimon Hounsou in Alex Proyas' 2012 action film, Paradise Lost.[6]


Film and television
Year 15 Title Role Notes 2007 Comedy Inc. Callan McAuliffe TV Series, 4 episodes
2008 Blue Water High Ben TV Series, 1 episode
2009 Franswa Sharl Jacob Logan Short film
2009 Packed to the Rafters Rhys TV Series, 2 episodes
2010 Flipped Bryce Loski Sharing lead credit with Madeline Carroll
2010 Resistance Terrence Green
2011 What It Means In Writing Timothy Atting
2011 Cloudstreet Young Quick TV miniseries
2011 I Am Number Four Sam Goode
2012 Thy Kingdom Come Daniel Bishop First of two films to star alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. First of two horror films to appear in. First film to subsequently die in. His character is derived from Seann William Scott's Final Destination character William Hitchcock.
2012 The Great Gatsby Young Jay Gatsby
2012 Paradise Lost


2012 Don't Be Sorry Roland Emmet

Satellite Award Nomination- Best Supporting Actor

Heartfelt Award Nomination- Best Ensemble Cast (Shared with Laramie Eppler and Chloë Grace Moretz)

2013 Runaway Rhubarbs Harley Sherlins First film to star in with bestfriend actor Daniel Hasan
2013 Family of Abuse Jerry Mandergold Directed by David Fincher.
2013 Daredevil: Man Without Fear Young Matthew Murdoch Portrays the younger version of Marvel Vigiliante superhero Matt Murdoch/The Daredevil
2013 Taken Aback Martin Mildren Directed by Gore Verbinski. Stars alongside Johnny Depp, Mike Myers, Helen Hunt, Joel Murray, Donnie Yen, Mem Ferda, Remy Thorne and Ambrosia Kelley.
2014 American Holiday William "Bill" Levenstein Replaced teen actor Ty Sheridan. Fifth instalment in the original hit American Pie series.
2014 The Cantonese Treatment Jackson Breeze Directed by Troy Nixey. Stars alongside Emily Deschanel, Mark Ruffalo, Richard Roxburgh, Jason Isaacs, Georgie Henley, Laura Marano and Billy Unger
2014 Ant-Man Jonathen Breezeman Directed by Edgar Wright. Based off the classic Marvel Superhero.
2013 Pirates Of The Caribbean: Eye Of The Storm Captain Smollet
2015 Demons in the Delaware Daniel Bathen Directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Stars alongside Cheryl Hines, Ben Stiller, Joaquin Phoenix, Rachel McAdams, Singer Gwen Stefani, Laramie Eppler and Leonardo Di Caprio


  • Bestfriends with actor Daniel Hasan
  • Ironically his first American film apppearence in which he was a lead character named Bryce Loski in Flipped directed by Rob Reiner he starred along to a disabled male character named Daniel. His bestfriend in real life being fellow Australian Born Big Time Hollywood actor Daniel Hasan

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