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Alex Russell

Born Alexander Russell

December 11, 1987 (age 26)


Actor 1995- present


Years active

Kelcie Stranahan


Year Title Role Notes
1995 Imagination Out-Put Markus Adle Mark Waters picture in which he plays the young son of Kim Basinger and stepson of Jack Nicholson who is an alcoholic who physically and verbally abuses him, he is an incredibly imaginative 11 year old who spends time escaping into a fantasy world with the girl from school he fancies in order to escape from the painful reality he is subjected to.
2004 The Whip Crackers Hatt Short Film
2005 Taryn

Taryn Churn/

Taryn Columbus

Greg McLean film in which he plays two characters who turn out to be identical twin brothers seperated at birth who get swapped around.
2006 Swan Song Damage Rottler McG Horror Drama Thriller film in which he portrays the leader of a group of youths who become stuck on a yacht in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and are driven murderous, insane and suicidal by a collective of invisible siren creatures.
2007 I'll Be There Gordon Lieu Spike Jonze picture in which he portrays an Aspergers Syndrome youth who comes to care for a bullied autistic boy whose abusive parents refuse to send him to a specialist school.
2007 School Hard Lucky Chatwick Film in which he plays the leader of a group of seventh grade youths who accidentally cause the death of a nasty elderly male teacher.
2008 Delicatten Brilliance Gordon Mark Waters motion picture in which he portrays the 18 year old son of Julia Roberts who is a renowned Deli Owner dying of terminal cancer.
2008 Four Seasons Chance Douglas Daren Aronofsky in which he plays one of four main male protagonists who in the four seasons of the year fall in love with four very beautiful but strange women. He represents the final season Spring
2009 The Man Of Building 4 Harvey Klein Michel Gondry film in which he plays the son of Harrison Ford whom is a sick serial killer who murders  young women.
2009 Badwon Harrison Benton Romantic Drama film in which he plays the lover of Amanda Seyfried, son of Pierce Brosnan and Uma Thurman, and drug addict brother to Nico Tortorella and Kirsten Dunst.
2010 Wasted on the Young Zack Australian Drama film in which he plays one of three central characters.
2010 Almost Kings Hass
2011 What It Means In Writing Thomas Krestchell Lynne Ramsay Award winning motion picture in which he portrays a homosexual gang leader who becomes entwined with Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth's leading characters.
2012 Chronicle Matt Garetty Josh Trank found footage science fiction thriller film in which he plays one of three protagonists.
2012 Bait 3D Ryan Australian 3D horror film in which he stars alongside Julian McMahon, Xavier Samuel, Sharni Vinson and Phoebe Tonkin.
2013 What's Your Worth? Colbin
2013 Carrie Billy Nolan Remake Of The Original 1979 Brian De Palma Classic and more faithful adaption of the classic Stephen King thriller novel. Will star alongside Chloe Grace-Moretz, Julianne Moore & Portia Doubleday
2014 Something Off Kilter Harrison Waldin Lisa Cholodenko romantic drama tragedy in which Russell stars alongside real life girlfriend for the first time Kelcie Stranahan. He is an intelligent school dropout turned stripper due to a traumatic past who comes into the care of a suicidal, depressed and unstable beautiful rich girl.
2014 Beast Prince Adam/ The Beast

Gore Verbinski Disney live action adaption of the classic French fairytale and second Disney film of the story since the Oscar winning 1991 classic.

The film features Russell as the Beast Prince, Emma Watson as the village girl Belle who captures his heart, Ed Westwick as the antagonist love self-absorbed hunter Gaston, Diane Keaton as the Beast's loyal servant teapot, Ray Winstone as the arrogant timekeeper clock, Johnny Knoxville as the casonova candelebra, Asa Butterfield as Mrs. Potts' son Chippinton the castle stay in cleaner boy and Kelcie Stranahan Russell's real life girlfriend as the beautiful Enchantress.


Year Title Role Notes
2012 NTSF:SD:SUV Stewie Mears Episode: "16 Hop Street"
2012- Grimoire Randy McCorman Main Character

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