After controversies over the DC extended universe, Warner brothers and DC decided to start an alternate set of both Movies and Television so they produced the 3 hour controversial epic superhero film Crisis on infinite earths, which not only advanced the DC extended universe and the arrowverse, along with brining some characters back, but also gave continued and finished other events like the old superman films by Richard donner, the Wonder woman lynda Carter series, the 60s batman show, the burton/Schumacher Batman films, and even the nolanverse batman.

the film ended with the death of the antimonitor and the creation of a new universe that "will be the pure distillation of all of us." while both the arrowverse and DC Extended universe are still going on, this new universe, Dubbed "Earth-2" by fans is it's own project.

the first of these would Superman and it would progress to justice league and would continue from there.

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