Catching Time is an upcoming dark comedy sci-fi/ neo noir film written and directed by Phil Derrick, director of the 2010's The Stroke. It stars John Slattery, Zooey Deschanel and Claud Marin. The film is scheduled to be released globally on May 20th 2012, and will have its premiere at Cannes on May 16th.

The film is a science fiction/neo noir hybrid, with satirical undertones. Derrick has described the film as "Blade Runner meets Dr. Strangelove". Slattery plays Terrence Gorin, an employee of TechNor, who has a limtied amount of time to clear his name, after being presumably betrayed by his employer. Production began in May 2011, with Slattery being announced in the lead role.


Set in the not to distant future, Terrence Gorin ( John Slattery) is an employee of the multi-trillion dollar all controlling TechNor company, run by Mr. Chitwer (Claud Marin). When Terrence is betrayed by Chitwer, he has 48 hours to clear his name, with the help of the mysterious Eve ( Zoeey Deschanel).


  • John Slattery as Terrence Gorin: A TechNor employee who is betrayed by Mr. Chitwer and becomes a fugitive.
  • Claud Marin as Mr. Chitwer: The owner of TechNor and the chief villain of the film. Marin died his naturally black hair white, and his costume includes a synthetic eyepiece.
  • Zoeey Deschanel as Eve: A mysterious white haired girl who helps Gorin clear his name.


Derrick, known for his acerbic and dark humor, wanted his next film to be more serious, but still with a pervading undertone of satire. He developed the idea of a dystopian setting, where one company controls all, forming the basis for TechNor.


Phil Derrick always envisioned the lead role for actor John Slattery, known for his role in Mad Men.


The film will be released on the 20th of May 2012, with its premiere at Cannes on the 16th of May.

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