Castle of good is a TV series where there is every hero and every villain. The heroes live in the castle of good, and the villains live in the fortress of bad.


Movie characters Blu- Their leader. He is a pale blue macaw in a military uniform. He has razor sharp teeth, razor sharp claws, laser eyes and a gun that can fire 10000000 arrow darts at once. He has bitten Buzz Lightyear's wings off. He has also cracked Buzz Lightyear's helmet because although to him it's like having unbreakable glass incasing his head, to Blu it's like eggshell.

Blanky- One of the most powerful members. He is an electric blanket with a very useful nose. His head is on fire; when you pour methylated spirits on his head, sparks will shoot out and land on random villains. He has the same razor sharp things as Blu. His eyes are red. His cord is very useful; one whip can knock you out (only if your a villain). He has bitten Buzz Lightyear's laser arm off.

Lampy- A very strong member. He is a lamp with the ability to enable other people to see in the dark (his very strong light can guide other members in the dark).He has the same razor sharp things as Blu. His cord can also K.O you if your a villain. He is often bullied by being called peashooter for his peashooter-like appearance.


1. The get better centre. Threepeater is the 1st one out of bed in the entire castle so he decides to have some fun. He slides down the stair railing and jumps on the chandelier. 3 of his peashooting brothers hear him so they thing there's a crazy stuntman in the castle. However, when they find out it's just Threepeater, they are not happy. Peashooter bit him, snow pea threw an iceball at him and repeater untied him from the chandelier so he fell 9m from the ceiling. Blanky and Lampy come downstairs to see what's going on and they are horrified by what they found next.

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