Casper The Revenge Ghost
Directed by Jeremy Carla
Produced by MaryCC
Written by MaryCC
Screenplay by
Story by
Based on
Starring Bella Sana
Connor Gibbs
Anna Faris
Andrei Kakai
Music by Karla Danielle
Cinematography Barbara Crampton
Editing by Stephen King
Production company(s) Warner Bros. Studio
Distributor Warner Bros. Studio
Release date(s) 2017/10/11
Running time 2hr 23mins
Language English
Gross revenue
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Casper the Revenge Ghost (krown for Casper the Killer Ghost) is an american supernatural comedy horror film starring Bella Sana, Connor Gibbs, Anna Faris and Danielle Panabaker, Nanielle Georger, Matthew Broderick, Mariana Hill, Stephen King


8 people are in the haunted mansion and get possessed by Casper and her aunts


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  • Matthew Broderick as Jason
  • Anna Faris as Barbera


Connor Gibbs as Casper

Jeremy Karl as Ghosts Aunt

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