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Carver Hayes
Background information
Season(s) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Feature films
Television programs The Assassin of Darkness
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Steven Blum
Performance model
Inspiration Shogo Makishima
Kirito Kamui
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Carver Hayes
Other names The Champion Who Held a Grudge Against Society
The Man Who Ruled World
The Prince of Chaos
Status Deceased
Birthday Mid 1800s
Occupation Leader of the Anarchists
Ally of the Freedom Fighters (former)
Alignment Bad
Affiliations The Anarchists
Freedom Fighters (former)
Home Mandrafall
Relatives Unnamed (father) Unnamed (mother)
Daniel Hayes (brother, deceased)
Powers and abilities Teleportation, crow swarm, telekinesis, regenerating healing, enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced durability, expert combatant, master swordsman
Weapons Swords, guns, knives

You want the fear? I'm the fear. You want the chaos? I'm the chaos. You want a new beginning? I am the new beginning!
~ Carver Hayes

Carver Hayes is a main character and a major antagonist, serving as one of the central main antagonists of The Assassin of Darkness. He is the older brother of Daniel Hayes and the nemesis of Connor Kramer, as well as the former mentor of his sister, Kerry Kramer. He is the leader of The Anarchists and one of the most powerful underworld gang leaders next to, Snapjaw. He served as an uneasy ally of the Freedom Fighters for period of time, before betraying Connor and being revealed as the true killer of Connor's wife and daughter.


Almost nothing is known about Carver's life, except he was a born a dark Sider and unlike most, he is a fully fleshed dark sider, which led to his parents abandoning him while he was a stillborn.

He also mentions that he had a brother named, Daniel who admits that he was not too fond of and that he died in an "accident".

But after his parents disowns him, he shows deep resentment and hatred against humanity, as he believes that humans cannot accept dark Siders and think of them as savages. Since childhood Carver swore that he would exterminate all humans and create a world where Dark Siders rule.


Carver is a tall young man with long brown hair and amber-colored eyes. He wears a variety of outfits, ranging from a black jacket with gray jeans to a red pullover with a white shirt beneath. Despite the fact that he possesses a callous nature, his facial expressions depict a variety of emotions. He is physically agile and strong -- a skilled fighter, as demonstrated during his first fight with Connor Kramer who he defeats with just a few blows.


Carver is a humanist on the dark side: someone hopelessly in love with cruelty, savagery and all the worst aspects of human nature with no qualms about witnessing or causing others' suffering. He has the ability to manipulate people to do his bidding, possessing both uncommon charisma and a true gift for narrative. However, his cruelty matches his charisma and he has no compunction about dealing death to those who either stand in his way or those of whom he's grown tired, either with his own hands or through subordinates.

He is shown to possess a god-complex, and a dark twisted sense of humor as well as figure of speech. Though Carver is psychopathic in his behavior and mannerisms, he was shown to have a sympathetic and lonely side as he was able to relate to Kerry. He also expressed concern for her well-being even after she betrayed him and found comfort in simply talking to Naydia, sparing the latter and keeping her captive instead of outright killing her.

His kindness is limited to doing only what is necessary to achieve his personal goals. His morality is one of convenience rather than an internal code of ethics.

Carver genuinely believed that his actions would ultimately benefit Mandrafall and its inhabitants, as he saw himself as the next logical step in evolution and therefore advancing his own power was protecting it. He developed an affinity over people's belief in a god, likened himself as such, and made references to the Bible. His god-complex served to influence his schemes.


Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Carver has killed:


Connor Kramer

Carver finds Connor deeply fascinating, and as Ash Carter once put it, makes Carver happy simply mentioning his name. He and Connor understand each other better than anyone else, and both are solely focused on the other. Carver admits that he is displeased with Connor's attachment to humanity, and is willing to kill him as a result, but Connor manages to kill him first.

Kerry Kramer

It can be assumed that the two were on good terms. Kerry trusted Carver and viewed him as a mentor figure, Carver found Kerry interesting and taught him his ways and how to use Dark Sider powers. Their friendship soon died however, after Carver's failed attempt to murder her, her brother, Connor and to destroy the Freedom Base by blowing it up.



  • Carver is one of the 6 main characters to gain the powers of a Dark Sider.
  • Carver is the second main antagonist in the series, the first being Walter Steele, and the third being Silas Church.
  • Carver is ranked as "the series's best antagonist."
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