Cartoon Looney Adventures Is A TV Show Based On Tiny Toon Adventures But With New Episodes

Cartoon Looney Land

Cartoon Looney Land Is A Land Where Characters From Cartoon Network Warner Bros Cartoons

Hanna-Babera Lives


Season 1

1 The Cartoon Looney Beginning - Bugs Bunny tells the story how Cartoon Looney Adventures got started.

2 A Quack in the Quarks - A loose Star Wars parody. Plucky Duck, Ami, and Yumi have to save a planet called Planet X from Duck Vader.

3 The Wheel O' Comedy - Wraparounds : Buster and Babs spin a special wheel to determine the characters that star in each segment.

  • Satellite Sam: Bugs has to stop Yosemite Sam from putting a satellite into his home.
  • Back to the 50's: In this parody of Grease, the Kids Next Door must win their favorite hangout from the Delightful Children from Down the Lane.
  • Win, Lose or Kerplowie: Babs, Plucky, and Montana Max compete on a game show. After Buster discovers that Max is cheating, he kidnaps the host and takes his place to get revenge on Max.                                          

4 Test Stressed - Wraparounds: Buster introduces the start of each segment.

  • Never Too Late To Charmed: Plucky asks Gwen Tennyson to turn him into Albert Einstein to help pass a math test, only to fail the test because Einstein had poor grades as a youth.
  • Lil' Yogi: Yogi Bear tests his son Lil' Yogi by asking him to steal a picnic basket. Ranger Smith tries to stop Yogi's son from stealing his lucnh but he fails.
  • To Tune Or Not To Tune: Lil'D and his friends tries to perform their instruments in time for a concert, but they can't seem to get the right music. So they ask their music teacher Porky Pig for some assistance.

5 The Buster Bunny Bunch - Wraparounds: In a spoof of The Mickey Mouse Club, various characters sing about Buster.

  • BBQ Battlefield: During Cartoon Looney Land's annual BBQ Blowout compentition Fred Flintstone and Dexter's Dad battle out to see who's the best chef.
  • My Favorite Brother: Courage mistakes Scrappy Doo as his brother from Kentucky.
  • A Girl Named Dee Dee: In this parody of James Bond films, Dee Dee must join Agent Double 00 Dex to stop Dr. Mandark from stealing a diamond.

6 Her Wacky Highness - After being punished for misbehavior at school for her lack of self-control, Juniper Lee runs off to Wackyland. She becomes queen of the land, but soon finds herself annoyed by the inhabitants' lack of self-control, and has to be rescued by Buster, Babs, Scooby-Doo, Hamton, Ami, Yumi, and Dexter.

7 Journey to the Center of Cartoon Looney Land - A massive earthquake leaves ruins to Cartoon Looney Land and sends the characters to the center of the Earth, where they that gremlin's are causing the earthquakes because their large gold nugget has been stolen by Montana Max. The characters then take the gold nugget from Max and return it to the gremlins.

8 Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night - Wraparounds: Buster and Babs scare each other.

  • Home Wrecking Again!: After finding steel bars in their apartment, Ami and Yumi find that Montana Max is buiding a house over them. They then disguise themselves as ghosts to scare Max away.
  • Twick or Tweety: When Sylvester finally eats Tweety, he has a nightmare that millions of zombie Tweeties, and a vampie Tweety seek revenge on him.
  • Easy Biter: Hamton is annoyed by a mosquito who keeps trying to bite him. he finally release him, only to have the mosquito's entire family invade his house.

9 It's Buster Bunny Time - Wraparounds: A parody of Howdy Doody with Buster as Buffalo Bob and Plucky Duck as Howdy Doody.

  • Taming of the Looney: When the ghost of William Shakespeare invades Billy's body he become a famous actor.
  • Lifestyles of the Rich and Rotten: In this parody of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Buster and Babs attemt to interview Montana Max.
  • The Anvil Chorus: Anvils repeatedly fall on Plucky during the playing of Giuseppe Verd's The Anvil Chorus. The finale feature cannons shooting at Plucky to the tune of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overtue.

10 Looking Out for the Little Guy - Wraparounds: Buster describes each episode as an example of the characters for those smaller than they are.

  • Girl's Best Friend: When Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup discover a baby puppy on their porch they had to take care of him and try to npt let it get into the hands of the neighbor Montana Max.
  • The Re-Re-Return of The Toxic Revenger: When Plucky notices when the forest is stolen by Montana Max, he dresses up in super-hero identity The Toxic Revenge to get it back from Max.
  • Cat and Mouse-Bird Afternoon: Tom and Jerry try to keep Butch from getting to a nest of baby birds in it. After Butch is thwarted, the birds rescue Tom and Jerry from the top of the house.

11 Starting From Scratch - The epsiode is similar to Don Bluth's An American Tail but it inolves fleas instead of mice. A family of fleas becomes seperated when their younger child lands on Scooby Doo. Buster, Babs, Plucky, Ami, and Yumi shrink themselves to fleas size to help the young flea reunite to his family, who then takes residence on Scooby.

12 Hare Raising Night - Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hamton, Ami, Yumi, Dexter, Kim, Kam, Juniper Lee, and Courage attempt to stop a mad scientist named Dr. Gene Splicer, who performs mutation experiments on animals.

  • First appearance of Gizmo.

13 Furrball Follies

14 The Cartoon Looney Zone

15 Life in the 1990s

16 Rock 'n Roar

17 Prom-ise Her Anything

18 Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

19 Cinemaniacs

20 You Asked For it

21 Gang Busters

22 Citizen Max

23 Wake Up Call of the Wild

24 Buster and the Wolverine

25 You Asked For It, Part II

26 Hollywood Plucky

27 Europe in 30 Minutes

28 The Wacko World of Sports

29 Rainy Daze

30 Fields of Honey

31 Sawdust and Toonsil

32 Spring in Cartoon Looney Land

33 Psychic Fun-Omenon Day

34 The Wide World of Elmyra

35 A Ditch in Time

36 Animaniacs!

37 Career Oppor-Toon-ities

38 Strange Tales of Weird Science

39 Inside Plucky Duck

40 The Acme Bowl

41 Dating, Cartoon Looney Land Style

42 Looniversity Daze

43 Best O' Plucky Duck Day

44 Hero Hamton

45 Whale's Tales

46 Ask Mr. Popular

47 Son of Looniversity Daze

48 Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool

49 Fairy Tales for the 90's

50 Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?

51 Cartoon Looney Music Television

52 The Return To Cartoon Looney Zone

53 The Acme Home Shopping Show

54 Weirdest Stories Ever Told

55 Viewer Mail Day

56 Son of the Wacko World of Sports

57 Pollution Solution

58 You Asked for It Again

59 Brave Tales of Real Rabbits

60 How Sweetie It Is

61 New Character Day

62 Here's Hamton

63 No Toon is an Island


65 High Toon

Season 2

66 Pledge Week

67 Going Places

68 Elephant Issues

69 Hog Wild Hamton

70 Playtime Toons

71 Toon Physics

72 Acme Cable TV

73 Buster And Babs Go Hawaiian

74 Henny Youngman Day

75 Love Disconnection

76 Kon Ducki

77 Sepulveda Bulevard

78 Take Elmyra Please

Season 3

79 Thirteensomething

80 New Class Day

81 Fox Trot

82 What Makes Toon Tick

83 Flea For Your Life

84 The Return of Batduck

85 Toons Take Over

86 Toons From the Crypt

87 Two-Tone Town

88 Buster's Directorial Debut

89 Washingtoon

90 Toon TV

91 Grandma's Dead

93 Music Day

94 The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain

95 Sport Shorts

96 Weekday Afternoon Live

97 A Cat's Eye View

98 Best of Buster Day

99 It's a Wonderful Cartoon Looney Christmas Special

Season 4

100 To Gremlin Or Not To Gremlin

101 Best Of Gwen Day

102 Fairy Tale Day

103 Ice Age

104 Super Heroes United

105 Cartoon Looney Rally

106 Return Of Duck Vader

107 You Asked for It Again & Again

108 Friday The 13th

109 Velentine's Day

110 Return To K-ACME TV

111 Deja Vu

112 The Matrix Lonatic

113 Wheel Of Hilarity

114 What To Do With A Fever

115 More Weirdest Stories

116 Best Of Omi Day

117 The Matrix Relooned

118 Cinemaniacs Part 2

119 Olympic Madness

120 Jack Spicer's Funny Home Video's

121 More Whale's Tales

122 Trouble In Fantasia

123 Inside The Addams Vault

124 The Matrix Revolution

125 Buster & Babs In Las Vegas

126 Shakespeare Cartoon Looney Style

127 The New Batch

128 Return To Fantasia

189 Twiloon

190 Comedy Day

191 Skating O Rama

192 Nightmare On Acme Acres

193 Best Of Pinky Day

194 Queen For 2 Weeks

195 Alberto Vs Ben

196 Thiefs In Looneversity

197 Joker's Show

198 The Return Of The Gremlins

199 Chase Young Become A Star

200 A Cartoon Looney Christmas Special

Season 5

201 A New Journey Part 1

Specials and Films

Cartoon Looney Spring Break Special


The ACME Looniversity gang are off to Miami for spring break, while Juniper Lee receives a letter from the Easter Bunny that he has been kidnapped by Elmyra and Yosemite Sam to lay chocolate eggs for her. The gang stays at a cheap hotel, Hamton and Plucky are staying with Hamton's grandparents. Plucky plans to make his Tanmaster 6000 successfully on commercial and falls in love with a girl. Elmyra chases Juniper Lee and the Easter Bunny until they trick into thinking an orca is the Easter Bunny. The Cartoon Looney gang finish their holiday for a night on the beach.

Cartoon Looney Night Ghoulery

Cartoon Looney Adventures How I Spent My Vacation (Direct-to-DVD & Blu-ray)

Space Jam *Remake* (First Theatrical Movie)

Cartoon Looney Adventures Back In Action

Cartoon Looney Adventures: Lunar Tunes


Bugs Bunny, Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, and their friends are on Mars. They must provide evidence that they didn't do it to the planet. In the end Marvin the Martian is the guilty one and is blasted and K-9 joins the gang for a party back on Earth.


  • Go, Dexter Family! Go!
  • Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century
  • Duck Dodgers Jr.
  • Ami Yumi 3000 (Duck Dodgers tries out a time blaster but accidentally blasts Ami and Yumi)
  • Spaced Out
  • Haredevil Hare
  • The Hasty Hare
  • The Man from M.A.R.S
  • Mad as a Mars Hare
  • Spaced Out Bunny
  • War of the Weirds (In which Marvin's son Melvin goes to Earth, and plans to destroy the planet. He meets Baby Looney Tunes and ends up liking it)
  • Beat Your Greens
  • Galaxy Boy
  • The Incredible Shrinking Johnny (In which Marvin tries to shrink the Earth but shrinks Johnny)

Cartoon Looney Adventures's Wild World of Sports


At the ACME Looniversity's Chuck Jones pavilion everyone wants to become Sportstoon of the Year, but in a shocking change it's ACME Looniversity


  • Miniature Goof
  • Bleached Bummer
  • The Leghorn Blows at Midnight
  • To Duck or Not to Duck
  • Bunny Hugged
  • High Diving Hare
  • Lovelorn Leghorn
  • Frigid Hare
  • Litte Boy Boo
  • Tee for Two
  • My Bunny Lies over The Sea
  • Bad Ol' Putty Tat
  • The Wacky World of Sports
  • The Fast and the Wormious
  • Tennis the Menace
  • Acme Acres Summer Olympics
  • Ole!
  • Batty Baseball
  • Sport Chumpions
  • Impeach Fuzz (only the wrestling scene)
  • Mock 5
  • Diamonds Are a Ghoul's Best Friend
  • Lord of the Links
  • Chowdown
  • Operation: M.I.N.I.G.O.L.F

Cartoon Looney Adventures: Toon-a-Palooza


A narrator tells the story of how Cartoon Looney Land was in danger because Montana Max plans to turn the town into Montyland (where there's shorter lines and free parking) so the gang decides to hold a street party in Washington D.C to ask the president to save the town. So they decided to showcase their cartoons to show him how he likes the town. After the cartoons are shown he decideds to help them and Montana is end up in jail. In the end of the special the narrator reveals to be Bugs Bunny.

Cartoons: Dexter and Dee Dee's Clips:

  • Just An Old Fashioned Lab Song
  • LABretto
  • Sun, Surf, and Science
  • Catch of the Day
  • A Tribe Called Girl
  • Dee Dee's Rival
  • Mock 5
  • You Vegtabelieve It!
  • G.I.R.L Squad
  • D2
  • Head-Band

Ami and Yumi's Clips:

  • Ole!
  • Chowdown
  • Collect All 5
  • Ninjacompoop
  • Mini-Puffs
  • In The Cards
  • Teen Team
  • Tooth Decay
  • Showdown
  • The Golden Fleas (Part 2)
  • Sound Off
  • BC Road Trip
  • Sitcomi-Yumi
  • Rock 'n' Roe

Daffy Duck's Clips:

  • Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century
  • Duck Amuck
  • Corn on the Cop
  • Robin Hood Daffy

Sylvester and Tweety's Clips:

  • Tweety Pie
  • The Pied-Piper of Guadalupe
  • California's Crusty Bronze
  • Red Riding Hoodwinked
  • Museum Scream
  • Tweety's Circus

The Powerpuff Girls' Clips:

  • Beat Your Greens
  • Powerpuff Bluff
  • Mime for a Change
  • Supper Villain
  • The City of Nutsville
  • Silent Treatment

Animaniacs' Clips:

  • La La La Law
  • De-Zanitized
  • The Brain's Apprentice
  • Jokahontas
  • Slappy Goes Walnuts


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