Carrie White is a 2018 American paranormal slasher action horror film written and directed by Kathryn Bigelow starring Maya Hawke, Melissa Leo, Amandla Stenberg, Peyton List, Dylan Sprayberry, Rhys Matthew Bond and Mayim Bialik.

An adaption of the 1974 Stephen King novel of the same name, and third subsequent theatrically released adaption of the original text, following Brian De Palma's Academy Award nominated 1976 film and Kimberley Peirce's 2013 remake. It serves as the 4th instalment of the Horrorverse culminating in the appearence of the titular character amongst many other horror based characters in the 2028 crossover Fantasy Action Horror Terrordrome. Shooting took place primarily in Saco, Maine from August 24th, 2017 and concluded on November 12th, 2017. The Prom set and certain interior sets were controlled sound stages at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Released theatrically and in IMAX select theatres on May 18th, 2018 to critical and box office success, specific praise allocated to Maya Hawke, Melissa Leo and Mayim Bialik.



1999 Chamberlain, Maine fundamentalist christian Margaret White is raped by her drunken husband Ralph resulting in pregnancy, she turns the stairway cupboard into an altar following and when Ralph returns from work the next day stabs him to death and buries him in the backyard. That night Margaret attempts a home abortion but the room shakes and ultimately a daughter is born named Carrie.


In 2018 Carrie White is an awkward and bullied 17 year old student at Thomas Ewen Consolidated High School, friends with the overweight Helen Shyres and her neighbor Irma Swope. The 3 are constantly humiliated over social media by Chris Hargenson and her female group The Mortimer Snerds. In a moment of weakness being singled out in P.E. Helen mentions Irma's crush on Chris's boyfriend Billy Nolan's friend Kenny Garson. Irma is invited to Kenny's party where he takes her virginity, then humiliates her after resulting in her tragically committing suicide that night at home by jumping from the house roof with Carriw, who payed witness. To avoid being charged with contributing to Irma's suicide Chris and the girls integrate Helen into The Mortimer Snerds, while academic and most popular Mortimer Snerd, Sue Snell abandons the group, trying to form a friendship with Carrie. Margaret at home subjects Carrie to further physical abuse, locking her in the prayer closet as tensions rise between them in the wake of Irma's death. Carrie's minute telekinetic abilities have amplified with her grief and trauma, which Margaret becomes aware of. Carrie confronts Chris, Billy, Helen and Kenny about Irma resulting in them all being summoned to Mr. Grayle's office after P.E. teacher Miss Desjardin overhears. Chris angered by the effect this has with her rich father seizes the opportunity of Carrie's first period after P.E. that day to video it, threaten and insult her. Sue and Miss Desjardin come to her aid. As their Senior Prom approaches Sue convinces boyfriend Tommy Ross to take Carrie to make up for the incident, for which in part she didn't help while Carrie was in hysterics. The female participants including Sue are punished by Miss Desjardin and Chris's defiance results her in banned from Prom, Kenny is also banned from Prom due to Irma. Chris, Billy, Kenny and his friend Jackie Talbot kill one of Billy's neighbors's farm pigs and drain it's blood. Carrie comes to Prom with Tommy and Chris and Billy sneak into the Prom, in collaboration with The Mortimer Snerds. Helen, Tina Blake, Donna Thibodeau, Mary Lila Grace Thibodeau, Rachel Spice, Jessica Upshaw, Norma Watson, Ruth Gogan, Rhonda Simard, Vicky Hanscom, Jeanne Gault, Maureen Cowan, Myra Crewes, Jessica MacLean, Stella Horan, Sally McManus, Holly Marshall, Sandra Stenchfield, Frieda Jason, Cindi and Fern rig the Prom ballots to result in Carrie being crowned with Tommy. Chris and Billy drop a bucket of the pig's blood upon Carrie, as others laugh and others respond in shock Tommy is killed by a collapsing bucket, as Tina rushes to his body exclaiming what has she done Carrie breaks and using her telekinetic abilities kills many within the high school auditorium. She begins by breaking Tina's neck and back telekinetically, she causes the exit doors to close on Rachel, the walls to combust and debris to hit Norma. Falling rafter pieces crush Miss Desjardin, electrocuted floors kill various students include Mr. Grayle. Jackie is immolated and the auditorium from there catches fire. Helen and various others flee, Carrie eventually catching with Helen in the hallway and using broken cupboard glass shards to stab her. Sue in the chaos comes to Tommy's best friend George Dawson to leave to find Carrie. At Kenny's nearby Carrie arrives and kills Kenny propelling him from his bedroom to the roof to the ground. Billy and Chris try to escape in Billy's car from Kenny's but as they try to hit Carrie she flings the vehicle into the house, Billy dies on impact hitting his head on the windscreen, Chris bleeds to death and Carrie burns the car. At home Carrie after bathing is stabbed and almost killed by Margaret, she defends herself and crucifies herself with sharp objects. Sue and George arrive and Carrie in uncontrolled rage and grief flings George and Sue, George dying thrown through the living room window. Sue is sensed to be pregnant by Carrie when trying to move her. Sue is thrown to safety from the house as Carrie collapses it killing herself.

Post-Credits show The Tall Man who had been appearing throughout the film arriving at the destruction with the Shaitan to resurrect and capture Carrie.


  • Maya Hawke as Carrie White
  • Melissa Leo as Margaret White
  • Lara Robinson as Irma Swope
  • Amandla Stenberg as Sue Snell
  • Rhys Matthew Bond as Tommy Ross
  • Peyton List as Chris Hargensen
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Billy Nolan
  • Isabella Amara as Helen Shyres
  • Spencer List as Kenny Garson
  • Devin Druid as Jackie Talbot
  • Mayim Bialik as Miss Desjardin
  • Ryan Newman as Tina Blake
  • Dakota Fanning as Donna Thibodeau
  • Elle Fanning as Mary Lila Grace Thibodeau
  • Ryan Simpkins as Rachel Spies
  • Selena Gomez as Jessica Upshaw
  • G. Hannelius as Norma Watson
  • China Anne McClaine as Ruth Gogan
  • Lily James as Rhonda Simard
  • Dove Cameron as Vicky Hanscom
  • Miranda Cosgrove as Jeanne Gault
  • Emma Watson as Maureen Cowan
  • Sofia Carson as Myra Crewes
  • Amanda Bynes as Jessica MacLean
  • Lindsay Lohan as Stella Horan
  • Lilly Singh as Sally McManus
  • Emma Roberts as Holly Marshall
  • Lea Michele as Sandra Stenchfield
  • Ariana Grande as Frieda Jason
  • Deddy Ryan as Cindi
  • Anna Kendrick as Fern
  • Shawn Mendes as Don Farnham
  • Nolan Gauld as Freddy Holt
  • Khamani Griffin as George Dawson
  • Peyton Meyer as Vic Mooney
  • Timothy Hutton as Ralph White
  • Paula Patton as Eleanor Snell
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