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One. Last. Time.

Carrie Vs. Dracula is an 2021 thriller/drama supernatural horror film and is the final entry into the "Carrie" franchise as well as the sequel to the 2020 crossover film, "Chronicle Of Carrie". This film is directed by Brian De Palma and Josh Trank, produced this time by Joel Silver and distributed by Sony, Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures. Joel Silver expressed his feelings for the franchise in a separate interview. He said he believed the franchise needed to "go out with a boom" and that he was just the guy to do so. Summit Entertainment was forced to hand the rights over the Warner Bros. studio as a result and they and Silver Pictures became another one of the distributors of the film. This final entry into the franchise will feature Chloë Grace Moretz as the titular character once again. It will also feature Rudolf Martin, Taylor Lautner, Miles Teller, Odeya Rush, Gabriella Wilde, Dane DeHaan, Portia Doubleday, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ansel Elgort, Logan Lerman, Donnabella Mortel, Alex Russell, Demetrius Joyette, Mouna Traoré, Paul Wesley, Cindy Busby, Rachel Weiz, Tammin Sursok, Trevor Morgan, Judy Greer and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. Chloë Moretz stated herself in a interview that, "It was fun while it lasted, but all good things have to come to an end. This movie is no exception."


After a dramatic and exhausting battle with Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan) in Chamberlain, Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) has tried her best to avoid trouble with her husband, Sean (Taylor Lautner) and the rest of her family. But just like before, disaster strikes like none before, causing Carrie to battle her most powerful adversary yet, Dracula (Rudolf Martin). With his abilities beyond anything they've seen, have they finally bit off more then they can chew? Or will they finally achieve their long awaited, well-earned peace?


  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrieta (Carrie) White
  • Rudolf Martin as Count Dracula
  • Taylor Lautner as Sean Ford
  • Miles Teller as Raymond (Ray) Ford
  • Odeya Rush as Rachel Lang
  • Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell
  • Dane DeHaan as Andrew Detmer
  • Portia Doubleday as Christine (Chris) Hargensen
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Vanessa Daniels
  • Alex Russell as Matt Garrety
  • Logan Lerman as Jesse Ryan
  • Donnabella Mortel as Anisha Paris
  • Ansel Elgort as Tommy Ross
  • Demetrius Joyette as George Dawson
  • Mouna Traoré as Erika Gogan
  • Paul Wesley as Jonathan Cross
  • Cindy Busby as Mina Cross
  • Tammin Sursok as Lucy West
  • Trevor Morgan as Quincy Marvin
  • Rachel Weiz as Juila Wes
  • Judy Greer as Rita Desjardin
  • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Little Carrie


The film starts over in Maine, where the breeze was steadily cool that day. The camera slowly reflects over to the grave of Tommy Ross (Ansel Elgort). All of a sudden, there's a slight rumble in the ground.

And then all of a sudden, a hand pops up out of his coffin/grave.

Slowly but surely, he rose out from his grave still wearing his outfit from prom (it fit him well for his funeral).

Tommy: *looks around* Wh--Where am I?

He doesn't remember what happened after he died. (So what the ghost of him said, won't be refer to his reborn body). He got up and started to limp and walk around.

Tommy: *distantly* Sue? George? Carrie?

Then it fades out.....

~Title Sequence~

Then it cuts to Sues house days later where she was putting the finishing touches on her book, "My Name Is Susan Snell". It regarded her entire life up until the infamous prom massacre.

(Yes, she actually did write a book.)

Sue (Gabriella Wilde): Alright....should be there soon enough.....

Then she gets a knock at the door. She goes towards it, looks out the window and sees its Erika (Mouna Traore) outside.

Sue: Erika, hey! I'm glad you could come.

Erika: Oh pleasure, Sue. What are friends for? *Comes in* How's the book?

Sue: Oh, it'll be out later this month. I was nervous that Carrie wouldn't approve since it's basically about her life. But she took it pretty well. Little Tommy's even learning to walk.

Erika: Ain't he like a month old?

Sue: Carrie said she was stunned too. But she first learned to walk when she was a half month old.

Erika: Ah I see. They really do grow up fast. 

Sue: *smiles*

Little Carrie (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons): Momma?

Sue: Yes, my little angel?

Little Carrie: Someone's called you.

Sue: Calling me? Alright. *to Erika* Hold on a sec.

So she went to the phone and answered.

Sue: Hello?

Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz): Sue, I think you might wanna come over here. I got a surprise for you to celebrate your birthday.....

Sue: Oh Carrie, I'd love that but....I got some work to do and I have an interview this afternoon.

Carrie: Can't you push the interview tomorrow? You're really gonna love this surprise.

Sue: I'm sure I will. But.....

Familiar voice: You sure you can't push it back?

Sue gasps and drops the phone and Erika and little Carrie looked at her worried

Little Carrie: Mommy?

Erika: Sue? Are you alright?

Sue: *Pants* Sweetheart? Get your things. We're gonna go see godmother Carrie.

They later rushed over to Sean's and Carrie, Sean (Taylor Lautner) And the others yelled out SURPRISE!!! when Sue came in

Sue: Oh guys thank you. Carrie? Tell me was I hallucinating? Dreaming?

Carrie smirked and stepped aside and Sue gasped in deep shock on who she saw and little Carrie was puzzled on who was.

Tommy: Happy birthday, baby.

Sue was beyond shocked to see the man she loved standing right in front of her.

She slowly made her way towards him and wanted to make sure he wasn't a ghost.

Sue: Wait. How can I tell if it's him?

Raymond (Miles Teller): That's a good question.....

Rachel (Odeya Rush): *silently*   Pulse.

Raymond: Why don't you check his pulse?

Carrie just nodded.

Sue did and she gasped

Sue: Oh my god....It is you.

Tommy: Course it is.

Sue smiled in tears and kissed him.

Carrie: I never seen Sue so happy.

Sean: Her dream came true.

Sue: Sweetheart, come here. Come meet your father.

Little Carrie was shy but poked her head out from behind Sue's leg

Tommy: Father?

Sue: Yeah......We have a daughter.

Little Carrie: D-Daddy??

Tommy slowly smiled.

He was extremely nervous due to how much had changed since prom but he knew he was grown up and needed to accept responsibilities.

Tommy: You were pregnant?

Carrie: Yeah, she was. I confirmed that the day know.

Tommy: Wait. What's her name?

Rachel: She named her after my sister.

Tommy: Who?

She nodded towards Carrie and so did everyone else.

Tommy: Hold on a sec. Carrie is your sister and Sue named our daughter after her?

Rachel: Mhm-hmm.

A look of seriousness came over Tommy as she looked at Little Carrie and put his hand on her face.

Little Carrie: My name's Carrie.

Tommy looked at Carrie and she nodded and he smiled at his daughter

Tommy: You look so like your mother.

Little Carrie: *Smiles* Daddy! *Hugs him*

Sue: This is the best birthday gift ever, Carrie. Now Little Carrie has got to see her father. But how?

Carrie: When Rachel and I brought you back.

Sue: Oh Carrie, you didn't....

Carrie: I wanted to.

Sue: Thank you.

Meanwhile, somewhere in.....the middle of nowhere, blood starts to rain and then a mythical being slowly appeared out of it.

Count Dracula (Rudolf Martin) appears in myst. Outside of town at some bar, a waitress brings a biker his drink.

Biker: Thanks hot stuff. You me to...TIP you later?

Waitress: Ugh. *Walks off*

The biker laughed and he heard the door opening and looked over and saw Dracula come in. Some of the girls were stunned and were attracted to him (Maybe cause of his thrall). So he came by the bar and the female bartender was stunned too.

Bartender Mina Cross (Cindy Busby): Whoa....can you, sir?

Dracula: Why yes.....I was traveling but seems I've lost my way. So just to be sure may I ask what town this is?

Bartender Mina Cross: Town? Why, you're in Death Valley of all places. One of the hottest places on the planet. *under her breath* Wish they'd do something about that, though.

And then he looked around.

Dracula: Death.....Valley.....Couldn't think of a better name.

Bartender Mina Cross: *chuckles mildly* Well--what ma--makes you say that?

Dracula: From where I come from, my dear......they don't call it....DEATH valley for nothing.

The bartender and waitress noticed his eyes turned red. She gasped and it cuts to outside the bar where screams and gun shots and growls are heard inside and blood was spilled on the windows.

The next day, Sean and Carrie were babysitting Little Carrie for Sue needed some quality time with Tommy. She had been playing with little Tommy and later when they were having Chinese dinner, Little Carrie told Carrie about a silly event.

Little Carrie: I use to put my chop sticks in my mouth. And I would chase Momma around the house and yell: "I'm a vampire! I'm going to get you!" *Giggles*

Carrie: *Chuckles* Well, just imagine what little Tommy would be whenever he chases me.

Little Carrie: So with Daddy back, how will you tell the difference of your baby and my daddy.....

Carrie: *Giggles* Same as your mom would with you and me.

In the kitchen, Sean was getting a drink and the news on the small T.V showed a report about the bar attack

Reporter: We take you live at the scene in Death Valley where a bar was recently destroyed due to some gang war or animal attack. Julian Wes is live at the scene. Julia?

Julia (Rachel Weiz): Thank you, Jerry. I'm here at a bar of destruction where an unknown number of people have mysteriously disappeared (Dracula may have turned them all to vampires) and at least one confirmed dead. That would be 34-year old bartender Mina Cross. Police had gotten into contact with her husband, current inmate Jon (Paul Wesley). They were able to contact him at the penitentiary, but he was too distressed to come up with any details. The cause of this is still unknown even the location of these people. But all police were able to find was blood stains. Possibly by the work of a serial killer. But we have no whereabouts of the people here last night.   

Sean turned the news off.

Sean: Not again.

Raymond: News bothering you?

Sean: Yeah. You were right about one thing: I don't want anything to do with these events anymore.

Raymond: Thank you. Finally someone agrees.

Rachel: Not everyone.

Raymond: Oh, Rach.....

Rachel: Sean, if Carrie was in trouble and she couldn't use her powers to defend herself what would you do?

Sean: I'm not saying I wouldn't do anything. I'd do something yeah, if Carrie was in trouble. Powers or not. Just that. You'd like some peace and quiet every now and then and never get it.

Rachel: I get it. Just know that not every news report is about us. I mean that bank heist in Phoenix had nothing to do with us.

Sean: True. I'm just saying I understand Ray's statement.

Raymond: And it sure took you long enough.

Sean: But....I wouldn't let that stop me IF Carrie was in trouble. Like if that lunatic cruel Hargensen came at Carrie again. Hell, I wouldn't let anything stop me.

Rachel: And wouldn't you do the same for me, Ray?

Raymond: Course, I would....I just.....I don't know.

Rachel: Don't know.....don't know if you can stand losing your boo?

Raymond: Girl, don't be putting words in my mouth *hugs and kisses her*

Meanwhile at the penitentiary.....

An security guard stops at Jonathan Cross' (Paul Wesley) cell as he had served his time in jail and is yet to be released.

Security Guard: Jonathan're goin' home.

So Jonathan was escorted out of prison but not before another event occurred in the same place.

Officer: Where does this go to?

Officer 2: Ummm.....prisoner 666's cell.....

Officer 1: Ugh! She disgusts me. Especially after what she did Mike.

He rolled a cart with dinner on it and came across cell 666. Did an eye scan to open the door and came in but for some reason there was a large hole on the bottom hole

Officer: No....

He rushed down to it and looked in it

Officer: How could she....??

Suddenly he felt his gun being pulled out and looked over and Chris Hargensen (Portia Doubleday) shot him in the head and he fell dead. Chris then open the container of her dinner

Chris: Ugh! Gravy! I hate Gravy!

She then grabbed his keys and walked out the cell    

This time, instead of blending in and walking out, she goes full ballistic and starts shooting.

Everyone ducked for cover as Jonathan immediately ran to the exit while it attracted all the rest of the officers as they came out and pulled out their guns on her.

She just smirked.

Officer: Give it up, inmate.

Chris: Now why would I do that?

Officer: There's too many of us.

Officer: Turn your ass around now.

Chris just smirked again and laughed....evilly.

Officer: What?

Chris: *Cackles*

Officer: What'd you laughing at?

A police van came crashing in killed everyone in it's path. Chris hoped in and who was driving was.....well....

Jesse (Logan Lerman): Miss me?

Chris: Perfect timing. Drive.

Jesse returning from the dead was the price of Tommy's resurrection and he and Chris rode off plotting their revenge.

Meanwhile on some cargo plane, a silver coffin was being delivered across the ocean.

A staff member came in to see if the coffin was secured, but then he heard a screech in there and frowned at it

Staff: Is someone in there?

He slowly approached the coffin and opened it and Dracula popped open his eyes and hissed. The staff screamed and was grabbed and pulled inside. He was screaming from the coffin and blood leaked out from the side of the coffin where it was opened. Later, when it landed, they loaded it into a moving truck and it later passed a sign saying "Welcome to Florida."

Later that night, Carrie, Sean, Sue and even Tommy were out on a double date at the newly rebuild karaoke club.

Sean: So you don't remember what the after life is like, Tommy?

Tommy: Not really. But none of it matters. And is it true you guys dealt with zombies?

Sue: Oh god.....that was the MOST horrifying night of my life.

Carrie: Most far. *Giggles*

Sue: Don't tease. 

Carrie: Sue, something like that's not gonna happen know....

Sue: Carrie!

Tommy: Relax.....

Carrie: I know, I know that. *Giggles*

Sean: You would not believe the fight this girl put up.

Over intercom: *Alright. You know what time it is. Get on that dance floor and show us what u got*.

Tommy: Whoa. Hey Sue you remember the breakdown?

Sue: Oh god yes....

Carrie: Wait.....Breakdown?

Sean: Yeah.

Tommy: I'll show you. *Gets up*

Carrie: Sue, what's the breakdown?

Sue: It's when Tommy goes disco and pop know.

Out on the dance floor, Tommy danced in some cool fashion groove and went to Michael Jacksons, "Black or White".

Tommy kept on and Sean soon joined in.

Carrie: Oh my god.

Sue: See?

But then later, they played a slow song (Big Time Rush - No Idea) and the boys turned to the girls and held out their hands.

Sean/Tommy: Ladies?

Carrie and Sue smiled and took their hands to dance.

It then cuts to the coffin entering Florida.

By the time they arrived, Dracula burst out of the coffin and completely destroyed the entire truck.

Dracula: Roadkill.

Then it cuts to Jesse and Chris, who weren't that far from Dracula.

Jesse: Look, all I know is we find her, we get them both. *snaps finger* It's that simple.

Chris: I'm with you on there.

They chuckled and Jesse frowned when he saw Dracula in the road

Jesse: Who the hell is that?!

Chris looked and gasped. Dracula was in the car lights and hissed. He turned to bats when the van hit him. Chris screamed as they skid past another car in front of them and crash into a tree.

But miraculously, they both survived.

Jesse: Oh s***.....

Chris: What the hell was that?

Jesse: I don't wanna know.

They got out and saw the truck Dracula was in

Chris: What the hell happened here?

Jess: Like I said I don't wanna know.

There was movement in there.

Suddenly the driver as a vampire burst out and attacked Jesse. Chris screamed and Jesse shrieked as the driver sucked his blood and ran but bumped into Dracula.

Meanwhile, the driver of the car they almost crashed in got out the car and saw Dracula having a stare-down with Chris. Who was it?

It was George Dawson (Demetrius Joyette). (Uh-huh).

George: Oh my god.....

Dracula: Don't be frightened, child.

Chris: Who the hell are you?

Dracula: Who am I? I was once known *Approaches her* by another name in the 1400's. Now I'm known as another name.

Chris fell into his thrall and wrapped her arms around him and the screen flashes red. She was breathing heavily on the ground and Dracula looked down at her stared at her neck:

Dracula: You will lead me to the girl until then you will be my eyes and ears.

And then he bites her and Chris groans in pain.

Carrie wakes up gasping at Sean's house during a storm.

The nightmare had Carrie stressing and panting as everything began to fly. She got up, looked at the stormy night and suddenly a mere image of Dracula's face flashed in her eyes. She screamed waking Sean up

Sean: Carrie?

Everything dropped and he got up and held her.

Sean: Baby, what is it?

Carrie: Just one of...

Sean: One of the incidents?

Carrie: Yeah.

Sean: Which one?

Carrie: All of them......

That very morning, it was still pouring outside and the weather channel came on as Carrie turned on the T.V.

Reporter: Due to recent events, we've been receiving safer thunder storm through out all of Florida. They've closed down all beaches and any outside area for safety reciprocations though detail of this storm is still unknown but....

Sean turned it off and sat next to her

Sean: If it wasn't storming so much I'd take you for a walk.

Carrie: I know. It was storming when I told Momma I was going to prom. She didn't take it very well but it was also she learned I had this....this....curse.

Sean: Hmm. Did you ever think of the easy way out?

Carrie: What'd you mean?

Sean: I mean like you had all this power. And you proved you weren't as weak as them. I mean did you ever consider....standing above?

Carrie: No. I knew who I wanted to be. I wanted be like others. I wanted to help others. I wanted to be a wife. A mother. I want to be with you.

Sean smiled and hugged her.

Meanwhile at Sue's house, Sue told Tommy everything he missed out on about the karaoke club, the events with Rachel, Ralph White and the stunts on Halloween and Christmas. Of course, she mentioned the events with Andrew even Chris's obsession for revenge on Carrie

Tommy: Wow. After all this time, she's still got a grudge on her.

Sue: Yeah. That hasn't changed. And I was shocked when I found that out as well.

Tommy: Jesus.

Sue: I have to confess you were right about her. Back at the zoo. When she tried to push Carrie into the tigers preserve. It was mistake having her as a friend.

Tommy: Did you make any new ones?

Anisha (Donnabella Mortel): Yes, she has.

Tommy peaked over to see Anisha Paris near the stairs.

Sue: Saw her at the karaoke disaster and talked to her the next day.

Anisha: *Sits down* it's good to know that not everyone is a pr*** around here.

Tommy: Amen to that.

Anisha: But people make mistakes all the time. I mean it's nothing to be ashamed of, Sue.

Tommy: Yeah, remember when I told you about that guy I kicked on the ground?

Sue: Thought you said he was a d*ck to you.

Tommy: Well, I still feel bad about it......Cause I could've killed him.

Sue: You sound just like Carrie.

Tommy: *Chuckles* You know I was thinking......Whenever this storm passes, why don't you let me take little Carrie somewhere fun? I mean I thought her and I could use some father and daughter bonding. I just wish I can remember when it all changed.

Sue smiled and kissed him.

Later that night, the storm gets harder.

Carrie: *gasping heavily*

She got up and washed her face in the mirror, until she heard a voice running through her head again.

And it wasn't anyone she heard before.

Jesse: SHHHHHH......

Carrie: Huh? Daddy, is that you?

Jesse: *laughs* Daddy's not coming home, baby girl.

Carrie then heard another voice.

Chris (Voice): You amount to nothing.

Carrie: Ugh.....get out of my head......

Chris (Voice): *chuckles* I've always been here and I ain't leaving anytime soon.

The voice conversation was giving Carrie a headache. She literally had to bang her head in the mirror to stop the voices from getting through.

Carrie used to be fearful of everything and Chris when she didn't have anything. But all of that changed when she met Sean and the others. But now.....she was terrified again. Chris just wouldn't go away.

Carrie began to wreak the house in frustration and eventually teared up.

Then thunder strikes and Dracula steps through the mist and soon appeared inside the house.

Dracula: I have crossed the oceans of time to find you.

The voice startled her and she backed up slowly as he walked forward.

Carrie: Wh--who--Wh-are y-you?

Dracula: Everyone wants to know......I am all in a sea of wonders. I am the monster that breathing men would kill. You can call me......*Dracula*.

Normally, it was Carrie displaying fear upon her victims. Now it was Carrie who was petrified.

Carrie: Y-you can't be. You're THE Dracula?

Dracula: I am. And as I would know without question that you are Carrie White.

Carrie: You know my name?

Dracula: The whole world knows of you, my dear. Why else would I come here?

Carrie: was very nice meeting you, Mr.....Dracula. But....I really should be getting back to bed.

Dracula: Leaving so soon?

Carrie: Well....I have a busy day tomorrow.

She turned around and Dracula somehow was behind her. Carrie used her powers but he disappeared but then Ray and Rachel came down

Raymond: Carrie? What'd you down here?

Rachel: It's almost pass 2.

Carrie: You two have to get out here. NOW.

Raymond: Oh boy, is this the part where we're suppose to......

Carrie: Behind you.

They look over and see Dracula

Rachel: *Stunned* Hi....

Raymond: Who are you, buddy? How'd you get in here?

Dracula: I have no interest in you. Leave us immediately.

Raymond: And what makes you think I'm gonna leave you in my house? Don't you know you're kinda trespassing in here?

Carrie: Ray? I know this will sound crazy but....I'm pretty sure he's Dracula.

Raymond: What?! No way....* Backs up * Hey dude, I was  *chuckles mildly* only....messing around.

Dracula: I have no time for games. *Looks at Carrie * I will see you soon.

Dracula then lunges at them. They ducked then he turned into a bat over them and flew out a window.

They all look out the window and see Dracula disappear into the night.

Raymond: Great. First it's Chris & Kaityln, then the zombies, then that psycho from we got a vampire? I thought he was a myth.

Rachel: A myth with a pretty f**ked up history.

Raymond: Well, this "myth" is above legendary status in Castlevania. "MythBusters" can't even find a way to confirm this one.

Carrie just stood out in shock. Now she knew what to do.

She left the house and went straight to Matt Gartleys (Alex Russell) house in hopes of a HUGE favor. And she brought Sue, Anisha and Erika with her.

On the way there Carrie told them about last night and Sue, Anisha and Erika were shocked beyond belief.

Anisha: Ok, I've heard a lot of stories but that has got to be the most bizarre.....

Sue: Hold on, Carrie. You say you saw freaking "Dracula"?

Carrie: I know it sounds crazy. But believe me, he's real.

Sue: I believe you but....are you sure you didn't have a nightmare or something?

Anisha: Might've been the night before.....

Carrie: I'm POSITIVE!

Sue: Ok ok, just calm down.

Erika: Wow. Dracula huh? I wonder if Blackula is real too.

Anisha: Don't bring that up.....Please....

They soon arrived and they ran through the rain to the front door. Carrie knocked hard and Matt answered at quick flash.

Matt: Carrie? What can I do for you?

Carrie: We have to talk to you. Can we come in?

Matt nodded and let them in.

Matt: What's the issue?

Carrie: Look, I know you may not be up for this but.....

And she whispers in his ear.

Matt: Please tell me you didn't make that up.

Erika: I said that same thing.

Carrie: Is it crazy? Yes. But is he real? Absolutely.

Sue: So hold on.....what's the plan here?

Carrie: Hold on.

And she whispers in Matts ear again.

Matt: He's upstairs. Be careful. I didn't use the formula yet.

So Carrie took Sue, Anisha and Erika upstairs with her and soon enough, they found Andrew Detmer (Dane Dehaan) tied in the bedroom (It was for a procedure Matt had planned).

Andrew: *to Carrie* You....

Carrie: Hello, Andrew.

Anisha: Pretty unfair way to treat a cousin?

Erika: Definitely.

Andrew: Why are you here?

Carrie: You told me before we were gifted before. But you and I have some understanding and I believe that's all we need. But we could use your help.

Andrew: You want MY help? With what?

Carrie: What do you know about Dracula?

Andrew: Dracula?? scoffs The vampire's a joke. He's not real.

Carrie: Well, I just saw him earlier this morning.

Andrew: Really? Look at my face. Does it look like there's any plausibility behind your story?

Sue: Can you just listen?

Andrew: To what?

Then the house started to shake excessively.

Erika: Earthquake!

Carrie: No.....he's here. I can feel him.

Dracula's fog surrounded the house and then Matt opened some door on the back wall.

Matt: This way out!

It was some kind of secret emergency exit. Carrie freed Andrew from the bed, pulled him with them and Dracula searched the house but it was empty.

Dracula: Hmm....

Carrie: What is this place?

Matt: It's how I get around the city. This is the tunnels of water supplies.

Erika/Sue/Anisha: Where does is it lead to?

Matt: Somewhere off coast

They walked deep into the tunnel.

Meanwhile, Raymond and Rachel told Sean about Dracula.

Sean: Wow. Really? Like THE Count Dracula? The vampire guy from Bram Stoker's fiction?

Rachel: Pretty much. Crazy huh? 

Sean: And here I thought I've seen the worst of the worst.

Raymond: This IS the worst of the worst. And its up to us to do something about this and get our f-king lives back.

Sean: Well, that's gonna be eas--

Before Sean could finish the sentence, two beings barged in and dragged all of them out front, collapsing the front of the house.

Raymond: *Arghh* Son of a b--ch....

Sean looked up to see who it was and his face dropped in disbelief.

Sean: Are you f**king kidding me......

The vampires Chris and Jesse hissed at them and the rest were stunned

Sean: Chris?!

Rachel: Jesse?!

Raymond: They're vampires too?!?!!!

They growled and Rachel grabbed Jessie with her powers and broke his neck AGAIN. But then he got back up and twisted his neck back over.

Jesse: Nice try, Rach.

Rachel: No way!

Chris: We are the powerful. We are the immortal. And the master wants the girl.

Sean: Split up!

They spread around and Raymond happened to run into (You know who).

Raymond: Oh great. Brilliant. You know what? You're not so tough. With the fashion get up and voodoo mumbo jumbo only proves your a big chicken. Besides, I've beaten you plenty of times in Castlevania. *Lifts his sleeves up* Ok, let's go. Come on. I'll kick your pale ass.....

Dracula: Silence.

Raymond: Yes, master. Wait a minute....that's cheating....

Dracula: *Holds out his hand* I will require a human sentinel. You will be my eyes and ears during daylight. Serve me well; I will reward you with eternal life. But no one must know until I make notice.

Raymond: I....I---I am at your command. M-my master.

Dracula: Go now.

Raymond walked away and Dracula vanished.

Back in the water tunnel, Carrie and the others kept on.

Andrew: Matt, it feels like hours. How long must we go on?!

Matt: Cous, I know where I'm going. I've been here countless times since your "incident".

Then the place shook.

Anisha; Back to back!

They all put their backs to each other.

Carrie: Shh......


Sue: It's quiet in here....

Matt: Too f**king quiet.

Carrie: Wait. We're missing someone.

She stepped back a few and soon felt herself lifted up by Dracula who also had Erika.

Carrie: Ahhhhhhh!

Sue: Carrie!

Andrew: Get these off me. Let me help.

Matt: I can't guarantee that.

Sue: Let them go!

Dracula just smirked and threw Erika against the wall, knocking her unconscious.

Sue: Erika!

Dracula said nothing else and vanished with Carrie. Sue ran to Erika, making sure she was all right.

Anisha: Sh**!!!

Andrew gave a look of disbelief as she saw the one person like him get abducted before him.

Carrie and Dracula appeared in some graveyard and she backed off from him.

Dracula: You are kindred and full of power routed in darkness. You must feel it.

Carrie: The only thing I feel is disgusted.

She shot her powers at him, but Dracula moved in speed to dodge it.

Carrie: What?

Dracula smirked again, then she used her powers on tombstones and threw them at him. But Dracula dodged them in speed too. Then she used them on a tree branch to brake off some of the bark and flew at him, but he caught it.

Dracula: Is this supposed to be a stake?

He broke it and pushed Carrie back as she hit a car outside the cemetery.

Dracula: Join me, Carrie White. Join with me and together, we will command an extreme force in the palms of our hands.

Carrie: Thanks, but no thanks. I serve no one but God's.

Dracula: God? GOD???!!!!!!

The place shook as he shouted then he grabbed her neck.

Dracula: No one knows him more than I do. I was once his loyal servant. Until he did THIS to me. No, Carrie White. The true God is me.

Carrie just looked at him scared, as if she just witnessed true terror. Dracula was about to bite her till the sun reared its ugly head. He sizzled, hissed and flew into a shadow.

Dracula: Carrie White.....Until our paths cross again, I will be watching you from the dark corners around you.

And he disappeared in the shadows as Carrie groaned in pain and fell on the ground.

Little did she know, the car that she hit just so happened to be Georges car. And he apparently saw the entire thing from the bushes.

George: Is th---Carrie? Holy sh**....

Meanwhile, Sean and Rachel barely managed to escape Chris and Jesse by hiding near his old high school.

Sean: Oh my......that crazy b--ch doesn't know when to quit.

Rachel: I was about to say the same about Jesse. I mean, I swear I killed him.

Sean: Well, I guess we can say we're in for another soon to be finale of epic proportions. We'll need all the help we can get to help take 'me out.

Rachel: But what about Raymond?

Sean then remembered.

Sean: S--t. *distantly* Ray?! Ray?!?!!!!

But he was long gone.

Luckily, the hypnosis wore off.

Raymond: *ughh* Where am I?

He looks around but sees nothing.

He then calls Sean to inform him of her disappearance when he walks by the cemetery and sees nothing.

Raymond: *over phone* ain't gonna like this....

He soon called the others and Sean rushed to the hospital as soon as they found out she was there.

Sean: Where is she?

Vanessa (Sarah Michelle Gellar): She's gonna be fine. She's got a back ache and some cuts but she's gonna make it. How'd you guys get away?

Sean: Long story.

Rachel: Any word from Sue and Erika? Cause Carrie went with them about something.

Raymond: Not a word. But I did see the person who brought her here.

Vanessa: Guy named George Dawson. He's in the room with her right now.

Sean: Thanks.

He headed over to her room and saw George sitting near the side of the bed.

Sean sat quietly next to her in the ER in hopes that maybe he can speak with thinking.

George: Hey.

Sean: Is she ok?

George: Hope she is. How do you know her?

Sean just looked down and stared at her.

Sean: She's my wife.

Tommy: Is she here?

They both looked to see Tommy leaned up on the door.

George: Tommy?! No way!!!

Tommy: Hey, man.

They both did their handshake and sat down.

Sean: she's pretty banged up right now.

Tommy: Poor thing. I came as soon as I heard. What happened?

Sean: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.....cause even I don't know what happened.

Carrie: *Weakly* Sean...?

They looked over and he leaned down to her

Sean: Hey baby.

Carrie: I was worried about you....

Sean: You were worried about me?? I was worried about you.

Carrie giggled softly and looked over at Tommy.

Carrie: Tommy....

Tommy: Hey ace, how you feeling?

Carrie: Lousy, I guess....

Tommy: I'm sorry this happened. Why are you always getting in trouble?

Carrie: I guess cause trouble always finds me.

Sean kissed her forehead.

Later back at home, Sean got Matt to search through stuff on "Vlad The Impaler" on his laptop.

Sue had to invite Anisha and Erika over and Vanessa was there as well.

Vanessa: Run it by me again.

Matt: Holy crap.


Matt: This guy came from an ancient family centuries ago. His entire family of misfits has had a history of torturing, and sucking blood. Vlad was his original name. It doesn't say when his name was changed,'s there.

Rachel: Go past that. Is there a weakness?

Anisha: If there ARE any?

Matt turned off the computer and looked at them.

Matt: *sighs* There's more then one. But death for him is impossible.

All: WHAT?!?!!!!!!

Matt: I am not f**king around. Trust me, I checked every book about him, every movie, blog, passage, history book, anything I can get my hands on that relates to Dracula. They all say the same thing: There is NO WAY to kill this guy.

Sean: So basically, you're saying we're screwed?

Raymond: How about servants?

Matt: Same thing. No way to kill them. As soon as they die, they come back as vampires.

Erika: This is ridiculous.

Sue: Come on, there's gotta be another way.

Carrie: There's always another way.

Everyone looked at her as she brought Andrew into the room with her.

Matt: Andrew?

Raymond: *Jumps* What's HE doing here?

Carrie: It's ok. He's here to help.

Raymond: But, is he still evil?

Andrew: You know that's a strong word.

Carrie: Come on, boys. Let's get along. Here's the thing. Andrew, Rachel, Matt and myself have extreme power together. Nobody knows what all of our powers combined could possibly do. That could be enough to obliterate him.

Sean: Carrie's got a point, guys. I mean this guy has lived through death in so much horrible ways. Maybe with super telekinesis, he could probably blow into nothing. How would he live through that?

Vanessa: I guess....but it could still be just another weakness.

Rachel: Maybe. But, apparently with Andrew by our side....

Raymond: IS he? *Turns to Andrew* Are you? On our side?   

Andrew just looked at him and smirked.

Andrew: If I wasn't, I wouldn't be here.

Rachel: Oh....that's deep.

Sue: So that's nine of us.

Anisha: Nine humanoids against a vampire. What more could you ask for?

Raymond backed off and turned towards Carrie.

Raymond: Alright, Captain ....what's the plan?

And they all surrounded her.

Carrie: *looks up and smiles* If you want peace......prepare for war. One. Last. Time.

She held her hand out and one by one, they all took her hand.

Carrie: This is to love.

Rachel: To hope.

Raymond/Sean: To family.

Sue: To friendship.

Andrew: To freedom....


Then it cuts to Chris and Jesse.

Chris: I don't care how long it takes me. I will get that f**king pig!

Jesse: Chill it out!

Chris: Shut up!

Jesse: Watch it!

They both hissed at each other.

Dracula: Calm yourself, children. Our time will come. Once we have enough vampires on our league.

Chris: If I'd known eternal life was a great gig, I never would've waited this long to be a vampire. So when are we going to tare that tramp?

Dracula: I take it you're talking about Carrie White. As I heard, you two have.....history.

Chris: Yes. I hate her so much....I want her to suffer!

Dracula: My child, vengeance is a drug. Carrie White belongs to me.

Chris: What?! But you don't understand; she has to pay! I have to send her back where she BELONGS!!

Dracula: I raised you to serve me. I never said you get EVERYTHING you want. Only this world to feed. Nothing more.

Chris: B-but....

Dracula: I will not negotiate with you, child. End of matter.

Chris had it all planned out as a vampire to exact her sweet revenge. But as always, she got denied. It never changes. Dracula had a plan of his own for Carrie and it didn't involve killing her, which really made Chris so upset.

Jesse: What about Rachel? She's the least that's what I heard.

Dracula: Hmm....tell me about son. 

Jesse: I tried to help her. But then she lost it and killed my sister. It should've been me who took the full grunt of it.

Dracula: Do you think you are alive now because of luck or because you fought for your siblings? You are alive because of what I did to save you.

Chris: Save us, you did. But unfinished business still calls us for a duel.

Dracula: No one shall die tonight. For tomorrow....destiny awaits.

Then he disappears through mist.

Jesse: Sucks we can't do that.

Then a voice booms into the room. It caused Jesse and Chris to hide.

Lucy (Tammin Morgan): Hello?

Then she walks in and searches around.

Lucy: Anyone here? ANYONE????

Then she hears growling. And before she finds out what was going on, Jesse jumps out and bites her as she screams in agony.

It then cuts to outside where the T.Vs in houses were flickering. And then it came back on to show Carrie standing there in front of one of the demolished news stations. She apparently had a message to send to everyone including Dracula. She slowly turned around and spoke.

Carrie: *People of Florida, the cold hand, the ring of death has surrounded all of us. I have lived among you, hidden as one of the most infamous killers ever. But no more. A much bigger threat is upon us......the sins of my past have followed me here. And a showdown with the devil is necessary......If you are listening, get out. Get out of the city now. For your lives depends on it......*

Before Carrie could finish her channel was cut out

Manager Quincy Martin (Trevor Morgan): What the hell is that?

Carrie: I-I......

Manager Quincy Martin: I don't know what this message thing is, but it sounds like a load of crap. Cause now thanks to you I'm the laughing stalk of all of Florida. Who let you in this building anyway?!

Carrie: You don't understand.

Manager Quincy Martin: I've heard enough. Get this kid out of my building!

The guards pulled her out and Rachel pulled them off her.

Rachel: Back off! We'll escort ourselves.

The guards let go of her and walked away.

Rachel: Carrie, I told you this wasn't going to work. They wouldn't believe us even if it was the truth.

Carrie: I know. But it was worth a try to warn others. I guess I'm an idiot.

Rachel: No. No, sis. You were doing the right thing. I know that fatty was an a**hole but we need to be focused. The sun's setting. We've got to get back.

Later when night fell, Carrie was asleep but mist was moving in through the window and when the wind woke Carrie up, she saw.....(You know who).

Dracula: You are magnificent.

Carrie: I bet you say that before you bite the girls.

Dracula: are different.

Carrie: Well, I....

Dracula: Pull your hair back.

Carrie felt shivers and did what he said under his thrall.

Carrie: You could in here with your....hypno powers....

Dracula: I have searched the world over for you. I have yearned for you. *Sits next to her and stares at her neck*

Carrie: I-I....

Dracula: Shh. Do not fight.

Carrie panted heavily as Dracula leaned down to her neck and bit her. She gasped.

That morning, Carrie woke up with Sean next to her as she got up into the bathroom and saw the bit marks on her neck. She covered it up with a scarf.

Carrie: Forgive me......

She then closed her eyes to clear her head.

Vanessa: It's warm enough already.

Carrie turns around to see Vanessa watching her.

Vanessa: Why do you have that on? Come on....

Vanessa then tried to take the scarf off.

Vanessa: Come on. Take it off.

Carrie: What---no.

They both struggled until Carrie grabbed her with her powers.

Carrie: Leave it alone.

Vanessa: Relax, damn it. It's not like you got bit or anything......right?

Carrie just looked down.

Vanessa: D-did you?

Andrew: I wouldn't ask that if I were you.

They turned to him

Andrew: You don't want to ask the right questions at the wrong time.

Sean: *Comes down* What's going on?

Andrew: Don't ask.

Sean: Babe.

Carrie looked at Sean, took his hand and went up stairs with him.

Sean: What is it?

Carrie just takes off her scarf and shows him the bite marks.

Sean: *Gasps*

Carrie: Something in my head was telling me to cover it up.

Rachel: What's wrong? *Sees the bite marks* N-no. Can't be. Not you.

Carrie: I never signed up for this.

Rachel: You didn't sign up at all.

Sean: Would you stop?!

Raymond: Hold on a second..... How did he get in?


Sean: I'm concerned more of him getting his hands on you.

Rachel: So what'd we do?

Raymond: Some of us will have to stay here and guard Carrie. Matt and I will make sure of that The rest of you will go and find Dracula.

Andrew: But where would we start? He could be anywhere. 

Then an idea went through Rachel's head.

Rachel: *thinking* I think I got that covered.

And she exits the room to call "someone".

Carrie: I'm not staying here. I'm going with you.

Vanessa: And risk getting yourself killed again?

Matt: You're more then willing to take that chance? What if......

Carrie: Shhhhh.

Sean: Look. After that....*Points at her neck*.....I don't want anything to happen to you.

Carrie: And I don't want anything to happen to you. *Touches his face* Please, baby.

Andrew looked at them in confusion, looked down and turned away. Matt went after him.

Matt: Where you going?

Andrew: Just had time to think about things. And I've been thinking....*Looks at Carrie*......Seeing her like that. To think I was the only victim.

Matt: You feel something for her, Andrew?

Andrew: When I was came back, I learned I wasn't the only one cursed with these powers. Matt, you were confused over someone who hurt her because you were identical to that person. I wanted to make her my mate, but seeing her like that.......I can't......I won't let Dracula take this from her.

Matt: So what'd you gonna do?

Andrew: For the first time.....the right thing.

Andrew waved his hand and Matt passed out then he did it to Carrie. She gasped and went out.

Sean: *Catches her* Carrie!

Andrew: She'll live. Now let's go find the son of a b**ch and pop him.

Later, it was close to sunset and Raymond woke up with a gasp with his eyes glowing.

Dracula's voice: Bring her to me.

He then looked at Carrie still out cold on the couch.

So he did.

He walked with her in her arms all the way over to an abandoned castle in a theme park.

(Yes, really.)

Raymond: As you requested.

Dracula: Thank you.

Chris: Hello, worthless. Miss me? *hisses to Carrie*

Dracula: Back!

Chris whimpered and looked down

Dracula: Leave us. If anyone comes, kill them. And have everyone ready.

Chris huffed and she and the others including Lucy carried out his orders and soon Carrie woke.

Dracula: Welcome.

Carrie: Where am I?

Dracula: Home.....of course. Here, where it was foretold that you and I would meet again.

Carrie: *Gets up* What do you want from me?

Dracula: I think the question is.....what you want from me? And that is what I can give you.

Carrie: And what's that?

Dracula: Freedom.

Carrie stood there shaking up.

Outside, Sean, Rachel, Vanessa, Erika, Anisha and Andrew went driving around with Jonathan (That's right) at the wheel until they found the abandoned castle rebuild as Dracula's resting place.

Sean: How much you all wanna bet Dracula lives there?

Andrew: I bet my parents life savings.

Rachel: But he may not be there. It's already night fall.

Jonathan: Trust me, most people like him.....IF there's some people like him......that's called "Hiding In Plain Sight". It's so easy.

Sean: Well, I hope you're right. let's check this place out anyway.

Vanessa: And I hope Rachel made the right choice bringing the bank robber from Phoenix along.

Jonathan: Hey.....I'm doing this for my wife. The bastards 'bout to get what's coming to him.

So they all entered inside.

They brought their phones in hopes for flashlights. Vanessa had her own flashlight, as well as a .380 Lorcin and a .44 Magnum. Andrew brought a new video recorder to tape everything.

Sean: *whispering* Do u mind if I carry one of those?

And Vanessa give him the .380.

Rachel: *whispering* Which way?

Andrew: *whispering* I'd go that way.

Vanessa: *whispering* Same.

Sean: *whispering*  Wait, hold on. You know what happens when people split up?!

But they were long gone.

Sean: *whispering* UGH!

Anisha *whispering* Why the hell would they do that?!

Erika: *whispering* Well, this way then.

Jonathan: *whispering* Hey, wait up....

So they went the other route.


Carrie: Why would I want anything from you?

Dracula: Because you long for it. I have walked this earth hundreds of years before you feeble creatures even existed.

Carrie: M-my friends.....

Dracula: They're here. But they will not find us. We are alone. Always alone.

Carrie panted as her heart raced. Back with Sean, he opened a door and Raymond came out.

Sean: Ray?!

Raymond: I won't let you harm my master.

Sean: *Snickers* Y-your master??

Raymond: If you want him, you'll have to come through me.

Sean: *Sighs* Sorry buddy.

Sean tries punching him, but Raymond blocked it. But he eventually knocked him out. Then he heard growls and hisses in the room Ray came out of.

Sean: Holy sh......

Vampires approached him as Sean grabbed Ray and ran. They chased after him.

Soon enough, Sean pulled out the gun and started shooting, which startled Rachel and the others as well as Dracula.

Carrie: Told you so.

And she broke free.

Dracula: To face off against me would be meaningless.

Then he nodded his head towards Jesse, letting him know to deal with Carrie.

Dracula vanished and Jesse attacked but was grabbed by Rachel's powers

Rachel: You and I have unfinished business.

She threw him across the room and all the vamps attack

Sean: NOW!!!

Andrew, Anisha, Erika and Vanessa burst out and fought off the vamps. Sean, Anisha, Erika and Vanessa shot at them as Andrew, Carrie and Rachel used their powers. Then Carrie soon encountered an "old friend".

Chris:'re mine.

Carrie: You never learn do you?

Chris: *hisses*

Carrie: *roar of power*

Finally the fight ensued.

They both punched each other, missed each other, slammed one another until Chris slammed Carrie against the wall next to the candles.

Chris: I will kill you and I will bathe in your blood.

Carrie: You sign out, you use your own.

Carrie then pushed her back and hit her with almost everything, but Chris kept coming back for more. Rachel and Jesse were even as just the same.

Jesse: You cannot long I waited for this.

Rachel: How are you alive after I killed you?

Jesse: Well, if the after life was to allow resurrection, you'd have to take me too. And now....I'm a god.

Rachel: You're no god. You're the f**king devil!

Jess kept coming back for more till he was struck from behind by Ray with a wooden stake. Jesse dropped dead

Raymond: Wow. Everything does work in movies.

Rachel: Ray! *Hugs him*

Raymond: Guys, use a stake! Drive it through their hearts!

Carrie then tried to use a stake for her advantage, but Chris used her strength to push her into the candles. They got knocked over and accidentally set off next to gasoline.

She then got up and quickly moved.

Carrie: Ray! Rachel! Get out!

Raymond: What about you?!

Carrie: GO!!! NOW!!!

So they went towards the exit only to run into Sean, Vanessa, Anisha, Erika and Andrew, who also got surrounded by vampires.

Raymond: Sean!  hugs him

Sean: I'm glad you're safe, bro.

Andrew: Guys, stand back. This is about to get a little loud.

Andrew unleashed a massive shockwave (like in Chronicle when he was surrounded by police), pushing the vampires back and tore down the entire castle. While they running, it started to collapse which unfortunately trapped Jonathan in the ruble as he succumbed.

But the rest got out along with the rest of the vampires, but Carrie and Chris were nowhere to be seen.

Raymond: Oh, man. That was a close call.

Sean: Closer then it'll ever be.

Then Matt pulled up all of a sudden.

Matt: Guys, I got some more artillery. I modified Sean's rifle and also made a pump shotgun into a weapon.

Vanessa: What kind of weapon?

Matt: Well, when the trigger isn't pulled, silde the pump and blades will come out of it.

Raymond: Oh, that's dope! Hand it over.

Matt throws the shotgun to him and gives Sean his rifle.

Vanessa: Don't you think it's critical to have a weapon at this point? You're going to war with the undead.

Matt: No. I have another weapon up my sleeve.

Vanessa: Wha---Did yo--- *realizes it* You have it too?!

Matt: Mhm.....

Vanessa groaned and laid back in shock for a little bit.

Rachel: Babe, you sure you can do this? This isn't your fight.

Raymond: It is now. *slides the pump* Besides, I'd rather wallow in the mud and die then live forever as bloodsucking succubuses.

Rachel just smiles and kisses him.

Anisha: Hold on. Aren't we missing somebody?

They all slowly turned to the demolished castle and then Carrie and Chris burst out from the ground and then crashed.

Carrie struggled to get back on her feet while Chris got up like it was nothing.

Chris: Resistance is futile. You and your memory will cease to exist.

Carrie and the rest just stood there. And then Dracula reappeared again.

Dracula: *looks at them* For life be, after all, only a waitin' for something else than what we're doing; and death be all that we can rightly depend on.

Carrie reached into her pocket and put on both Sues bracelet and her heart-shaped necklace for good luck.

Andrew: So what? We fight?

Carrie: Yes. We fight.

They slowly walked towards them, gained speed and then charged at them (the same way in Captain America: Civil War)

They went to battle on that ground for several hours but then Chris grabbed Carrie by the neck.

But she broke free and flew with Chris around her, zooming past Dracula and the rest of the vampires. Where she was going, they didn't know.

Raymond: Woah, hold on! Where's she going?! shoots a vampire

Sean: She's taking care of business for good.

Carrie flew her through any building she could until Chris bit her for a second time.

Carrie let go of her and looked at it.

Chris: You have been a thorn in my sight for too long. Now it's time I got rid of you once and for all.

Carrie: *Reaches in her pocket* Rid this!

As Chris charged at Carrie, she pulled out a stake and drived it through Chris's heart. She shrieked in pain.

Chris: Errrr.....why....can't I ever win.....?

And Carrie whispered in her ear. And it would be the first time she cursed (Uh-huh)

But not before she tossed her all the way into one of the power cables, electrocuting her on impact causing the power to give way and her head/heart to explode.

Soon enough, the whole tower fell and collapsed.

Carrie: Walk away from that, you son of a b**ch.

Andrew did his best against Dracula but suddenly he ended up behind him and he plunged his hand through his back at his heart

Andrew: Ugh!!

Carrie looked over and gasped.

Carrie: ANDREW!!!!!!

Dracula threw him aside and turned to Carrie

Carrie: sick freak!

Dracula: Why fight for these fools Carrie? Don't you understand? We could be friends. Partners!

Carrie: I'd rather be sucked dry than be partners with you.

Dracula: So be it.

Carrie and Dracula approached each other by the fire (Like in Freddy vs Jason) And then.....the final battle began.

Dracula got the upper hand early as he immediately pushed Carrie back with the use of one finger.

Carrie: *ugh* Are you kidding me? HE HAS IT TOO?!?!!!

Carrie tried to attack but Dracula was way stronger, faster and smarter.

Soon enough, Sean, Vanessa, Raymond, Erika, Rachel, Anisha and Matt had to get in and help. But nothing worked.

Dracula: Futile, futile, futile!

Then Vanessa shot him, which did nothing.

Vanessa: Oh sh---

In an instant, both Vanessa and Matt were grabbed by Dracula as he started to drain their blood just by choking them (Metamorphosis)

Vanessa: *gagging and choking*

Matt: *gagging and choking*

Dracula then drops them both as they breathe heavily and eventually pass. He turns his attention towards Erika.

Dracula: Hello, again. I was hoping I killed you last time. I won't make that mistake again.

He then picks Erika up and drives his nail through chin into her mouth.

Erika: *gagging and choking*

Carrie gasped at what she saw and growled fearsomely at the Count.

Carrie: You.....*Attacks him* YOU MONSTER!!!

Dracula caught her and threw her down

Dracula: Don't toy with me, you little brat!!! If you dare to challenge me.....

A stake was impaled at him from behind. He shrieked in pain and looked behind him to see Sean in a fighting position.

Sean: Leave. Her. Alone!

Dracula: Why you little fool......

Carrie: Sean, look out!!

He gets out of the way but Draculas speed catches up to him and he impales him in the chest.

Sean gasped in horror and looked down to see Dracula's arm going through him.

Rachel/Anisha/Raymond: SEAN!!!!

Carrie: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Sean looked at him in the eyes and then Dracula threw him down. Carrie in revenge mode again, grabbed the wires that killed Chris and tied Dracula's neck to it as he struggled with it. As it shocked him, she turned to the fire and spread it on him. Dracula screamed in pain and turned into a bat to get away, but Carrie grabbed him with his powers.

Carrie: *You're not going anywhere, you bastard!*

She pulled him down and he changed back and looked at Carrie as his face and hair was burning off

Dracula: I....Cannot....DIE!!!!

Carrie: Then I guess I'll insure you're buried alive and *NEVER FOUND!!!!*

Raymond: SEAN, STAY WITH ME!!!

Andrew who was still alive but not for long, held his wound and looked at Carrie and then Sean. He knew he couldn't let this happen to her for Andrew did love Carrie and wouldn't let her be left to die alone.

Andrew: I can't....let this happen

So he crawled to Sean, Ray, Anisha and Rachel.

Andrew: taps Rachel on the shoulder

Raymond: Andrew!


So he stumbled to his feet and held on to Dracula as well with his powers.

So her leaned on Carrie to prevent himself form falling.

Carrie: Andrew! I gotcha!

Rachel: Wait!

Rachel grabbed onto Dracula as well her abilities.

Rachel: Once together.....

Carrie: Always.....forever.

They held on to him for a long period of time which wore them out and caused the ground to crack.

All three grabbed hold of him but because Andrew was dying from his wound, his powers were weak. So Dracula managed to brake free and pushed them off and they fell. Rachel however....flew and her chest was impaled by a tree branch. She gasped and eventually succumbed. Raymond holding Sean saw her take her last breath.

Raymond: RACHEL!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Anisha: Oh god, no!!!

And Dracula regenerated and put out the fire and laughed

Dracula: Did you fools really think you'd win? You should've known it be impossible. I can't die. It's impossible; even if I'm burned or staked, I will always come back. However.....I am willing to make an exchange. Carrie swear your loyalty to me and I will spare your friends. I will heal the deceased ones. Your sister. Your arrogant friend and the man you love. Believe me.

Raymond/Anisha: CARRIE, DON'T DO IT!!!!!!   

Carrie looked at everyone as she saw Sean was dead. Even Rachel and Andrew. She couldn't stand losing more people she loved.....not after her parents and grandmother

Carrie: Alright.

Raymond/Anisha: NO!!!

Carrie: Guys, I have to. *Turns to Dracula* Save them first. I am true to my word. Please.

Dracula: done.

Carrie gasped and Sean, Rachel, Vanessa, Matt, Erika and Andrew's wounds were healed but they were all passed out

Dracula: *Holds out his hand* Now....take my hand. And show your loyalty to me.

The hypnotism worked again.

She took his hand and then got down on both of her knees.

Raymond: *to Dracula under his breath* You son of a b--ch.

Dracula: *smirks to Carrie* How blessed are some people whose lives have no fears, no dreads; to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly and brings nothing but sweet dreams. Yet those sweet dreams; my sweetheart.....are now nothing more but an illusion.

Carrie: *under hypnotism.....* Master, you are my superior.

Raymond: No....*Finds a stake*.....NO MORE!!!

Anisha got out a weapon of her own. It was a dagger

Raymond and Anisha got up with the stake and the dagger but were pushed back and held down by Carrie's powers

Dracula: Now rise.

Carrie did and then Dracula moved her hair back and bites her again, but then......

Dracula: Uhhh....Whaaaa.....*Chokes*

Carrie: Gotcha.

Carrie was using her powers in her blood that Dracula drank from her and he grabbed his chest like he was having a heart attack. He fell on his knees and then suddenly.....his head EXPLODED. Then Carrie pushed the body into the flames and then....she fell to the ground.

Then Sean, Rachel, Vanessa, Erika and Matt all woke up to see Carrie lying on the ground.

Vanessa: Oh hell no......

Rachel: Carrie!!!!

Sean: Hold on, baby!!!

They all rushed over to her aid as Ray tried to do CPR.

Raymond: Come on! *breathes into her* You come on, you breathe!!!

Sean couldn't take the reality anymore.

Sean: Stop it, please.

Raymond: No, don't you think about it.

Rachel: LET HER GO!!!

Raymond: Would---stop push---Get off of me.

Sean: Just back off! *tearing up* Enough.....

They both leaned towards Carrie in absolute shock and tears as Andrew walked towards Carrie and held her in his lap. He rocked her the same way you would do in a lullaby.

Sean: *tearing* Baby.....I know you're in pain....but I need you to listen.....and listen carefully.

And that's when Andrew shared an emotional speech.

Andrew: They who fear the most special people are the ones with nothing special to share of themselves. Though it is our nature to not understand the unusual.....It comes to one special quality. To know one special girl who will have the power to change peoples lives and the whole world. As you shatter tears from the heart, it shows a very special soul with pureness and courage. May you walk this earth with beauty and divine with a very special heart singing to you as you sleep.

Sean then leaned his head on Carries in tears as Rachel cried on Ray's shoulder. Andrew, Erika, Anisha and Vanessa's heads were down in sadness, but then Carrie's hand moved up to Sean's cheek and pulled him to a soft kiss. He then looked at her in surprise.

Carrie: We're alive.

Sean smiled with tears flooding from his eyes and hugged her tight.

Rachel smiled emotionally and hugged Ray who laughed in cheerment. Erika then hugged Anisha while laughing, the latter reciprocating. Vanessa covered her mouth in a surprised smile while Matt and Andrew.....they just grinned with his arms crossed and then the sun began to rise.

Vanessa: I think we all deserve a trip to the hospital.

Andrew: No kidding. That's the second time I got impaled in the same spot.

Carrie: Should've heard my incident like that.

As they all limbered their way to the hospital, the sun incinerated the rest of Dracula's body and the screen slowly moves up and the sun covers the whole screen in white.

~ 1 month later ~

Sue, Tommy and Little Carrie had arrived at the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon where Sue was scheduled to make an appearance and talk about her own book. But she planned on having Carrie read it first.

Yet when they got there, they just saw Carrie was reading it in her own with Sean carrying little Tommy.

Sue: *Scoff* You are always one step ahead.

Carrie: I was born that way.

Sue: Sure.

Sean: Well then.....I'll let the ladies fhave their talk?

Carrie giggled as Sean gave their son to her and he sat down and Tommy followed him.

Tommy: So you heard from Ray and Rachel?

Sean: Their wedding's in a couple of weeks. And I can't remember the last time I've seen him stoked.

Tommy: *Laughs* You and Carrie been ok? Since......that night?

Sean: Oh yeah. It's just.... Impaling really hurts worse than a gun shot and knife stab.

Tommy: Try getting a heavy brain concussion.

Sean/Tommy: *Laughs*

Sue: You ok?

Carrie: Yeah. I've never been better.

Sue: Oh wait. I got you something. I wrote something in the back of the book for you.

Sean: In this copy?

Sue: In EVERY COPY. It's on the last page.

So Carrie went to the last page of the book and saw THE best thing that Sue ever wrote about her. And she read it out loud:

Carrie: *Gasps softly* "From every path from darkness, there's always a path to light. For if you are broken, there is always a chance it can be fixed. Carrie White was not only a special girl of power, but a girl with the kind of heart that even shows light to darkness and any kind of good or evil and that is when Carrie White became my idol. An idol of harmony and love. For she is our gift from God himself. Because without Carrie White there be no piece and love." Oh Sue....*Tears up*

Sue: I've been wanting to write that for a long time. Naming my daughter after you and telling the world just how good you are show how much you really mean to me. Because....after everything that's become like a real sister to me. But that's not all I got.

Carrie: Anoth---- I swear I've seen too many surprises.

Sue: It's right down the hall.

Carrie walked down her child in her arms as her face froze completely to what she saw outside.

It was Ms. Desjardin (Judy Greer).

Carrie: Ms. Desjardin...?? But how...???

Andrew: Steps out from behind her You can thank me later....... When you told me your powers revived Sue and Tommy and mine accidentally did the same, I thought of reviving my parents to make peace with them. But then, I saw her grave next to theirs and just to thank you for....everything....changing me and all.....I......

Carrie: Thank you. Hugs him then looks at Ms Desjardin How'd'd you feel.

She smiled and hugged Carrie tight

Ms. Desjardin: Never felt better, honey. I don't remember much after those psychos came at me, but I'm great.

Rachel: Hey, we got to get back. Sue's about to give her speech.

Suddenly, Andrew senses something wrong on the top floor and frowned.

Andrew: You all go. I' up.

Carrie looked worried, but they all went ahead as Andrew went upstairs.

Meanwhile, Sue was giving her speech on air with Jimmy Fallon as they made it back in and then....

Sue: And this is to my very special friend. Let me properly introduce....or re-introduce......Carrie White!

The lights turn to her and she gasped and laughed as she, Rachel and Ms. Desjardin walked to the stage. But up above the stage, Chris (Yes.....) carrying a bucket of lethal acid was waiting and stalking Carrie again.

Chris: Just like old times, huh Carrie? You come up to the stage and I destroy your happiness in front of everyone again. Only this time, your skin burns off your bones.

As they were up on stage, Chris was just about to dump the acid until suddenly it bubbled up. Chris looked at oddly and it waved at her eyes.


Andrew: You never give up, do you?

Andrew then used his powers to lift Chris up and threw her out the window. Everyone in the auditorium heard it.

Ms. Desjardin: to Sue What was that?

Chris landed out in the hot sunny day where the sun rays begin burning her. She screamed and shrieked as she burst into

And BOOM!!!! she explodes as Andrew watched from the window.

Andrew: Good riddance......

Then he went out the building and walked away.

Meanwhile inside......

Jimmy: So what's next for all of you?

And they (Carrie, Sue, Rachel, Ms. Desjardin) all looked at each other.

Carrie: *Mouths* What was that?

Rachel: *Mouths* I don't know.

Andrew: *Speaking in Carrie's head* It's ok, Carrie. I know you can hear me since you read minds. Let's just say I just got rid of a little.....pest problem.

Carrie looked confused and looked up as Andrew gave her a smile and thumbs up.

~Cuts to credits~


Carrie White

Sean Ford

Sue Snell

Rachel Lang

Raymond Ford

Vanessa Daniels

Andrew Detmer

Matt Garrety

George Dawson

Erika Gogan

Anisha Paris


Dracula - Carries blood, which Dracula drank, causes him to collaspe and his head explodes.

Rachel Lang - Impaled by a tree

Vanessa Daniels - Choked out by Dracula

Jonathan - Tries to run out the collapsing castle, but doesn't make it.

Mina - Throat slashed

Erika - Nails from Dracula pierce through her chin up into her mouth

Sean Ford - Impaled through his heart and tossed aside

Chris Hargensen - Gets a stake through the chest and then electrocuted onto the power lines

Lucy - Bitten by Jesse, later staked in the heart

Jesse Ryan - Gets a stake through his chest

Matt Garetty - Suffocated and choked out by Dracula


Fans weren't looking forward to this film, but the film had recieved overwhelming positive reviews from the critics. The movie review aggravator website, Rotten Tomatoes gave the film an 83% score. To many people, that confirmed what the website said about the film, "Carrie vs. Dracula surprisingly delivers more than it bargened for, combining an old familiar vibe along with an visual delight from Josh Trank and gives us a final look at what made the entire franchise exhilarating and memorable."

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  • Kit - No Mercy (Trailer Theme)
  • Michael Jackson - Thriller, Black Or White
  • Sick Puppies - There's No Going Back
  • ~Skillet - Waiting For Comets, The Resistance~
  • Rihanna - Disturbia
  • Lorde - Everybody Wants To Rule The World