Carrie is a 2013 Supernatural Horror film and the third remake of the 1976 horor film, Carrie, based on Stephen King's acclaimed novel of the same name. The film stars Maize Williams, Elle Fanning, Alex Meraz, Debby Ryan, JoBeth Williams, Michelle Trachtenberg, Tony Todd, Noah Crawford, Crystal Lowe, Avan Jogia, Emma Roberts, Jodie Foster, and Colin Ford.


A girl named Carrie White is an outcast at Ewen High School - she gets bullied every day by Chris Hargensen and her group of friends. One day after teasing Carrie about her period in the school showers, the gym teacher Mrs. Desjardin suspends Chris from the prom. Upset that she is banned from the prom, she plans revenge by spilling pig blood on Carrie at the prom. Meanwhile, Sue Snell (who was a part of Chris' group) asks Tommy to take Carrie to the prom, and at the prom when the prank happens, Carrie uses her newly discovered telekinetic powers to cause disaster and mayhem through the town.


  • Maize Williams as Carrie White - The main character who gets bullied all the time by Chris and has telekinetic powers.
  • Elle Fanning as Chris Hargensen - The main antagonist who bullies Carrie and plans the prank on her at the prom.
  • Alex Meraz as Billy Nolan - Chris' boyfriend.
  • Debby Ryan as Sue Snell - A girl who used to bully Carrie with Chris but began to regret her actions and asked Tommy to take her to the prom.
  • JoBeth Williams as Mrs. Desjardin - The gym teacher who is very friendly to Carrie.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Norma Watson - She is one of Chris' friends but doesn't really hate Carrie a lot.
  • Tony Todd as Principal Morton - The principal of Ewen High School.
  • Noah Crawford as Kenny Garson - Billy's best friend who is the boyfriend of Tina now.
  • Brady Reiter as Tina Blake - Kenny Garson's girlfriend who likes to torment Carrie with Chris.
  • Avan Jogia as Roy Evarts - He is the boyfriend of Helen Shyres.
  • Isabela Moner as Helen Shyres - She tries to help Carrie at the prom like Sue is doing. She is also Roy's girlfriend.
  • Jodie Foster as Margaret White - Carrie's mother
  • Colin Ford as Tommy Ross - Sue's boyfriend who takes Carrie to the prom.


Tommy Ross- After Chris spills the pig blood on Carrie, the bucket falls and hits Tommy on the head fracturing his skull and killing him.

Kenny Garson- When Kenny and Tina try to leave the prom, two doors close on Kenny's neck and twist it, until he is decapitated by the force.

Tina Blake- Tina tries to escape along with the rest of the prom goers, but Carrie knocks Tina to the ground and she cannot get up. She tries to get up but cannot due to Carrie and as a result, she gets trampled to death by the fleeing crowd.

Norma Watson- Carrie breaks the water lines and begins to spray everyone with water. Norma gets sprayed with water while attempting to climb a rope to safety, causing her to get the rope soaked. She slips and despite her struggles, she falls off the rope and lands on a table hard dying upon impact.

Principal Morton- He gets to the microphone and attempts to calm everyone down, but Carrie telekinetically electrocutes him on the microphone.

Roy Evarts- Carrie sets the gym on fire and Roy and Helen attempt to hold onto a rafter and try to not fall in the flames. But it is no loose, as the water sprays on the rafter making it slippery and Roy falls into the fire.

Helen Shyres- After Roy dies, Helen falls into the fire, but this time lands on some sparking wires causing her to get electrocuted and burn herself even more.

Billy Nolan- Billy and Chris attempt to kill Carrie by running her over, but Carrie uses her telekinesis to stop the car. She picks it up and throws it into the dock where they crash and get injured. Chris is severely harmed, but Billy's face was thrown through the windshield and he died of blood loss.

Chris Hargensen- Chris gets very injured when their car crashes into the dock, but is very sad to see that Billy is dead. Carrie walks up to the dock and sees Chris injured, then smashes her face into the dashboard injuring it. With Chris heavily weakened, Carrie walks away and breaks the dock causing the car to fall in the lake and sink. Chris drowns in the lake as a result.

Margaret White- Margaret attempts to stab her, and after viciously attacking her, Carrie telekinetically makes her heart stop killing her.

Carrie White- After Margaret is killed, Carrie collapses the house above her killing her.


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