Carrie II is a 1982 American Paranormal, Psychological Slasher horror film written by Tim Curnen and directed by John Badham starring Ann Dowd, Phyllis Logan, Richard Herd, Dana Delany, Eric Roberts and Bryan Cranston. A sequel to Brian De Palma's 1976 Carrie, an adaption of Stephen King's popular 1974 novel of the same name.

This instalment started a popular film franchise that continued into the 1990's Scream era revival of teenage slasher horror films while itself was a deviation from the original tone and format of the previous instalment, capitalising on the success of both its' predecessor's elements and the Golden Age of Slasher Horror films, that came with John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween and Sean S. Cunningham's 1980 Friday the 13th.

Taking place six years after the first's subsequent events Carrie is accidentally resurrected in an undead form by another telekinetic girl, she hides Carrie within her mostly empty home and forms a friendship with her, utilising her loss of control to target fellow college classmates that have made her life difficult. The initial concept was written by Stephen King and entitled Rage but ultimately was scrapped by MGM.

Released theatrically on May 9th, 1982 to mixed reception the film has since become a classic, although a larger following was awarded to the following King written third Instalment Rage (1988).


Overweight Chamberlain College student Constance after an argument with her father Sgt Helia storming out and strolling through the nearby cemetery noticing drunken classmates Whitt O'Bannon and Jumper Lance attempt to rape fellow student Ira Gooden. Ira fights back against them and is accidentally shoved by Whitt upon a tombstone dying. Constance is discovered and threatened into not saying anything.

After Ira's death is ruled an accident as she was found intoxicated on alcohol and narcotics Constance visiting the cemetery at night with her energy resurrects the buried Carrie White, decomposed.

Constance keeps Carrie hidden in her and her father's basement, as he is preoccupied with investigating still into Ira's death. Constance continues to be bullied at Chamberlain University by Whitt, Jumper and Jumper's girlfriend Tara, Whitt's girlfriend Lois and drama student Lennie however take pity upon her. Constance after an embarrassing prank organised by Whitt involving spraying her with paint on campus is invited out to the local tavern by Lois and Lennie, Lois breaking up with Whitt.

At the tavern Constance tries to disclose about Carrie White to the two and Whitt and Jumper's murder of Ira, resulting in Lois leaving. As a result of Lois' withdrawal from Constance, she links with Carrie and incites her undead rage that in a trance directs her to campus where she kills Jumper by flinging against a wall multiple times. Tara flees his dorm room and comes across friendly campus security guard Ali, who is killed as Carrie causes him to fire upon himself after shooting and injuring Tara. Tara is stabbed with multiple glass shards dispensed from a shattered cabinet.

Carrie attempts to leave town after attempting suicide and failing, Constance finds her on the outskirts of Chamberlain and links with her again despite Carrie's objections, directing her to fraternity Beta Zhi Gamma where Whitt O'Bannon is hosting a party attended by Lois and Lennie, Lois intent on confronting Whitt finally with Constance's claims. Again controlled Carrie arrives and causes himself to bash his head violently upon the upstairs floor. Lennie is ultimately boiled to death by Carrie overheating the outside hot tub. Carrie shreds the floor and walls scaring away the party-goers, but isolating Lois. Sgt Helia and his deputies arrive warding off Carrie long enough to bring Lois down to the precinct. There Carrie slaughters the deputies two by two: Callahan and Rossi with a propelled desk, Ilonzah and Coulson with electrocution, Reed and Weston with double impalement by launched baton and Jones and Abernathy via a launched table.

Carrie finally breaks free of Constance's control as she arrives and confronts her father, overcome with rage and her telekinetic abilities now at their peak she launches Receptionist Callahan into an above ceiling fan, Receptionist Sommersby is shot with Chief Brennan's pistol and the Chief has his head twisted. Carrie tries once more to reason with Constance but as her father provokes her by trying to flee she attacks and is ultimately is shot in the back as Carrie causes Chief Brennan's pistol to aim and shoot. With this Carrie begins to disintegrate into a fully rotted corpse, dying. Sgt Helia after his daughter's funerals returns Carrie's remains to her grave but then notices after a quake his daughter's grave disturbed and Carrie's remains gone.


  • Ann Dowd as Constance Helia
  • Phyllis Logan as Carrie White
  • Richard Herd as Sgt. Anthony Helia
  • Dana Delany as Lois Saunders
  • Eric Roberts as Whitt O'Bannon
  • Chloe Webb as Tara Munroe
  • Gary Ross as Jumper Lance
  • Bryan Cranston as Lennie Caulfield
  • Gerry Bedknob as Campus Security Ali
  • Lisa Niemi as Ira Gooden
  • Pamela Reed as Deputy Francine Abernathy
  • Erik Estrada as Deputy Tio Rossi
  • Zoë Wanamaker as Deputy Joanne Coulson
  • Victor Garber as Deputy Dane Callahan
  • Carl Franklin as Deputy Leo Reed
  • George Harris as Deputy Seymour Jones
  • Marlene Clark as Deputy Gina Weston
  • Francoise Pascal as Deputy Annie Ilonzah
  • Brent Spiner as Reception Randall Callahan
  • Belita Moreno as Receptionist Diane Sommersby
  • Dabney Coleman as Chief Lewis Brennan
  • Gloria Hendry as Mrs. Atson
  • Nichelle Nichols as Ms. Nancy
  • Joel Grey as Mr. Lynall
  • Inga Swenson as Dean Rollins
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