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Carrie 7: The Evil is a 2020 supernatural horror film sequel to Carrie, The Rage: Carrie 2, Carrie 3: The New Blood, Carrie 4: The Reborn, Carrie 5: A New Beginning and Carrie 6: Revenge starring


A 18 year old girl use her new found telekinetic powers to kill everyone after her evil roommates expose a photo of her in front of college.



Alexandra Daddario as Mary Phelps-She is girl who found out she has telekinetic powers. She is half sister of Carrie White, Rachel Lang, Vivian Howard, Hailey Campbell, and Mia Daniels

Scott Porter as James Powell-He is love interest for Mary.

Aaron Yoo as Greg Fielding-He is best friend of Katie and James.

Vanessa Hudgens as Vivian Masters-She is evil college roommate who bullies Mary.

Spencer Locke as Katie Davis-She is college cheerleader who feel sorry for Mary's evil roommates.

Adam Hicks as Harold Mitchell-He is Vivian's boyfriend.

Elizabeth Gillies as Addison Walker-She is evil college roommate who bullies Mary.

Shay Mitchell as Chloe Leighton-She is evil college roommate who bullies Mary.

Chris Colefer as Ryan Stewart-He is Addison's boyfriend.

Sara Paxton as Kirby Johnson-She is evil college roommate who bullies Mary.

Tilda Swinton as Judy Phelps-She is mother of Mary and step-wife of Mike Roberts.

Ron Livingston as Mike Roberts-He is step father of Mary Phelps.

Steve Martin as Mr. Robert Martin-He is director of the college.

Max Van Ville as Bradley Phelps-He is Mary's brother who is in middle school.


James Powell, Greg Fielding, Katie Davis, Judy Phelps, Mike Roberts, Mr. Robert Martin, Bradley Phelps


Kirby Johnson-

Addison Walker-

Ryan Stewart-

Chloe Leighton-

Harold Mitchell-

Vivian Masters-

Mary Phelps-