Carrie 4: The Reborn is a 2019 supernatural horror film and sequel to Carrie, The Rage: Carrie 2 and Carrie 3: The New Blood, starring


A 16 year old girl learns that older half-sister is the half-sister of Carrie White, Rachel Lang and Vivian Howard and felt in danger when her half-sister has telekinetic power and she must stop her for harming people before it is too late.



  • Amanda Seyfried as Hailey Campbell: A 19 year old girl, who has telekinetic powers and is the half-sister of Carrie White, Rachel Lang, Vivian Howard and Annie Havelock
  • Eliza Bennett as Annie Havelock: A 16 year old girl, who learns about Hailey’s telekinetic power and is the youngest half-sister of Hailey Campbell.
  • Elizabeth Banks as Michelle Campbell: Hailey and Annie's mother.
  • Ryan Phillippe as Lucas Havelock: Annie's father and Hailey's step-father.
  • Jared Followill as Dennis Butler: Hailey's boyfriend.
  • Karen Gillan as Quinn Benson: Hailey's best friend and Kirk’s girlfriend.
  • Tristan Wilds as Kirk Donver: Dennis's best friend and Quinn’s boyfriend.
  • Georgie Henley as Trixie Hooper: Annie’s best friend.
  • Nicola Peltz as Lori Hooper: Trixie's older sister, who bullies Hailey.
  • Nick Zano as Steve Reed: Lori’s boyfriend and Jessica's brother.
  • Dakota Blue Richards as Jessica Reed: Lori's best friend and Steve’s sister, who bullies Hailey.
  • Emma Roberts as Erica Lopez: Jessica's best friend, who bullies Hailey.


  • Erica Lopez:
  • Steve Reed:
  • Jessica Reed:
  • Lori Hooper:
  • Hailey Campbell:


  • Annie Campbell
  • Dennis Butler
  • Quinn Benson
  • Kirk Donver




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