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Carrie 3: Legacy is a sequel to Carrie 2: The Hate and Carrie  (Noahop5000) 


Thomas White has lived in peace for 10 years since the events of Carrie 2: The Hate and is now married to a girl named Carmen. The world has now forgotten about Carrie White and Victoria Adams, allowing everyone to move on. Thomas and Carmen are now going to a trip in the woods with 8 friends: Josh, Jonathan, Julie, Clark, Brian, Gwen, Izzy and Marion. Thomas is told by Jonathan rumors about the woods being haunted by a pair of necromancers who summons ghosts to kill anyone who enters. Thomas dismiss this and tells him he is willing to believe in TK's but not ghosts. Julie decides to go to a cliff nearby to get a good view of the woods and Clark tells Julie he will meet her there. When Julie arrives at the cliff, he hears someone chanting nearby and when she goes to take a look she sees two hooded figures, each with a book. Julie then realizes that Jonathan was right and there are 2 necromancers in the woods. Before she can do anything else however a very disfigured ghost appears behind her. Julie turns around and sees and is lifted without being touched and thrown off the cliff to her death. Clark sees this and heads back to the cabin without being detected to warn the others. Clark arrives and tells the others about what happened and when he tells them about the disfigued ghost, Thomas then asks Clark if it's female and if there is anything else of note. Clark replies that it is female and it lifted Julie without touching her. Thomas now realizes that the ghost is extremely likely to be Victoria adams, the girl he shot to death in self-defense in the previous film and the necromancers got lucky. Jonathan tells them the ghost won't stop following them until they are all dead and the only way he can think of to banish it is to steal a book from the necromancers. That same ghost returns to the cabin and kills Josh by snapping his neck. The others flee the cabin while this is happening and in their chase Jonathan trips, is caught by the ghost and dragged to his death, screaming.

The others regroup and find one of the Necromancers, Izzy attacks the necromancer 1 for the book while the others chased away by the ghost again. Izzy and the necromancer engage in a fight until he takes out a knife and stabs her chest and head, killing her. Brian, Carmen, Clark, Gwen, Thomas and Marion run into a tunnel which leads them into some mines. They see a room which has some books in it and they realize that this is the hideout of the necromancers, they head toward the room to get a book. As they are going however, a second female ghost then comes in and is not disfigured but charred and bloodied. The second ghost attacks Brian and throws him down an elevator shaft, screaming as he falls to his death. Gwen stuns the ghost by slamming an axe into her stomach, slowing it down for a time. They arrive at the room and see the 2nd necromancer there, Marion sneaks up on the necromancer, stuns him by whacking him with the book and flees. Marion then realizes she grabbed a decoy book about cooking and the recovered 2nd necromancer is holding the real book. He then summons the first ghost which kills Marion by impaling her on a pole. Thomas then takes Gwen's axe she used earlier and slams it on the 1st ghost's chest, killing it. Clark is then revealed to still be in the 2nd necromancer's room, he knocks him out and takes the real book and franticly searchs the pages for banishing. He then casts a spell to banish the 2nd ghost who is now back from being stunned by Gwen. However, this ends up making the ghost obey him instead of the necromancers. He can not figure out how to give orders to the ghost and asks Thomas to help him out. Thomas then takes the book from him and reads that killing a ghost will only make it even angrier and when it comes back 10 minutes later it will be even deadlier than before. The first necromancer shows up and the second one wakes up, they commence a long chase until the 2nd necromancer pulls out a gun and shoots Carmen in the chest and also Gwen. He finishes off Gwen with a shot to the head and leaves Carmen to die. The necromancers corner Clark and Thomas and they demand to know who they are and why they are doing this.

The 2nd necromancer reveals himself to be BRIAN whose death the 1st ghost had faked under his instructions, but declines being the mastermind. The 1st necromancer is revealed to be JONATHAN and the true mastermind behind it all whose death the ghost had also faked. They explain that they had found a book on necromancry on a library and edventually became so obsessed in it they decided to try it out for real and as they a result they became a bit mad with their power. They at first were unaware who the two ghosts were that they resurrected until they became more experienced at it and they edventually could figure out the idenities of the ghosts. As luck would have it CARRIE WHITE is the 2nd ghost and they altered her memory to make sure she didn't regonize Thomas. Victoria Adams is also confirmed to be the 1st ghost and they didn't need to alter her memory, she is obsessed with revenge against Thomas for killing her 10 years ago. Just then the 10 minuties Victoria's Ghost stays dead are up and she reforms and screams at them. Jonathan and Brian realize that since Thomas killed Victoria for the second time she is now so angry she is beyond their control and they agree to work together by telling Clark how to command Carrie's ghost. The two ghosts fight each other and Carrie is overwhelmed by her ferocity until they find the page that banishes Victoria pernamently. Thomas recites the words just as Carrie's ghost is killed by Victoria's ghost. Victoria is defeated as demon hands grab her and drag her back to the grave. Jonathan and Brian then resume trying to kill Clark and Thomas. Clark and Brian fight until Clark slams his head into a wall reapeatingly and Brian raises his gun to shoot him. Just then Carrie's ghost reforms and she kills Brian by decpaitating him under Clark's orders.

Thomas fights Jonathan until he begins to strangle him and Jonathan raises a knfe to stab his head. A still alive Carmen is revealed to have been stabbed in the stomach, not the chest and stabs Jonathan 3 times in the back, killing him. Thomas then talks to Carrie's ghost and asks if she remembers him and shows her a picture of when she was alive. Carrie's memory then comes back and she regonizes Thomas. The ghost does not speak but Thomas tells her she needs to go back to a better place. Carrie knows what he means and flips the pages to page 10. Thomas casts the spell on that page and Carrie somehow goes back to life and is now capable of speaking. Thomas is in tears and hugs his sister. Clark takes Carrie to the surface while Carmen and Thomas have a moment in the mines. Thomas then asks if anyone else is still alive. A voice behind him replies "i am" and he turns around. Jonathan is still alive. He stabs Carmen in the stomach again and resumes fighting Thomas. This continues until Clark and Carrie hear the commotion. Jonathan flees to the shadows and manages to sneak up behind Clark and kill him by stabbing his head. He then grabs Brian's gun and shoots Carrie in her left leg and right arm, he then tries to do the same to Thomas when he realizes he is out of bullets. He engages Thomas again until Carrie gets back up from being shot. She slams Jonathan into a wall (still have her TK powers) after he tried to stab Thomas in the neck but does it in the shoulder instead. Carrie then proceeds to choke Jonathan to death, finally killing him. Carmen managed to call an ambulance while they were fighting and the 3 survivors are taken to the hospital.

Carrie awakens at the hospital and finds a recovered Thomas and Carmen standing next to her on her bed. Thomas tells Carrie that they managed to burn the book as the police arrived preventing any more incidents like this from taking place. Carrie is happy to finally be back and live a happy life with Thomas. Carrie now goes by a new name: Kirby Lorness. The scene switches to 10 years later and Thomas and Carmen now have a son named Jeremy.


Julie: thrown off the cliff by 1st ghost

Josh: neck snapped by 1st ghost

(1st) Jonathan: dragged to his death by first ghost (did not die)

Izzy: stabbed in chest and head by necromancer 1

(1st): Brian: thrown down an elevator shaft to his death by the 2nd ghost (did not die)

Marion: impaled on a pole

(1st) 1st ghost (Victoria Adams): axe slammed into it's chest, came back later

Gwen and Carmen: Gwen was shot to death by necromancer 2 and Carmen was left to die from her chest wound (did not die)

(2nd) 1st Ghost (Victoria Adams): fought by Carrie's ghost until the group finds the page and casts the spell that banishes Victoria pernamently

(2nd) Brian/Necromancer 1: Decapitated by Carrie's ghost/Ghost 2

Clark: Stabbed in the head by Jonathan

(2nd): Jonathan/Necromacer 2: stabbed 3 times in the back by Carmen, slammed into a wall and choked to death