Carrie 3 is a 2015 Supernatural film and a sequel to the 1976 film, Carrie and the 1999 film, The Rage: Carrie 2. It will star Elle Fanning, Mary Steenburgen, Ryan Merriman, Marielle Jaffe, Aimee Teegarden, Nico Tortorella, Lacey Chabert, Steven R. McQueen, and Cassie and Connie Ponway.


Evelyn Masters is a girl at high school who is not treated very well by other students, and they even do ridiculous and very taunting things to her as throw a smoothie in her face after school. And her mother Emma has a very deep secret that she does not want Evelyn to know, and starts acting unusual causing Evelyn to get confused. But her life turns upside down, when Luis Wright, Lora Miller's boyfriend, begins to befriend Evelyn and they begin to see each other more often. Lora finds out soon about Evelyn and Luis' relationship and invites Evelyn to the country club to humiliate her. But Evelyn uses her deeply hidden telekinesis, which breaks free, to kill everyone and cause mayhem to the country club.


Elle Fanning as Evelyn Masters - She is a 16 year old high school girl with telekinetic powers like her half sisters Carrie White and Rachel Lang. She gets teased and bullied at school but has a very close relationship with Luis.

Mary Steenburgen as Emma Masters - She is Evelyn's mother and has a secret about her and Ralph White's marriage that she doesn't want her daughter to know. Because of this, she was put in confinement 3 times.

Ryan Merriman as Luis Wright - He is the kind jockey boyfriend of Lora Miller, but feels sorry for Evelyn and begins a close relationship with her.

Marielle Jaffe as Lora Miller - She is the main antagonist in film and is a Senior, she plans on humiliating Evelyn as revenge for her and Luis's relationship. Her father works at the country club.

Aimee Teegarden as Sandy Anderson - She is the best friend of Lora and wants to help her humiliate Evelyn, because she thinks Lora is always right.

Nico Tortorella as Josh Yenstein - He is the boyfriend of Sandy and loves her very much, and she invited him to go to the country club with her.

Lacey Chabert as Jasmine Rollins - She is the last main bully in The Alliance, which consists of her, Lora, and Sandy.

Steven R. McQueen as Lucas Nelson - Lucas is the boyfriend of Jasmine and belongs to "The Cool Group". He is also best friends with Luis, but opposes to his and Evelyn's relationship.

Cassie and Connie Ponway as Amanda and Kayla Davis - They are twin sisters and bully Evelyn just like Lora, Sandy, and Jasmine. However, they are featured less in the film than the other main characters.


Lucas Nelson - After Evelyn gets humiliated by everyone at The Country Club, she locks the doors with her telekinesis and causes a small earthquake. Lucas stumbles backwards and falls against the table, as a light flickers above him. The earthquake then causes it to fall on his head crushing and killing him.

Jasmine Rollins - Jasmine is running with a group of people when Evelyn makes a hose of gasoline used for rich people's cars turn on and the gasoline sprays everywhere. The hose impales Jasmine in the stomach and sprays blood along with gasoline everywhere, and then Evelyn shakes her body off afterwards when she is dead.

Sandy Anderson - Evelyn uses her telekinesis to send a huge supporting column in the wall breaking and causes some of the ceiling to cave in to the side. The column falls on Sandy and crushes her body killing herself.

Josh Yenstein - Josh screams at the death of his girlfriend and attempts to run away when 3 lights fall to the ground and explode, igniting the gasoline and burning the floor. The flames spreads on Josh and he rolls around on the wall in an attempt to smother the fire. However, the wall catches on fire too and Josh dies from the flames.

Lora Miller - Lora escapes through an air vent in the wall, and makes it outside to her car. She tries to start it but it breaks down shortly after. When Evelyn walks out of the burning Country Club, she makes the ceiling rain down and The Country Club collapses. Evelyn notices Lora in her car and throws the car into The Country Club wall where it crashes and Lora's face smashes in the dashboard horribly injuring and mutilating it. Her face looks bloody and very smashed in and Evelyn finishes it off by pushing the flaming wall onto her crushing her and the car.

Evelyn Masters - Evelyn walks over to The Country Club pool, weakened by so much use of her powers and looks in the water. Luis, who has also escaped thru an air vent, runs up to comfort her, when Evelyn turns and throws Luis in the water and watches him sink. Suddenly she realizes what she has done to Luis and in sacrifice, jumps in the water and lifts out Luis's soaking body with her last ounces of power. She lets herself lie on the pool floor and drowns.


Emma Masters, Luis Wright, Amanda and Kayla Davis

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