"Carrie 2 - Black Hearted" is a 2017 supernatural thriller, directed by Tim Burton. The film is a sequel to the 2002 version of Carrie, and features of the same cast from the 2002 film.


Susan Snell gives birth to a baby girl 10 years after the White commission, and dies during labor. The girl, Kristie Carrietta Snell, grows up in foster care, and is eventually settled with a loving but poor family, the Klaplans. Kristie attends a school in Chamberlain Maine, Edwardson State high, and is friends with the outcasts, podgy and overweight, very reminiscent of Carrie White. One day a popular girl who sits behind her in her Science class, Emelia, gets her period and doesn’t have a tampon, which Kristie sneaks to her. Emelia and Kristie form a strong friendship, and Kristie eventually abandons her old friends and goes to great lengths to hide her poor background. Emelia understands her situation and lends her clothes and makeup so people at school don’t realize. She climbs the social ladder, soon becoming one of the most popular girls at school. However, one day she is the victim of an attempted rape on the way home from school, and discovers she has telekinesis when she pushes her attacker into the path on an oncoming truck. Over the next year, she maintains her social life, but harnesses her power, and eventually becomes incredibly skilled. However, she starts to become distant from Emelia, who assumes she’s blowing her off for her old friends, and Emelia plans to humiliate her. On the day of her SAT’s, when she’s sitting her exam, Emelia plays a movie at the front of the hall. It consists of various clips of Kristie at home, and has captions revealing her poverty. People begin to stare and laugh at Kirstie, and at the climax of the film, a bucket of shit is dropped onto her through the ceiling, drenching her. Losing her temper, Kirstie storms out the hall crying. As she runs out of school, she finally loses it, and using her telekinesis locks everyone in the exam hall. She then causes the hall to flood, holding the windows and doors shut tight with her mind, and drowns everyone. She then begins to walk to the church to attend the grave of her birth mother, but on the way meets Emelia and her gang, who are unaware of the flooding. Kristie then massacres them all, and uses her powers to destroy a block of flats with everyone trapped inside, killing roughly 300 people. When she arrives at the graveyard, Kristie sees someone standing at her mother’s grave. When she confronts her, it is revealed to be Carrie White. Carrie explains how after the disaster of her prom night, Susan Snell snuck her out of the country, alive, and helped her to build a new life in Texas. Hearing of her death 2 months ago, Carrie came back to say goodbye. Kristie explains her situation, and Carrie helps to hide her, with Carrie being apprehended in the process. Carrie is put on trial and sentenced to death by hanging. At the execution, just as the platform is removed, Kristie levitates Carrie, saving her from her hanging. The public go wild, causing a riot, and try to murder Carrie. Kirstie then flings the members of the public away, but Carrie gets shot and dies in her arms. Kirstie goes on the run alone and heads to the airport to leave the country. As she puts her bag through the terminal, a female security officer comes over and they discuss Carrie White. As the camera zooms in on the woman's name tag, it is revealed she is Rita Desjardin.

Deaths Susan Snell - Childbirth

Rapist - Pushed into oncoming truck

Pupils at school - Drowning

Emelia - Crushed under rubble of the flats

Carrie White - Shot


Amandla Stenberg - Kristie Carrietta Snell

Sophie Turner - Emelia

Angela Bettis - Carrie White

Kandyse Mclure - Sue Snell

Rena Sofer - Rita Desjardin

Paloma Faith - Helen Darmouth: kristie's teacher, an ally and friend

Shoshana Bean - Ida Klpalan: Kristie's adoptive mother, sweet and maternal

Tom Felton - Christopher Walkden: Kristie's romantic interest, loving and loyal

Josh Peck - Christopher's best friend, dumb and offensive

Anton Yelchin - Steven Kingston: A Russian exchange student, friendly and understanding

Robert Pattinson - Peter Darmouth: Helen's husband and another friend to Kristie, misguided but kind

Alexander Ludwig - Bryce McDermott - Emelia's boyfriend, ongoing gender issues, Mean on the outside, vunerable

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