Carrie 2 is a 2015 horror sequel to Carrie 2013. It has nothing to do with the 1999 sequel. It stars Abigail Breslin, Gabriella Wilde, Cameron Boyce, Adam Brody, Darren Criss, Ansel Elgort, Liz Gillies, Claire Holt, Mila Kunis, Heather Morris, Steven R. Mcqueen, Sasha Pieterse, Emma Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Chloe Grace Moretz.


The film opens with a girls gym class playing volleyball. One girl, Sarah White (Abigail Breslin) gets hit in the face and falls to the floor. A lot of the other girls taunt her when the bell rings. Sarah leaves, very upset. Sarah's best friend, Kimberly (Mila Kunis) runs up to her and knows that something's wrong. She tries conforting her but Sarah cries out, making the lockers open and papers and books fly out. She runs away, crying.

Allie Parker (Heather Morris) is at lunch with her friends and they laugh about Sarah. Kristen (Sasha Pieterse) tells them they should let it go and the girls glare at her. Allie sees Sarah and she throws an apple at her face, making her fall down again. Kristen helps her and she takes Sarah to a table and sits with her.

Allie talks to Kristen about lunch. Kristen tells her that Sarah is really nice and they should "give her a fucking chance." Allie smirks and goes to find Sarah. Sarah and Kim are talking when Allie comes up. Allie tells them she wants to hang out with them after school. They agree but Kim goes to the guidance office and talks to Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde) and tells her everything.

Sue brings in Allie, Kristen and Erika (Claire Holt) and asks them why they are hanging out with Sarah. Kristen said she feels bad for Sarah, while Allie and Erika say they wanted to get to know her. Sue tells them slightly about Carrie White (Chloe Grace Moretz) and how she picked on her but ended up sending her boyfriend (Ansel Elgort) to prom with her. As they leave, Sue asks Sarah's last name, and they say "White."

The five girls are at the mall and get to know each other better. Allie still thinks Sarah's a freak, but invites them to her party. Meanwhile, Sue is looking at Sarah's records and family and finds out she's Carrie's half-sister. Sue talks to Carla White (Drew Barrymore) who says her husband was dating another woman before they got married. Her husband had died 12 years ago and Sue tells her about Carrie and her powers and how she believes Sarah has that power.

Sarah comes home and hears the adults talking and she enters. Carla is yelling at Sue and Sarah screams, causing everything to rise and fall. Sarah runs upstairs, the pictures falling on the way. Carla believes in Sue now and they rush up to Sarah's room. She's gone! They find the invite to Allie's party and head for the house.

Sarah and Kim arrive, where Allie's friends (Darren Criss, Liz Gillies, Steven R. McQueen, Emma Roberts) are hanging out. Plus her brother, Dean (Cameron Boyce) and her boyfriend, Will (Adam Brody) and they all talk.

They seal the windows and close the blinds and take out beer and cigarettes. Kim and Sarah refuse to have any, so does Kristen. Matt Ross, (Darren Criss) Tommy's brother, talks to Sarah. He has a crush on her, and tells her about his brother and the prank. Allie gets an idea and throws something at her. She glares at her and Allie says, "Oh, you finally learned not to fall on your face!" And keeps taunting her. Some of the others join in, except Matt, Kim, Kristen and Dean.

Carla and Sue get to the door, but Sarah makes all the doors lock. She shoves everyone back and destroy the whole place. It gets set on fire, but Kim, Kristen, Allie and Will escape, Matt is dragged out by Sarah and she chases the others. Sue and Carla follow her in the car.

She finds the others in the plaza and throws cars at them. One almost hits Will, making him fall and hit his head. She throws another and it lands above Kim, being stopped by two other cars. She runs. Allie is then slammed into the wall and pinned by a car. Sarah sends another to her upper body and she is bisected and flies into the store.

Sue and Carla drive up and see Kim being chased by a car. They slam into the car and bring Kim to the others, AKA Kristen. Sarah hears the car drive to them and she flips it over. She hears her mother and Kim screaming and flips it over again. Sue is knocked out, but Kim is dead and Carla is weak. Kristen runs up and pulls Sue out. Will pulls his gun out and fires it, but Carla knocks Sarah down and the bullet hits her in the head.

Sarah screams and all the cars in the lot rise up high and slam down. She turns and crushes Will's head. She doesn't notice Will had shot twice and shot her chest. Sarah dies is Kristen's arms. She cries and runs away, tripping and having her period. She knows she's just miscarried.

Matt, Sue and Kristen are in court explaining the whole thing, when the doors fly open and Carrie White enters, now with Black Hair. She releases havok all over the court room, allowing the three to escape. She tells them that Sarah isn't dead, but that she's twice as mad. She points down the street where we zoom in on a bloody Sarah, who sets fire everywhere


Abigail Breslin as Sarah White, A telekinetic girl who is bullied and half sister of Carrie, Matt's crush.

Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell, A survivor of Carrie's nightmare.

Cameron Boyce as Dean, Allie's brother.

Adam Brody as Will, Allie's boyfriend.

Darren Criss as Matt Ross, Allie's friend, Sarah's crush, Tommy's brother.

Ansel Elgort as Tommy Ross, Matt's dead brother, Sue's boyfriend.

Liz Gillies as Wren, Allie's friend.

Claire Holt as Erika, A friend of Allie.

Mila Kunis as Kim, Sarah's bestfriend.

Heather Morris as Allie Parker, Will's girlfriend, Sarah's bully.

Steven R. Mcqueen as Jamie, Allie's friend.

Sasha Pieterse as Kristen, Allie's former best friend, Sarah's new friend.

Emma Roberts as Izzy, Allie's friend.

Drew Barrymore as Carla White, Sarah's mother.

Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie White, A dead girl who killed many students.


Izzy - Hit by sofa, neck broken.

Wren - Crushed by refridgerator.

Jamie - Scissors thrown at face.

Erika - Knife stabbed into throat.

Dean - Burned alive.

Allie - Pinned against glass, bisected by car.

Kim - Head crushed in car accident.

Carla - Shot by Will, Accident, protecting Sarah.

Will - Head crashed in cement.

Sarah - Shot in chest, came back.


Sue Snell

Carrie White

Kristen James

Matt Ross

Sarah White


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