Carrie 2: The Rage is a 2015 supernatural horror remake of the 1999 film The Rage: Carrie 2 and the sequel to the 2013 remake film, Carrie. The film stars Cameron Stein, Jake Austin, Gabriella Wild, Amanda Peet, Graham Phillips, Jordan Fry, Molly Quinn, Kaya Scodelario, Troy Gentile, Chase Ellison, Halston Sage, Atticus Shaffer and Rachel Covey.


Taking place many years after the events of the film Carrie, a girl named Rachel Lang lives with her mother Barbara Lang, who was hospitalized when Rachel was a child. Now a teenager, Rachel is dealing with her friend Lisa's death, when she finds out by her counselor (the infamous survivor Sue Snell) that she has telekinesis-and that she is Carrie White's half sister.



  • Cameron Stein as Rachel Lang -  Carrie's half-sister and the protagonist of the film who possesses telekinetic powers.
  • Jake T. Austin as Jesse Ryan - A popular jock with whom Rachel falls in love with.
  • Gabriella Wild as Sue Snell - A survivor of The Black Prom who is now a guidance counselor.
  • Graham Phillips as Mark Bing - A football player who owns the mansion where the football game after-party takes place.
  • Jordan Fry as Eric Stark - A jock who seduces, then humiliates Lisa, resulting in her suicide.
  • Molly Quinn as Tracy Campbell - Jesse's ex-girlfriend and a popular cheerleader.
  • Troy Gentile as Brad Winters - Football player and Monica's boyfriend.
  • Rachel Covey as Lisa Parker - Rachel's best friend who commits suicide.


  • Lisa Parker - After Lisa's boyfriend dumps her at school, she commits suicide by jumping off the school roof and lands on a car smashing her body.
  • Chuck Potter - When Rachel gets humiliated at the party, she uses her TK to lock the doors and crack the windows. The windows shatter, decapitating Chuck and sending his head rolling across the floor.
  • Brad Winters - Sue and Barbara arrive at the house where the party is, and when Sue knocks on the door, Brad runs to the door. However, Rachel notices Brad and picks a fire poker from the fireplace with her TK to spear Brad. The fire poker impales Brad's throat and pins him to the door.
  • Amy Meschan - Amy is trying to flee along with several others when Rachel notices her and sends DVDS from the DVD player at her with her TK. The DVDS slice into Debra's back and chest and slowly dismember her. A DVD flies at her neck and cuts it open spilling blood over the place.
  • Tracy Campbell - Rachel shatters a bunch of alcohol bottles from the bar with her TK. This causes everyone to be soaked with flammable alcohol, and some alcohol seeps into the fireplace flames. The fire gets stronger, and Tracy, soaked in alcohol, falls into the fireplace and catches her clothes on fire. She tries to smother it but only spreads the fire and in a matter of minutes, she burns to death from the flames.
  • Monica Jones - When Monica, Eric, and Mark corner Rachel at the pool with spear guns, Rachel uses her TK to shatter Monica's glasses and sends glass shards flying into her eyes. She screams loudly and accidentally kills Eric, then falls on the floor and bleeds to death from her injuries.
  • Eric Stark - When Monica gets glass shards in her eyes, she loses control of her spear gun and accidentally points it at Eric, and fires. The spear ends up impaling Eric's stomach and he falls on the floor dying.
  • Mark Bing - Mark encounters Rachel with a flare gun and when Rachel gets distracted by her mom, Mark uses the opportunity to shoot Rachel in the arm with the flare. Rachel falls into the pool and lands on the bottom bleeding from her arm. The pool cover then begins to close, and when Mark thinks he is safe, Rachel emerges and pulls Mark under. She escapes before the pool cover closes completely, and Mark struggles to escape himself, before drowning due to no avail.
  • Rachel Lang - After seeing what she has done to the mansion and the party, she lies on the floor weakened as the fire burns around her. Jesse runs up to her body and Rachel tells him to escape. Jesse refuses to go without Rachel, but Rachel sees the flames rising quicker and quicker. She uses the last bit of her TK to throw Jesse to safety, and she lets herself burn to death in the fire.


Jesse Ryan, Sue Snell, Barbara Lang, Arnold Thomas

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